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The New Wardrobe

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 18th July 2019

Characters: Thayde, Enamra
Description: Enamra's new wardrobe arrives, with a few surprises inside that embarrass her and Thayde both.
Location: Dolphin Hall
Date: month 11, day 12 of Turn 9

"Thank you, fellas, you can just set everything on the table," Thayde
said, gesturing to the kitchen table.

"Enamra," he called as the apprentices left. "Your clothes are here!"
Several parcels wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine waited,
piled on the table. The small chest, he was sure, contained the new
pairs of shoes he'd ordered.

Enamra poked her head out of the bedroom, then hurried in. Thayde had
told her he was ordering new clothes and she had protested, but
couldn't deny her own excitement about receiving them. She looked at
the pile of parcels and blinked, looking at Thayde, then back at
bundles. "Thayde, how much did you order? I don't need that much." She
fingered one package's wrapping, but didn't open it.

Thayde raised his hands. "I told them you would need a full wardrobe,
which includes, daily dresses, nicer dresses for occasions, casual
clothes to wear down on the beach, under clothes... The works. If
there are any fabrics or colors that you don't like we can set them
aside and send them back for something else."

Her brows rose. Most of her life she'd only had one or two dresses at
most. With a sudden gleam of excitement, she flashed a happy grin.
"It's not even my birthingday. Most I ever got was maybe more for
dinner or maybe I didn't have to do a chore." Giving a girlish clap,
she picked up the first parcel and without anymore hesitation,
hurriedly untied the knots and spread out the first dress. It was
obviously one for nicer occasions and Enamra nearly leaped with
delight at the ocean-blue gown. Hopping on her toes, she stroked her
fingers over the soft fabric. "Oh, it's so pretty. It almost looks
like the wedding gown that Jylanya let me borrow."

Even more excited, she opened another package, revealing another day
dress of a dark green. It was plainer, but still of excellent quality.
Despite being just a day dress, it was still nicer than the dresses
she'd been given as a drudge. She laid it aside and then opened

This one gave her pause. She didn't know quite what to make of the
delicate garments that spilled from the open package. Lacy and light,
they surely weren't meant for regular wear. She picked one piece up
with her fingers and held it up, then realized exactly were it was
supposed to go. Her eyes widened in surprise at the lacy bit of cloth
and slowly looked at Thayde. "Uhm...I guess these are the underthings?
I don't think that...it doesn't cover much..."

Heat crept up the back of Thayde's neck as he took in the lacy
garment, although he felt that the word 'garment' was being overly
generous to the little slips of cloth. He supposed he _had_ said that
she needed a full wardrobe, and seeing as how they were newlyweds, why
wouldn't they include lingerie?

"Ah," Thayde supposed he needed to explain, but his brain felt like
mush, especially since his imagination could readily paint a picture
of how Enamra would look _in_ the lingerie. "Well, you see, it's not
exactly worn for coverage. Some women, ah, wear it to bed, you see,
for the purpose of... um... marital relations." Marital relations? He
cringed. It sounded like something his grandparents would have said.

Her mouth parted and cheeks flamed as she turned her eyes back to the
bits of lacy cloth in the bundle. Thayde had ordered this?
Maybe...maybe he was changing his mind about the type of wife he
wanted? Did he want her to wear these to bed for him? Maybe that's
what he needed to be...interested. But it would show more than it
concealed. Maybe, she thought, that was the point? "Oh." She put it
quickly down, then picked up a slinky looking pink gown that looked
like it would barely reach her hips. "And you...like these kind of

What red-blooded male _didn't_ like those kinds of things? Thayde
thought. "I mean, it's not that I don't like those things. I didn't
realize that they were going to include them in the order." He didn't
want her to feel forced into wearing lingerie for him, or to think
that they were at that point in their relationship yet.

So he did like them. But he seemed embarrassed too. Faranth, so was
she. She couldn't imagine wearing them. Would they even be
comfortable? "Well...uhm...I'll just put those aside then." She
cleared her throat and hurried to another package, cheeks stained
bright pink.

"Let's see what shoes they sent," he said, ready to change the subject.

"Good idea." Enamra turned to the box and opened it, glad to put the
pretty, but scanty, clothing out of her immediate attention. The
slippers that were stacked neatly in the box seemed to be of every
color, some delicately embroidered, and some plain but sturdy. Enamra
breathed softly. "Thayde...I hope you didn't spend too many marks.
This is...it's all so much!"

Thayde took in her glowing countenance. "You are my wife and worth every mark."

"But..." She tried to find the words that she wanted. "You don't have
to. I don't expect marks spent on me, Thayde." She ran her hands over
the shoes. "I like these and they're beautiful. But I don't want you
to think you have to do these things. I owe you enough just for
marrying me."

"Providing you with a full wardrobe is my duty as a husband and I am
happy to do it. Simple as that." Thayde insisted.

She looked up at him, then at the beautiful clothing he had procured
for her. She did love the clothes and she'd never hoped to have such
fine things before she was wed to him. She had thought the drudges
dresses were fine when she had first arrived and now, she sometimes
looked as though she was a Lady Holder rather than just some cothold
girl that stumbled into a marriage. It was a change that she was still
having problems adjusting to. "Well, I just want you to know that I
like the fact that you do that. I really do. I just don't want you to
think that I expect it. 'Cause I really don't."

"I know," he assured her. "Why don't you pick one of your new dresses
and we'll take our meal in the Dining Hall tonight?"

The thought of not having to cook for the evening was a pleasant one.
Though it was her duty, sometimes it was nice to have someone else do
the cooking. She smiled and nodded, immediately picking out the blue
dress, which had promptly become her favorite. "That sounds wonderful.
Thank you. I'll put all of these up when we get back, okay?"

"I'll put on real clothes myself," he said, glancing down at his usual
attire. "I want to look worthy to be on your arm, milady," Thayde

She beamed at him, her smile sweet. "I think you look just fine. You
don't have to change your clothes."

"Nonsense." Thayde said as he disappeared into their room and grabbed
clothes from his wardrobe. "You can have the bedroom, I'll change in
my office," he told her as he reappeared.

She nodded. "If you insist. I'll be ready in a few minutes."

Last updated on the July 22nd 2019

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