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I Need a Drink (2/2)

Writers: Paula, Eimi
Date Posted: 7th January 2019

Characters: Erassa, Corowal
Description: Corowal and Erassa have unsettling dreams
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Date: month 8, day 19 of Turn 9

The carafe in his room was empty, so Corowal had to go further to look for
a drink. He was mentally cursing the drudges who had forgotten to fill

Erassa opened the door as silently as she could, slipped inside and
then turned to gently close it behind her. She didn't need to turn on
a light to find her way in these rooms. She knew them better than she
knew her own. As she turned the corner, and saw she was not alone,
she let out an audible gasp. Realizing that she was standing face to
face with Corowal, her eyes grew as wide as her mother's fine dinner
plates as she felt her insides flip, and her heart quicken to a
treasonous pace.

Corowal nearly dropped the bottle he was holding. "Shells, Erassa," he
managed to keep his voice low whisper. Last thing he wanted was pair
of guards rushing in. "What are you doing here at this time? You
nearly made me jump out of my skin." He discreetly glanced downward to
make sure his robe was covering his stance. One step closer and she
would bump against it.

The foster mother made herself look away, as her eyes had been tempted
to follow his. Luckily she had averted her eyes before she could
notice his discomfort. "Sorry, I didn't expect anyone to be awake. I
had no tea in my rooms."

"And I had no brandy in my room. Trouble sleeping?" Corowal murmured.

"Uh, yes. Just..." Shards, what could she tell him? "Strange dreams I guess."

"Seems to be infectious. Must be the full moon. Or heat," Corowal
replied. The month had been unusually warm for a winter. He was trying
very hard to ignore what his lower parts were telling him. Like, she's
here, let's continue from where the dream left us.

"You have strange dreams, too?" she asked, walking to the cupboard to
retrieve the tea. That had after all been her purpose in coming, she
reminded herself. Not to think about how nice his lips had felt on
hers. How happy it had made her feel. How long it had been since she
had felt that way.

"Yes, you can say that," Corowal replied and failed in his attempt of
not to look when she reached for the teapot. Her robe opened just
enough to give him a glimpse and fire up his imagination. Like he
needed any more stimulation.

"They say the moon can do that to you," she said, glancing over her
shoulder at him. The look in his eyes made her look back at her tea
intently. **Stop it, Erassa. You're looking for things that aren't
there!** "Are you hungry? I can find something for you if you are."

It was not food Corowal was hungry for. "Nah, I'm good with this," he
held up the brandy bottle. "Pass me a glass, please."

She stood on tiptoes to reach a for an appropriate glass. The seal of
the Lord Holder was etched into it. Probably a gift. **He is a Lord
Holder,** she reminded herself silently. **You will never be near his
level.** Erassa always knew that. It never made her sad before.
"Here you are. Go easy. The morning will come soon." She held the
glass out to him.

"Thank you," Corowal replied. "I know when not to overindulge," he
continued and poured himself a drink.

"I know you are a grown man, Corowal," she said gently, afraid that
she had offended him. "I just..." Erassa stopped herself before she
could finish that sentence. **I just care.** No, she couldn't say
that out loud. Not after what she had just dreamt. "I'm just doing my
job," she finally finished softly.

"You're doing more than your job," Corowal said with gentle tone.
"You're job is to tend my children, not me."

She shook her head as she made a point to blow on her tea so she did
not have to meet his eye. "My job is to tend to the needs of the
family, of which you are the head."

"We can agree to disagree," Corowal was not in a mood to argue with her.

"Well, if you think that I have overstepped my bounds, if you think I
look after your needs too much, you have only to say so," she said,
daring to give him a sideways glance. He could, after all, at any
time decide she was no long important to his family. It was his

"But I like the way you mother me," Corowal smiled. "Of course, Felyna
didn't like it," his smile dropped.

"I suppose if I had been in her place, I would not have liked it
either," Erassa admitted softly. Most women did not want to share
their man. At least not outside the Weyr. It was just one of many
reasons she had to take her son away from that place. But Corowal
didn't seem to be bound to the same rules that women had to follow in
their marriage.

"Yeah," Corowal sighed and sipped his drink.

Last updated on the January 30th 2019

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