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Unexpected Knots

Writers: Heather, Paula, Suzee
Date Posted: 5th October 2018

Characters: R'enh, K'yne, Tavia, Uetia
Description: Cobalt Leaders select a new Wingthird
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 3, day 21 of Turn 9

R'enh stood and smiled at the greenrider holding out his hand. "Thank
you for coming Tavia," he nodded. "We understand your concerns with
your craft."

She smiled and nodded at both the Wingleader and 'second before
turning to leave. "Thank you, sir, and thank you for thinking of me."

"Too bad," he said after she was gone. "She would probably have been a
good fit. Who's next?"

It was too bad, K’yne agreed, Tavia was not only experienced but easy
on the eyes. The Wingsecond looked down at the list of potential
Wingthird candidates, they were interviewing.

“Greenrider Uetia is up next,” K’yne told R’enh.

"Bring her in," he nodded at the brownrider.

Uetia was slightly nervous and hopeful while she waited her turn. She
was now fully recovered from the injuries received during the
earthquake. She was still in queen's wing thought, and she hoped this
was about her getting re-assigned to the fighting wings. With River
Bluff's territory to cover, they must have need for able wingriders.

"Uetia," the tall Wingsecond stepped into the hallway, "come on in."

"Thank you, sir," Uetia bowed her head respectably for both of them
when she walked in.

"Well met Uetia," R'enh said indicating a chair across his desk for
her to be seated. "I've heard good things about you." Of course, he'd
done his research on the riders he didn't already know. He'd even
spoken to the Weyrleader about riders from River Bluff.

"Thank you," Uetia replied. Most of the things she had heard of R'ehn
was personal gossip about him and Saibra, so she didn't say anything

K'yne started off with the same interview question they'd asked the
other applicants, "So Uetia, how long have you been in the fighting
Wings and what kind of leadership experience do you have?"

"I Impressed five Turns ago, so four and half? Minus the time I was
pregnant or grounded due injury," Uetia replied. "So, maybe four Turns
in fighting wing, some of that in Queen's wing. As for leadership
experience, I led trios and nines during weyrling training, that's
all. Unless you count bossy personality."

He nodded with approval at her list of experience. "Is your child with
you here," R'enh smiled his mind was more on children these days than
it had been in the past but he quickly switched back to business.
"There is much more hide work involved in the Wingthird position than

most riders realize. Are you comfortable with that?"

Uetia nodded. "Yes, she's here. I made it to journeyman before
Impressing," Uetia replied. She had come to conclusion that this was
not an ordinary wing-rider interview, so she countinued."I'm fine with
hidework. People would be surprised to know how much hide work
dolphineering involve: weather reports, salvage reports, reports from
dolphin diagnostics." It was time to advertise her skills a bit. "I'm
good with charts, weather and wind forecasts and Thread Fall patterns.
Diving with dolphins has taught me to think three dimensional so I
have no problems with adapting to various wing formations or flying in
different altitudes."

K'yne studied Uetia as he thought about the duties he would be glad to
pass onto a Wingthird when they found one.

"Excellent," R'enh replied. "Are you interested or have you thought
about stepping up into a Wingthird position, recognizing the amount of
additional work involved?"

"Oh, I'm very interested," Uetia replied eagerly. "You don't think I'm
too young for it?" she then asked almost shyly. Most wingthirds tended
to be older, experienced riders.

"I wouldn't have asked the question if I didn't think you have what it
takes," he said with half a smile. "Talent is talent no matter the
age. But, we can do it on a trial basis if you're unsure."

"I'm not unsure," Uetia replied. "I just want to be sure you're sure,"
she continued with a wry little smile. "I've always aimed to become a
wingthird. I'm just surprised it's happening now and not few Turns
from now," she explained herself.

"That's quite a mouthful," he grinned. "Let's do a trial then and see
if we're a good fit as a team." He looked at K'yne to see if his
'second agreed.

"Leadership tends to come when you least expect it," K'yne empathized.
The sudden influx of River Bluff refugees had warranted the sudden
addition of a new Wing, which had given him his place as Wingescond,
and R'enh his as Wingleader.

"I'm in," Uetia grinned with sudden jubilation and enthusiasm. She was
determined to prove herself capable.

R'enh couldn't help grinning back and nodded at his Wingsecond. "I
suggest you spend a little time with K'yne before the next drill to
get a feel for where he'd like you in the wings. I think he'll also
have some work for you to start with the schedules." He turned to his
'second. "Anything else?"

Uetia nodded and just waited the brownrider's reply.

K'yne shook his head, "Meet me tomorrow for lunch. I'll show you to
your office and get you started with some basic tasks to get you
acquainted with the Wing. Oh," he reached to the empty seat beside of
him and drew out the rank knots of a wingthird, "you'll be needing
these." He slid them across the table.

"Thank you," Uetia took her new knots. "I'll be there," she replied to
K'yne and removed her old knots.

Last updated on the October 11th 2018

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