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Writers: Avery, Suzee
Date Posted: 16th July 2019

Characters: Cyradis, Kapera, Kielya
Description: Cyradis reminices about the past
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 10, day 14 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Corowol, K'deren, L'cor
Backdated due to "doh" (slaps forehead)

With the trial looming and everything that entailed, Cyradis sat in
her office and pondered some of the things she should have seen so she
knew this was coming. She couldn't see the future more than anyone
else around there but there had been signs. There had been warnings of
unrest in the holds. She should have paid attention.

===Begin Flashback===

After the wing drill, Kapera had Riyanth let Panitath know that she
needed to speak with Cyradis at her earliest convenience. She headed
back to her weyr to change out of flying leathers quickly, knowing
that sitting around the Cove in them was unpleasant, figuring Cyradis
was doing the same. Once she was done, she collected the sample oil
jars and went to the Records Room to retrieve the tithe records. Then
she was prepared to make her case.

Cyradis used the same method to confirm the meeting in her weyr for
whenever Kapera was available. She had a minor headache and would have
liked to take an extended soak as was her normal practice after
drills. But Kielya was at the dining table with her sums for her
harper classes the next day and she couldn't leave her unsupervised
for too long or the girl would disappear.

"Right here," she said leaning over the slate. "Carry the one," she
pointed and nodded as the girl erased with her finger and tried again.

Riyanth gave Panitath the heads up shortly before Kapera knocked on
the Weyrwoman's door.

"Oh, hello Kielya," Kapera said with a smile at the younger girl.

Kielya didn't do much more than scowl. "I hate maths."

Cyradis brows flicked as she stifled a smile and pointed to the couch
with her head. "You keep trying," she said. "I'll be back to check it
in a few minutes." She knew she'd be very grateful when K'deren got
home. He seemed to be able to settle her daughter down when it was
sometimes too difficult for her.

"What's up," she asked taking in the items in Kapera's hands.

"There's a tithes problem and I wanted to bring it to your attention
because it's a political issue. We can of course bring in the
Headwoman or anyone else you think we need," the Second added.

"What sort of tithes problem?" Cyradis wasn't aware of any shortages
and she kept careful track in her Weyr records. She shook her head at
the suggestion of bringing anyone else into the conversation until she
knew what sort of problem they were facing.

"There are two jars of oil here. One's good, one's very much not
good." Kapera also fished out a piece of leather for Cyradis to test
with. "All of the bad jars are from a single batch, from Emerald
Falls," she added.

She reached for the jars. They both looked almost identical yet
obviously, they weren't. She took a deep breath. "Well this isn't

"I wanted to get your take on it. It could be accidental contamination
from the journey, but I've heard there's anti-Weyr sentiment there
after recent events, so it's possible it could be more ominous. You
know the Lord Holder better than I do, and you are the senior
authority here."

"There is," she mused. "But I didn't think they'd go so far as to try
and kill their protection from Thread. That would be just plain stupid
and Corowal isn't stupid."

"I thought so too," Kapera said. "What do you want to do?"

"Well," she tapped a fingernail against her teeth. "I honestly believe
Corowal would never do this kind of thing on purpose. If it was
intentional then I'd imagine somehow it slipped passed his Steward."
She turned and paced away a few steps before turning back to her
Second. "Gather up all of the jars and pack them to take back to
Emerald Falls for replacement. We'll return them dragon back with a
request for replacement."

"On whose dragon?" her Second asked. She thought she'd caught
something in Cyradis' tone.

"I'm not certain at this point but I'd like not to make it too pushy,
Let's say a ranking brown? Who do you think would suit?"

Kapera considered the matter. "K'deren has wingrank and is stable and
not likely to cause a problem, unlike some."

"True," she answered, "But he's also well known to the holders as my
Weyrmate. Actually that might just send the right sort of message."

Kapera grinned. "It's the combination of the fact that he's a rider
with rank with the fact that he's known to be attached to you - a
balance of formality and a personal reminder. I like it."

"That kind of subtlety might be lost on some holders but not on
Corowal," she nodded. "But we have another card to play. Since this is
a rather large shipment we may need two dragons to carry it. We'll
have L'cor play 'second to K'deren just to remind them of their own
family and friends they may have endangered with this prank." She
wanted to think of it as a prank until she knew for certain what the
true circumstances were.

"That's a brilliant reminder." Kapera was impressed by Cyradis' thinking.

"We'll see how they respond and then decide on the next course of
action." She nodded and handed the jars back to Kapera. If nothing
else she'd get a feeling from the visit that would tell her how deep
this went. Was it simply a few disgruntled holders or was it
pervasive. Her job as Senior Weyrwoman was about the politics of their
relationship with the Holds. So, she wasn't going to jump to
conclusions but neither was she going to accept things at face value.

"I want you and Chaysea to put extra effort into checking all the
shipments from Emerald Falls going forward. If anything isn't exactly
what it's supposed to be, send it back with a request for
replacement." Cyradis was already thinking through permutations she
didn't really want to contemplate. She nodded. "We're going to do some
of our own supply just to make certain we have enough fellis and
redwort. We cannot afford to depend on Emerald Falls at this point. We
have craftsmen and kitchen workers who can brew up the appropriate

The black-haired goldrider nodded at the Weyrwoman's words. "If we do
discover that we don't have enough of either herb, I would be willing
to lead a collection of riders and workers on an expedition to
gather," she said proactively.

"Thank you Kapera," she smiled. "I will not have my riders endangered
by the short-sightedness of these malcontents." She turned away and
then swung back. "One more thing though. I think I'd like to talk to
the Harper Hallmaster. Can you send a rider to him with my compliments
and request a meeting?"

"Yes ma'am, I have just the person in mind," Kapera said. Two people, actually.

===End Flashback===

Cyradis rose from her couch and went to freshen her tea. Kapera was
ready to be a Senior Weyrwoman again. She knew it with her 'knower' as
her mother had put it to her in her youth. When she'd come to Dolphin
cove she'd been a willful, self centered, wreck. Where now she was
strong, thoughtful, and confident. She smiled. Kapera was ready.

Last updated on the July 22nd 2019

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