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An Offer He Couldn't Refuse

Writers: Estelle, Suzee
Date Posted: 14th November 2018

Characters: L'keri, Tavia
Description: L'keri meets Tavia in the infirmary and can't resist a bit of flirting...
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 7, day 14 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: U'kaiah, Kaiafel & Kaiavin

Cyan Wing's drills were over, and having hunted the day before, Rhalith
was content to rest on his weyr ledge and talk to the other dragons.
Some of his wingmates were studying, practicing a craft or out running
or doing other exercises, but none of those appealed to L'keri. He found
himself with an afternoon of nothing much to do.

**I could go and get some more medicine for headaches.** In the days
since his return, he'd had his share of late nights, drinking with old
friends and wingmates, and he'd quickly used up his supply. Whenever he
thought of setting foot in the Dragonsfall infirmary, though, he
couldn't help but remember the times he'd gone there in the old days, in
hopes of seeing a certain young journeywoman.

L'keri shook his head. He was a dragonrider; he couldn't hope to avoid
the healers forever, and after his last few hangovers, he really needed
that medicine. Ariadne was gone, and no amount of pointless suffering on
his part was going to change that. His dragon's sympathy enfolded him
like a warm embrace as he left the weyr and headed for the infirmary.

As it turned out, when he arrived, there was a young journeywoman on
duty. Old flirtatious habits died hard, and putting aside his painful
memories, L'keri smiled easily. "Good afternoon!"

"Good afternoon," she replied with a smile. "Can I help you?" She never
knew what could possibly send a rider to the healers but this one seemed
too cheerful to be in much pain.

"I hope so." A hint of mischief crept into his grin. "My name's L'keri,
rider of brown Rhalith. Just transferred here. I'm afraid I sometimes
get...uh, headaches, and I wondered if you had anything for them? The
healers back at my old Weyr had a herbal tea..."

"Ah yes," Tavia smiled. "I'm Tavia," she said. "I think we have
something that will help you with that." She turned toward the back.
"I'll be just a moment." She went into the storage room and pulled
open the drawer containing the tea and scooped it into a small pouch.
Then tying the thong she brought it back out. "This is the one that
will help you with a headache," she nodded and handed him the pouch.
"You're a new transfer here right?"

"Yes and no. I transferred recently, but it's my second time here at
Dragonsfall Weyr. I was here for a few Turns back when the Pass began.
But you must have arrived since I left?" He took the pouch of tea with a
nod of thanks and his most charming smile. "I feel sure I would have
remembered you, otherwise."

"I Impressed at Dolphin Cove," she smiled back. "I was there until a
couple of Turns ago when I came here with my son."

"Oh, so you're from a hot climate, too! I grew up at River Bluff, and my
Rhalith was hatched there, but we've moved around a fair bit since
then." He had the tea now, but L'keri made no move to depart. He had
faced up to going to the infirmary; it hadn't been that bad, and now he
was here there weren't many better ways to spend a free afternoon than
chatting to an attractive greenrider. "What brought you to Dragonsfall?"

"My son's father," she smiled with a merry little twinkle in her eyes.
She didn't exactly discourage flirting. A little exercise now and then
was healthy but her heart belonged to U'kaiah. She loved him but he
wasn't here by his own choice. If she liked someone she could have a
little fun and it showed in her body language. "But he's not here

L'keri's face, which had fallen almost comically when she mentioned the
other man, brightened at her last words. "Whyever not? Now I'm here, I'm
not sure I could bring myself to leave the various delights to be found
at Dragonsfall." He winked at her.

She chuckled. "He got an offer he couldn't refuse and I didn't follow
him." She tilted her head back and forth as she thought about it a
little more. "It was supposed to be short-term and I didn't want to
uproot Kaiafel again when he'd just gotten used to his new foster
mother. It's been a bit longer than we expected though." She smiled
understanding where he was going with things. "Well, thank you," she

"You're quite welcome." The brownrider tossed the pouch of tea playfully
from one hand to the other. "Must have been some offer, to take him away
from such an enchanting greenrider."

"Oh yes it was," she nodded slightly. "The kind he'd been wanting all
his life. The kind any bronzerider can't refuse."

"Well, if I'd been in his place, I'd have chosen differently," L'keri
said gallantly. "But perhaps that's why I ride brown, and not bronze."

"Who knows," she shrugged still smiling. "But my Sawauth does seem to
prefer brown."

"She sounds like a green with excellent taste." There was a definite
inviting note in his voice. After all, the bronzerider, whoever he
was, was not here. As far as L'keri was concerned, if he'd decided to
chase rank rather than stay with his lovely mate, he surely couldn't
complain of the consequences. "I'm sure my Rhalith would be delighted
to make her acquaintance."

"I'm sure she would reciprocate with a good green flirt," she dimpled.
It had been a while since her last good flirt herself, so she was
enjoying this one.

"There's not much he enjoys more than a good flirt." Other than a good
flight, L'keri thought in amusement. "And you know what they say: like
dragon, like rider."

"At times," as in most of her life, Tavia chuckled. "You should be on
the lookout," she winked. "She'll be rising soon."

"Is she now? Then Rhalith and I will certainly be keeping an eye on
her." His brown hadn't yet won a green flight at this new Weyr, though
he'd chased a few. L'keri hoped his luck would change soon, and it would
be very nice if it could be with this particular green. "I'll bet she's
a clever flier, though. He'll have to keep his wits about him if he
wants to win."

"Good deal," she winked. "Then may the best dragon win."

}:I'll decide that,:{ Sawauth sniffed.

**Of course, you will darling** Tavia sent back.

"I look forward to it." The brownrider could sense his dragon's pleasure
at the improvement in his mood, and it lifted his spirits and made him
bold. He wasn't a dragon, he thought; he didn't have to wait for his
time to rise. "Will you have to stay on duty here for much longer? I'm
free for the rest of the day..."

"Actually, I'm free in another candlemark," she smiled. "Meet you for

"That sounds perfect." He could drop off the herbs back at his weyr,
and make sure the place was tidy while he was there. With luck he'd
have a visitor, later on! "I'll be in the dining cavern in a
candlemark, then."

Last updated on the December 5th 2018

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