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Arrival for a Wedding

Writers: Suzee, Miriah
Date Posted: 3rd May 2019

Characters: Stenlis, Yriadha, Bryvin
Description: Stenlis returns to Sunstone for his wedding to Yriadha
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Date: month 11, day 14 of Turn 9

A young brown dragon circled overhead, waiting for the area to be
cleared before landing. As soon as there was space, he landed with a
flourish, and the fresh-faced rider, apparently only just out of
weyrlinghood, helped his two passengers dismount. Both were large men,
but one walked with a pronounced limp, leaning on a sturdy cane.

Handed their luggage, the younger shouldered both satchels and
followed behind the older, his face looking about the Hold with
evident interest.

Yriadha, waiting on the steps of the Hold entrance, steeled herself as
she watched the brown approach and then land. Add two, not one person
dismounted. That was not what had been arranged. She frowned. Who was
that? As they approached her stomach rolled, but she pasted a polite
smile on her face. The smile nearly faltered when her eyes lit on the
younger man's face. It was as if Yarmel was before her again. Same
stance. Same wide shoulders. Same hooded gaze. She'd never been
certain, but Faranth it couldn't be denied now. She hid her swallow
and stepped forward after murmuring to a drudge to request the Lord
Holder's presence. "Stenlis, welcome to Sunstone."

His eyes drank her in as though hungry for the mere sight of her.
"Yriadha. It is so good to see you again. "

Bryvin strode out of the hold with a wide smile for both of his
guests. "Stenlis I presume," he said extending his hand toward the
Holder. He'd seen the arrival from his window so his eyes shifted
first to Yriadha. **Hold it together beauty,** he thought then he
looked at the younger man. "And who is this?"

"Lord Bryvin, it is indeed a pleasure." His grip was firm even as he
studied the much more slender man. His gaze was less open and
reserved, but remained polite. This is my youngest son, Bristen. He
requested being a witness to our wedding, and I simply couldn't
refuse him. He is very interested in your fine Hold, my Lord. My
daughter Lirise also wanted to come, unfortunately, her husband and
child needed her at home."

Yriadha maintained her composure and inclined her head at the
greeting. "I have a room prepared for you, Stenlis. I believe there
will be plenty of room for both you and your son."

Bryvin continued to smile but put a hand out to Yriadha's forearm and
patted it. "Come now Yriadha," he said affably. " We have several
rooms, I'm sure young Bristen can have his own room."

"Of course, my Lord." She curtsied and turned to Stenlis and his son
with a smile. "If you'll follow me, I can get you settled in your
rooms. "

"Thank you, Lord Bryvin, for your thoughtfulness and for providing
for us. If you'll allow me a half candlemark to refresh from the
flight, I would like to speak to you about the subject I addressed in
my message to you."

He turned to Yriadha, reaching to take her hand. She allowed it and he
brought the knuckles to his lips. "I hope you'll agree to have dinner
with me tonight, beloved. "

Bryvin didn't roll his eyes until his back was turned to them all and
he'd preceded them all through the door.

Walking behind the men, Yriadha hid her hand in skirt, quietly
rubbing her knuckles against the material to wipe off the offending
kiss. As they entered the Hold proper, she spoke, hands folded at her
waist. "My Lord, I will lead them to their rooms while you prepare for
your meeting with my betrothed. I shall be in the kitchens should you
have need of me after? I must see to the welcoming dinner that you've
requested for this evening. " Her staff couldn't handle it on their
own, but Stenlis need not know that. They both knew exactly where she
would be.

"Very good," he nodded his permission for her to take their visitors
off. "Any resident can direct you to my office once you're settled
in. Say, a candlemark?"

"Yes, of course, Lord Bryvin. I look forward to it." He gave a
half-bow, then tucked Yriadha's arm in his elbow. "Lead the way,

Yriadha answered with a smile that flashed teeth. Stenlis, seeing that
smile as one of good humor and pleasure, patted her hand and allowed
her to lead them to their provided rooms.

Last updated on the May 24th 2019

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