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Being Nosey

Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 30th March 2019

Characters: A'dryn, Lanniya
Description: Lanniya visits a good friend and gets nosy about recent events
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 10, day 3 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: N'vanik, J'ackt, Saibra, B'jon

"YOOHOO!" Lanniya stuck her head into A'dryn's weyr, glancing around.
"Honey, I'm home!"

A'dryn stood from his chair and hurried over with a wide grin.
"Lanniya!" He pulled his best friend into a hug.

She returned the hug warmly. "I hope you don't mind the surprise
visit. I just saw Pierka, so I figured I'd just drop in. So, how are
you? What have you been doing?" She waggled her brows. "And who?"

He gasped. "Just B'jon! And well... flights. But those aren't the same."

Her eyes sparkled with laughter at his gasp. "Just B'jon?" She plopped
down in her usual chair and grinned at her friend. "No one else at
all?" Her lower lip stuck out in a mock pout. "How am I supposed to
get all the gossip from you if you're not getting it from others? That
so not fair."

"Gossiping greenriders is a stereotype and you know I'm not like
that." He wagged a finger at her. "But... I don't know if you heard
about what happened?" It wasn't gossip, this was news.

"What happened?" She sat up, suddenly interested. "We don't get much
news from here at Dragonsfall."

"Someone tried to _kill_ a bronzerider!" It was so shocking A'dryn
could hardly believe it. "_In_ the Weyr, right in the lower caverns."

"What?" She bolted upright immediately, alarmed. "It wasn't F'lin,
was it? Or Y'gel? Or someone from Riverbluff? What happened?"

"It was J'ackt, that bronzerider everyone says used to be holdless.
He's in my Wing, the Weyrleader's Wing," A'dryn said. "I don't know
all the details, but they apprehended the man responsible and J'ackt
is in the infirmary."

Lanniya frowned. She'd met the rider in passing, but didn't know him
well, despite flying in the Queen's wing with him. Privately, she
was relieved that it wasn't someone she cared about. "But why? That
doesn't make any sense. "

A'dryn shook his head. "People are saying a lot of things. That some
holders have lost their minds and resent dragonriders so much they're
attacking us now. Or it's someone from J'ackt's past, someone he stole
from or hurt. I heard one rumor it might be another holdless man,
jealous of J'ackt being a bronzerider. I don't know what to believe
but I certainly don't _want_ to believe there are others out there
waiting to strike."

The influx of gossip made her head spin and Lanniya slowly leaned back
with a frown. "I knew things were tense a few years ago, but they've
eased up, at least at Dragonsfall. All Holders can't feel that way or
we wouldn't be getting the tithes regularly, A'dryn. I know because I
help keep track of it." It was something she'd might have to ask
Saibra, but she did have other methods. " I can ask what's going on.
All I have to do is ask Zith, if he knows. Or even Loseth or

"Oh, yes, well..." A'dryn licked his lips. "I considered asking the
Weyrleader, as he is my Wingleader as well, but N'vanik has been in a
terrible mood and I didn't want to trouble him further. I do sometimes
forget how easy it is for you to speak to any dragon." Her talent
wasn't simply about "hearing" after all. "Perhaps it would be more
polite if Anaeryth asked instead?" A'dryn couldn't help his curiosity
or his worry that the attack might be part of a wider Holder

She waved her hand. "If N'vanik is in a terrible mood, then Loseth
probably will be too." She tapped her lower lip. "You're right, it
would be better coming from a queen, especially if the dragons are
snappier. I can have her ask easily." Her eyes unfocused and her lips
lifted. " She'll be glad to. She's annoyed that 'her bronzes' are distracted."

"If it's concern from a queen, perhaps it won't be seen as prying."
A'dryn felt a bit guilty about using his friend's dragon to get information.

"Maybe not." She gently prodded Anaeryth to pose the question to
Loseth. "We'll see, wont we?" Anaeryth complied, turning her attention
to the bronze .

Loseth was pleased to have the attention of the young gold and it
soothed the agitation spilling from his rider. }:The human came to
hurt Zith's rider as revenge for his sire.:{ The bronze didn't
understand the concept of revenge but picked up the word from N'vanik.
}:Zith's rider hurt his sire in a fight, and later the sire died, and
his hatchling came here to kill Zith's rider. Zith would have died
too, and he is _my_ hatchling,:{ he said with a rumble of anger.

As Lanniya carefully relayed the information to A'dryn as it came, her
brows rose then furrowed. Anaeryth too rumbled in displeasure, but
attempted to soothe the disquiet in the bronze. }: They are safe, now.
I will check on Zith as well. Would you like to lay with me in the

Lanniya turned to A'dryn. " What do you make of that? It was personal.
But against a bronzerider? In the Weyr? Maybe this person isn't right
in the head. "

"I heard that story. J'ackt got into a fight with a holder in the
Weyrbowl. They were using practice swords but then the guard attacked
him with a knife." A'dryn frowned. "If it was his son, then perhaps he
was mad with grief." He didn't understand how this holder could do
something so drastic, but he did understand how grief could change a

"I hadn't, but it sounds familiar. I guess I just really didn't pay
attention." She exhaled. "Woah. I think I need to let Saibra know if
she doesn't already. Just in case."

"Yeah, this is... well a holder trying to kill a dragonrider..."
A'dryn shook his head, at a loss for words. "I'm sorry to bring up
something so unpleasant."

"Its okay. I needed to know." She took a steadying breath. She'd tell
Saibra when she returned. "So, tell me about how you've been."

A'dryn tried to push aside the unpleasant topic. "I've been good."

"Just good? Come on, A'dryn. Tell me all the good stuff!"

Last updated on the April 4th 2019

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