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Watching the Waves

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 6th March 2019

Characters: Thayde, Enamra
Description: Thayde tries to bring Enamra out of her shell.
Location: Dolphin Hall
Date: month 10, day 3 of Turn 9

Looking out over the water, Enamra watched the light of the moons
play over the rippling waves. She treasured this quiet time, this free
time that was given to her after all of her chores were done. Curled
up on her favorite rock, she pulled her knees up to her chest and
rested her chin upon them. She was tired, but it was a good tired,
not the exhaustion that had plagued her for so many months.

The wind blew back her hair from her face and she closed her eyes at
the caress. The sea air was something she had always loved, even the
scent of it. It reminded her of the times when her mother softly sang
as brushed out her hair, a nightly ritual that Enamra had sorely
missed after her death. She had no one to do it now, but she treasured
the memory with a small smile.

Thayde, who had been visiting with his dolphin partner out on the
pier, changed his course when he saw Enamra's figure perched on a
rock. She looked the best she had since arriving at the Dolphin Hall,
Thayde thought, taking in the healthier weight, and the brightness of
her eyes. Perhaps it was because he had been her healer while she was
pregnant, but Thayde felt slightly protective of her, especially since
she seemed alone.

"The moons look beautiful over the ocean, don't they?" he commented as
he approached.

Jerking with surprise at the unexpected voice, she looked up, then
scrambled quickly to her feet to face him. She dropped her gaze
immediately to her feet and she nodded quickly. "Yes, sir. It's very

Her appearance seemed to change in an instant, Thayde thought, from
relaxed and serene, to slightly pinched. "Please, sit, continue
relaxing. I didn't mean to disturb you."

She shook her head, letting her hair fall back over her shoulders,
though the wind seemed determined to blow it back. "It's okay. I was
just...I come out here sometimes. Did you want anything? I can go get
you a drink or a snack or something. "

"No," Thayde assured her, "this is your time to relax. I don't need
anything. I was just visiting Ada down at the pier and saw you sitting

"Ada? Oh. Your dolphin." She shifted on her feet, not used to
conversation with anyone except Jylanya. "I guess she must be pretty

Thayde realized that Enamra probably wouldn't sit again until he did,
so he crouched down and sat on the rock. He patted the area beside her
in a gesture that she should sit. "Ada is very sweet. You should come
with me to meet her some time, I think you would like her."

Enamra rubbed at her arm at the invitation, glancing at Thayde, then
back down at her bare toes. "She probably wouldn't be interested in
me. I'm not anything special. " She shrugged, moving hesitantly
towards her rock, but didn't sit as offered. She didn't quite know
what to make of the man; it was embarrassing knowing that he'd seen
the most private parts of her and seemed to think little about it.

He noted that she did not sit, but he didn't take it personally,
knowing what he did of her past. Thayde was patient person. "Can you
you scratch something?" He looked up at her with a little grin,
"Because as long as you can rub your fingers along her snout and
perhaps give her a few snacks, she'll love you."

She managed to look up at him, and there was finally interest in her
eyes. "Really? You think she'd like me?" She glanced quickly out at
the water and then ducked her head once more. "I watch them
sometimes. They're really pretty. It's like they can dance on the

"If you think that's pretty, you should see them under water. Do you
know how to swim?" he asked.

"Yes. I lived on the coast and swam all the time." Used to, she
thought. "I just don't anymore. "

Thayde dangled his feet off the rock. "Well, if you want, I could take
you out one day and you could swim with Ada. We've got some goggles
too so you can see them underwater."

"Oh. I can't. I have chores during the day and I don't have anything
to swim in." Disappointment colored her answer. And she couldn't swim
like she did at home. With just her sisters and a baby brother, it had
been nothing to swim about in just their under garments, or nothing at
all when their father was away.

"Hey, this is the Dolphin Hall, remember? We have plenty of swimsuits.
There are some we assign to apprentices when they first arrive. I'm
sure I could get one for you. And we could swim on your restday."
Thayde wasn't going to let go of the idea that quickly.

She shifted from foot to foot, glancing at him and then at the water.
She so missed swimming! She chewed on her lower lip, and then back at
him. " If Jylanya thinks okay then I'd like to go swimming. "

Thayde smiled, glad to have found something that Enamra seemed
genuinely interested in doing. "It's settled then, you speak with
Jylanya, and I'll have a bathing suit sent to you. We can plan it for
this next restday."

"Okay. Thank you. I'll ask her." She hoped that it would be allowed.
She wasn't an apprentice, but maybe she could enjoy the sea again if
it didn't trouble anyone. "I've got to go. " She bobbed a quick
curtsey and hurried inside, but glanced once over her shoulder at
Thayde before she slipped inside.

Last updated on the March 11th 2019

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