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I Need a Drink (1/2)

Writers: Eimi, Paula
Date Posted: 7th January 2018

Characters: Corowal, Erassa
Description: Corowal and Erassa have unsettling dreams
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Date: month 8, day 19 of Turn 9

Belior was full and shone to the window of the Emerald Falls' Lord.
Corowal had left it slightly open to let in the cooling night breeze.
For early winter, the weather had been surprising warm, almost
suffocatingly hot. The storms didn't help.

In his large, kingsized bed, Lord Corowal tossed restlessly in the
grips of a sleep. It had started with the faces of his dead wives
floating around with accusing eyes. They were followed by line of
mistresses he had had over the Turns, who then turned to firelizards
and flocked around him, demanding his attention. Then Erassa walked
into his dream and blew them away. She was wearing...well, something
he never sawn her actually wear. Lace and not much nothing else. There
was a seductive swing to her hips when she walked over to him. She put
her hand against his chest and pushed. He fell to his back and pulled
her with him. "You're mine, all mine. They can't have you," she purred
and claimed him with a deep, passionate kiss. Things turned rather
interesting from that.

The breeze made the Threadfall shutter bang against the window frame
and Corowal woke up with a start. "Shards and shells," he muttered,
disapointed to wake up from such an erotic dream. He got up and
re-attached the shutter. "I need a drink," he murmured. Tossing a
morning robe over him, he went to fetch one.


Erassa recognized her childhood home at once. There was the table
where they took their meals. The old plates with a simple painted
leaf pattern that her mother had been so proud of. Several bore chips
and the hints of cracks, but she could not bear to part with a single
one. And there they were, laid out. Beyond was the stove she had
learned to cook on. Standing next to it was Corolia with a simple
apron tied around, looking up at her with a proud smile.

"I think it's about ready, Mama," she said, as if she had called
Erassa that all her life.

"Good," she heard herself say. "Your father and brother will be home
any minute."

And as if on cue, the door opened and in strode Ofewal and Corofel,
their clothes slightly worn from days of honest work but both wore
large grins as they walked towards her with a "Hello Mama. Smells
good," and each gave her a kiss on the check.

Corowal's arrival was announced as Beleran ran passed the door with an
excited "Daddy's home!" followed by Wallia shuffling behind with a
wide grin.

"Mama, I have the firewood," Felcoron said, causing her to turn away
from the scene of the merry greeting.

"Thank you, sweetheart. Put it next to the stove, would you?" She
turned then to her older boys. "You two get cleaned up. Supper is
just about ready."

Her eyes fell on Corowal as he lumbered across the room, a child on
each leg. "Come on now, children," he chuckled as he made his way to
the stairs. "I have to get ready for supper, too. And your mother
and sister have worked so hard on it." As he reached out for the
banister, the children reluctantly let go, but only after a promise he
would be back soon. He turned his head and his eyes met Erassa's, and
she felt a heady rush. **He always was such a good father...** That
quality she did find quite attractive about him. As his smile
deepened and he gave her a little wink, she felt as if her insides
were floating.

Corowal turned to walk up the stairs, and her eyes never left him.
"Corolia, boys, watch the young ones. I need to speak with your
father for a few minutes." Her fingers caressed the banister as she
climbed, turning naturally at the top of the stairs into the room that
her parents had once shared.

Just as she was crossing over the threshold, Corowal pulled his shirt
off over his head and threw it over the back of a chair. His eyes
found hers again, and she took a step back, closing the door as she
leaned into it.

Her heart pounded as he stepped towards her and pressed his body
against hers, and wordlessly claimed her mouth in a tender but
resolute kiss. Her fingers found his when their lips at last parted. She could
still feel the tingling. Sliding away from the door, she
pulled him towards their bed without taking her eyes off him. It was
as if she had done this so many times before she didn't need her eyes
to know how far the journey was. She pulled him down with her and
could feel his delicious weight upon her.

"Do we need to be careful?" he whispered, reaching up to bury his
fingers in her hair.

She could feel the sensation of running her fingers through his in
response as she murmured, "There's always room for one more," and then
met his lips again, tendrils of pleasure coursing through her veins as
her heart beat quickened. She could feel the thumping in her chest,
her breathing became shallow, her nerves tingled, and her fingers tightened
in his hair.

And then Erassa's eyes opened. She was suddenly in a darkened room,
and it was not Corowal's hand wrapped in her hair, but her own as she
had fallen
asleep with her arm above her head. But her breathing had not slowed.
And that tingling. "Shards," she whispered, at once ashamed and
scared, and yet still feeling that old pleasant rush. Her hand
slipped down to her chest where she could feel her heart racing.
"Pull yourself together!" she whispered at herself, annoyed that her
body and mind seemed to have chosen to betray her principles in that

Erassa sat up and reached for her robe. What she needed was some tea
to help her relax and forget what she had just seen, and felt, and
done. She padded softly to her her cupboard, but groaned when she
pulled out the empty canister. There would be tea in the Lord's
rooms. It wasn't so strange that she would from time to time pay the
rooms a visit late at night, and so without a thought she slipped her
feet into her night slippers for the short journey down the hall.

Last updated on the January 21st 2019

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