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Woven Together.

Writers: Leigh M-F., Paula
Date Posted: 11th October 2018

Characters: Jessmyr, A'kua
Description: Jess assists his friend in a couple different ways.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 6, day 25 of Turn 9

There were probably other things he could be doing at this time of night, but he wasn’t inclined to do them at the moment. He wanted to finish furnishing his new weyr tonight. He was largely done with that, so he wanted even less of an excuse to return to the old one. Thus, he had earlier found Jess and asked for assistance in locating a couple of weavings to hang on the walls, and now he was in the Weyr storage caverns, looking for the other young man.

"So, what are you looking for, exactly?" Jess asked. He was holding an inventory hide. He was actually enjoying this, furnishing and decorating a weyr.

“Oh, there you are,” A’kua said with mild surprise. “Thanks for comin’. I’m not lookin’ for much, really. Just two wall-hangin’s. They don’t need to be fancy. A friend of my sister’s has one that’s a gradient of red, goin’ from pink at the top to maroon at the bottom. Somethin’ like that in green would be nice. A random pattern in browns and blues would also work."

"No tapestry? We have some pretty landscapes and wide selection of dragons. Lots and lots of dragons in diffent poses and doing different things," Jess asked with an amused roll of his eyes. Seems like all tapestries made in Weyr had dragons at them.

A’kua didn’t laugh. Normally he would have. “Tapestries take more work if they need fixin’, especially if the dye’s faded. Standard weavin's are fine. Besides, if I need to see a dragon, I can look at Zei.” His eyes unfocused for a moment. “Zei says of course he’s worth lookin’ at."

Jess sighed inwards, so much trying to cheer him up. "Of course, he's worth looking, he's very handsome.”

Another moment of unfocus. “Zei just joked ‘Is that why we ferry him around whenever he needs a ride? Because he thinks I’m handsome?’ I reminded him no, we give you rides because you’re our friend and a capable future Headman. So, which section do we need to look in?"

Jess flashed a grin and consulted his hides. "Left, shelves two and three. Should have some in crates on the floor too.”

“Right then.” The rider lead the way, finding the appropriate area. “Some of these look a lot bigger than I expected. Would the smaller ones be in the crates?"

"Probably. The big ones wouldn't fit the crates," Jess replied and kneeled to inspect one of them. The first one he pulled out had some floral pattern in pastel colours. "Just your style," he joked.

A’kua sighed, putting one hand on his hip and the other to his head. “Jess, it’s not that I don’t appreciate what you’re tryin' to do.... but I don’t,” he said quietly. “I’m just not in the mood.” He had guessed his friend had picked up that something was bothering him when they'd initially spoken, even if the bronzerider hadn’t said exactly why; only that he was moving weyrs. And it was good of Jessmyr to try to cheer him up, but each attempt just grated on the hurt. “Sorry,” A’kua added to soften the blow.

"I'm sorry," Jessmyr said too and stared the crate. He didn't know what to say. He neatly folded and packed the floral wall hanging back to the crate.

“Don’t apologize; this isn’t your fault,” A’kua said. “It’s- I mean-“ He made a frustrated gesture, and finally sighed gustily. “Ilyssia is leavin’. For good. She found someone else. That’s why I’m tryin’ to get the new weyr made up, so I don’t think much about it. That’s why niceness hurts.”

Jess didn't know much about relationsships, but he did knew how it felt to be abandoned. That's why his soft: "I'm sorry to hear that," was barely above whisper.

“I am too.” A’kua shrugged helplessly. “And it’s not as if either of us did anythin’ wrong. She just found someone else.” He shook his head and turned back to the supplies, riffling through them.

Jessmyr didn't say anything. Ilyssia was probably just too young to settle down, he thought. He also rummaged thru the crates until he found something that looked like what A'kua might like. "Hey, how about this one?" he spread it out. It was one of those where stripes of colour slided to another colour.

“That’s perfect,” A’kua said in satisfaction. The shades of blue in the hanging were extremely pleasing to his tastes. Trust Jess to be the one to find that. “Is there another one like that, or close to it?"

"Let's find out," Jess replied. He careful placed the chosen tapestry separe from the rest.

Within another twenty minutes, a second hanging was found to be to A’kua’s taste as well. With some finagling, he was able to get the rolled-up weavings balanced on his shoulders. “I feel like a dray beast,” the bronzerider commented once everything was settled. “Thanks for your help, Jess. This could’ve taken a lot longer without it. And thanks for.... Well, for tryin’, even if I wasn’t nice about it."

"Hey, no prolem. We're friends, right? Friends help each other," Jess replied. "Friends can also handle occasional snapping.”

“Occasional? Have you met me?” A’kua deadpanned, and actually smiled. It was small, but it happened. “You’re still welcome to visit anytime. It’ll help."

"Yes, I've met you," Jess grinned. "Be careful with invitations like that. I might start spending so much time in your weyr that you want to get rid of me." Jessmyr wasn't quite serious with his threath. He respected people's privacy too much to be a pester.

“Who knows? You might like it up there,” A’kua joked, and adjusted his grip on the tapestries. “I better get these out of here. I’ll see you soon, Jess."

"See you around. You known where to find me," Jess replied.

Last updated on the October 11th 2018

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