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Updating the Timetable

Writers: AmajoS, Eimi
Date Posted: 3rd December 2018

Characters: Benna, J'nev
Description: Benna runs into a familiar face and makes a tempting offer.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 8, day 5 of Turn 9

Benna spotted a familiar face near the edge of the weyrlake and
grinned. She hadn't seen that particular face in a while. They were
not in the same wing and their weyrs were not close by, and she hadn't
felt a particular urge to seek him out after. She snorted a bit in
embarrassment, remembering her actions after the first few mating
flights her green had. It had taken a while for the hold-bred girl to
get used to the idea that a night's passions did not automatically tie
two people together in any special way here in the weyr. Still, she
had a good time with this bronzerider, as she recalled, and this Weyr
was still new enough to her after only eight months, that any familiar
face was welcome.

"J'nev!" She called out to him as she approached.

The bronzerider rubbed the last traces of oil left on his hands into
his skin as he stood up and looked around to see who had called his
name. When his eyes fell on the greenrider, he recognized her
instantly, even with her clothes on. Shards. What was her name?
"Oh, hey!" he called, giving her a wave.

"How have you been? And your dragon?" Her own green had arrived ahead
of her and was submerged in the water, blowing bubbles out of her

"Oh, well..." J'nev gave a quick glance down the beach to make sure
Aileyan wasn't around. He knew she wasn't but it was a reflex.
"Well. We're doing well. And you? You're looking really good."

Benna smiled, a little uncertainly, "Thank you for saying so. Are you
sure you're doing well? You said it three times and usually that's two
times too many for someone who means it."

"Oh, I'm well." J'nev flinched as he realized that he had done it
again. Laughing softly at himself he said, "Sorry. Ankioth is still
pretty young. We haven't won enough flights that I'm all that used to
meeting people that I met for the first time... under such

Benna's smile became a bit more heartfelt, "That's alright." She
remembered her own early experiences with mating flights and still
cringed inwardly. Then his wording sank in a bit more and her smile
turned mischievous, "You don't remember my name, do you?"

"I do," he said, rubbing at his forehead with his fingers, trying to
will a memory to the fore. "It's right there. It's on the tip of my
tongue. It's..." Shards, did she even _say_ her name? All he could
remember was that she had a really nice body. He could remember that.
**No, don't remember that!** he chided himself, suddenly realizing he
gone silent. Grasping at a straw he said, "It ends in an 'A', right?
Right?" **Please let it end in an A!**

Benna had a very hard time keeping a straight face. She supposed she
ought to be insulted at the very least, considering what they'd done
together. And there was a tiny spark of irritation. It just was not
enough to spark off her temper and it was quickly buried under the
very real amusement she felt. His face! It was priceless! "Benna. My
name is Benna." She managed to say it without cracking a grin, but
only just.

"Yeah, see," J'nev said pointing a finger as if she had confirmed a
suspicion, "I was torn between 'Benna' and 'Berna', but now I
remember. That's right." Though in truth he could swear he had never
heard that name in his life. Did she never tell him her name or was
he just so distracted by the sight of her... **Nope! Not thinking
about that! Eyes up, J'nev!**

She finally couldn't help but giggle. Berna, really? "Well, at least
you didn't forget me entirely."

"How could I?" he said with a broadening grin. "The name might be
fuzzy, but, I remember other things really well."

"Well, as I recall, those 'other things' were very distracting." Benna
answered his grin with one of her own, her giggles subsiding with the
memory. It had been a nice time.

"Yeah," he said, blushing slightly. "They were that. So..." J'nev
fought the urge to look over his should again to make sure Aileyan
wasn't listening. "When does your green Rise again? Any time soon?"

"Fairly soon," Benna replied. It would be sometime in the next couple
of sevendays, she was sure. Henerath had always been fairly regular in
her flights. "Of course, we don't have to wait," she added with a
small coy smile.

"Oh, well, that's true..." Shards, he really wanted to invite her up
to his rooms right then and there! But Aileyan... Wasn't what had
attracted him to her most the fact that she wasn't like other
greenriders spreading her legs for anyone she pleased? Didn't he want
that monogamous relationship like the ones he had grown up around in
the Hold? Or at the very least, wasn't that what she was expecting of
him? He wasn't sure. They hadn't exactly _said_ they would be
faithful to each other... And there was his bronze's interests to
consider, weren't there? After all, the rider's choices might
influence the greens, and didn't Ankioth deserve every advantage? He
was going to have to think very carefully about this one, he decided.
"So, maybe sometime my Ankioth can bespeak your green?"

"Certainly," Benna smiled, though she was a little disappointed that
he hadn't taken her up on her offer immediately. She wondered if his
bronze would win the next flight.

}:Only if he is lucky.:{ Henerath interjected archly and Benna
wondered if she ought to update her mental timetable a little.

Last updated on the December 5th 2018

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