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Lady Holder No More

Writers: Eimi, Suzee
Date Posted: 4th May 2019

Characters: Bryvin, Kiomo
Description: Commitment, Divorce, and profit?
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Date: month 9, day 14 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentions: Fymer, Xeladrie

Bryvin waited in his office and paced impatiently. The ship carrying
his assistant had pulled past Wall island a full candlemark before.
But it took time to dock and unload her passengers so he was left
waiting for the news he most wanted to hear. Then he stopped as he
heard the footfalls in the corridor.

"Kiomo," he greeted the man. "What news?"

His assistant held up two hide rolls. "Your copy of the document
committing Lady Xeladrie to the Mindhealer's hall indefinitely, naming
her father as her guardian and decision maker," he said, handing the
Lord Holder the first. Kiomo then held out the second. "And the official decree of
divorce granted by the Harper Hall. Lord Xelfin was most generous in
our final negotiations."

"Good work," Bryvin nodded. "How generous exactly?"

"We can keep all the territory you gained through the dowry, and,"
Kiomo added with a rather pleased smile, "Sunstone will get control
of the Mezzo Archipelago besides. One of his Harpers is drawing up
the land grant and we should have it for you to sign and make it
official within the next few days."

Bryvin held out his hand for the second roll. "The whole Archipelago,"
his lips tilted slightly. It had been just over a turn and a half
since the eruption that had devastated River Bluff Weyr and in the
aftermath, a ghost ship had been found. That ship had carried miners
equipment and a sampling of gold headed for Carnelian Coast Hold. But
it had never arrived. All aboard her had been found dead though not,
as first thought, by the plague. His crew had done well in securing
the ship and even the knowledge of its existence. Sunstone had paid a
healthy prize to the crew who brought her in. Ever since he'd hunted
for a way to get the legal claim to the islands where the gold had
been found and this would be the culmination of that effort. "That is
excellent Kiomo."

"Thank you, my Lord. I did, of course, promise Lord Xelfin safe
harbor and provisions for his ships in the Mezzo Islands. That was,
after all, all he thought they were good for." The Turquoise Bay
Holder had been ignorant of the fact that Carnelian Coast had been
secretly mining in the islands. Kiomo and the Harper, Fymer, had
spent quite a few days in the Records room of Turquoise Bay hunting
for the connection. Once it was found, Kiomo knew that any
negotiations with Xelfin would have to include those islands coming
under Sunstone's control. Luckily, considering Kiomo knew what Xelfin
himself was hiding, the Lord Holder had felt especially generous, if
not a little begrudgingly.

Bryvin nodded. "You shall have a share of the Hold's profit from those
islands as long as I Hold here." He smiled. "Have Fymer draw up the
appropriate documents. Keep this up and you will find yourself a rich
man in my employ."

"Thank you, my Lord," Kiomo said with a grateful bow. He would of
course pass a bit of that Fymer's way. The Harper proved a very
useful man to know, and Kiomo definitely intended to keep him
compensated. "Once we have the islands under our control, we can
contact the Lord of Carnelian Coast. I think it would be wise to put
someone on Fingertail Island as soon as possible to alert us if the
miners suddenly try to make a run for it. I think we'd have more
leverage if we can actually catch them in the act."

"Good thought," Bryvin said. "I also need a plan for building up a
harvest operation over the next turn. Estimates on cost and rate of
return. You know what I want to see."

"Yes, of course my Lord," Kiomo said with a smile, though inside he
cringed. This was Steward stuff. He wanted to be in on the action!
"When would you like it by?"

Having been Morin's Steward gave Bryvin an accurate feel for how long
such a report should take. "A week should be enough time to pull some
preliminary projections together." He wasn't asking for a firm and
final report just an estimation of the costs against the probable
returns. if Kiomo played his cards right he'd get Pifer or one of the
other Stewards on it right away. Delegation was a powerful tool. But
it could also backfire if not managed well. Besides if Kiomo were
indeed a shareholder in the enterprise he had a vested interest in the
knowledge himself.

Luckily Kiomo had been blessed with a front row seat on Hold
management since his birth. He knew exactly what to do. "I will have
it to you within the sevenday then."

"Thank you Kiomo," Bryvin smiled waving the document. "Well done."

Last updated on the May 10th 2019

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