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A Conversation

Writers: AmajoS, Heather
Date Posted: 30th October 2018

Characters: Zathris, Rothen
Description: Zathris stops by for a conversation with Rothen
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Date: month 7, day 8 of Turn 9

Zathris was still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he approached
the door that separated the Lord's family quarters from the rest of
the keep. He'd gone out early that morning to walk the ramparts and
give greeting to the guards that were on duty. It wasn't something he
did often, but at least once a month or so he tried to make a round
and personally see and speak to each of the men on duty. With all that
had been going on at Amber Hills with the sneaky sabotages, and other
criminal acts, Zathris wanted to maintain good relations with the men
who would be protecting his Hold and his family.

"Good morning, Rothen," Zathris said as he approached the door, noting
that the guard had changed while he had been out. There were a couple
of guards that guarded the family quarters, keeping a strict eye on
who went in and out at all times. Zathris liked to know these two
guards personally, because they were guarding his most prized
possessions, his wife and children. "Did you enjoy your Restday?"

"Yes sir, Lord Zathris," Rothen replied with a slight bow. "The
weather was good, too cold for hunting yet though." Hunting was
Rothen's favorite pastime, but even he had limits on what kind of
weather he was willing to brave for it. "How about yourself?"

"I got to spend some time with my children. Took them out riding,"
Zathris said, waving his hand to keep Rothen from completing his bow.
Even though he'd been Lord Holder for a few Turns now, he still wasn't
comfortable with all of the bowing and curtsying. "What kind of
hunting do you do?"

Rothen smiled in appreciation at the gesture. He genuinely liked the
Lord Holder, as he didn't demand that everyone fawn over him. "Pretty
much any kind I can, really. I prefer a bow to snares though. Not that
there's anything wrong with snares, of course. Just a bit boring is
all." He grinned and added, "Of course, it's often more reliable too."
When he went out, he often had more luck with his snares than his

"Ah, I also like to bow hunt. Snares are effective, of course, just
not nearly as exciting." Zathris hooked his fingers through his belt
loops. "I haven't been hunting in a while though, so I'm afraid I
would be rusty with the bow."

"I'm sure it wouldn't be as bad as all that. Nothing a little time on
a target range wouldn't fix. Once you know how to use a bow, you never
really forget." Rothen encouraged.

"That's true enough, it's more my aim that I'm worried about," Zathris
chuckled, silently thinking that some time down on the range would be
nice. "How is your mother?" The Lord Holder asked, remembering from
prior conversations that the woman also lived and worked in the Hold.

"She's well, thank your for asking, Lord Zathris." And she was, for
the most part. So long as you didn't mention Kyselara. "I'll tell her
you were asking after her, it'll make her day."

Zathris smiled, glad that at least one person would be pleased to hear
from the Lord Holder. "Excellent, well, I will leave you to your duty,
I need to be getting to my own."

"Of course, my Lord," Rothen almost gave another bow, but thought
better of it. The man had already waved off one bow, after all. He was
glad that the Lord Holder had stopped to chat, it broke up the
monotony of the duty, but also it was good to know that the man he was
sworn to protect had an actual interest in the people he was in charge
of. Not all guards in all Holds could boast the same, he knew.

"Have a good day, Rothen." Zathris clapped the man on the shoulder
before leaving, his mind already moving to other matters at hand. Like
finding his bow and making it out to the shooting range.

Last updated on the December 5th 2018

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