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Party Planning Tips

Writers: Devin, Estelle
Date Posted: 16th September 2018

Characters: R'fal, T'lin
Description: Weyrlings chat on a stormy day while doing elevator duty.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 5, day 27 of Turn 9

"Here you go!" R'fal leaned down and handed a basket of cleaning
supplies down to the drudge he'd just ferried back down, trying his
best to shield it from the weather. Carrying weyrfolk to and from the
upper level weyrs in the pouring rain wasn't exactly how he'd imagined
his life as a dragonrider, but it wasn't the most onerous duty he'd
been assigned and both he and Marlath enjoyed practicing flying and
trying to land on the weyr ledges as neatly as possible.

He slid down from Marlath's back and splashed his way back to the
entrance to the caverns, where some of the other weyrlings on duty
were sheltering from the rain. There didn't seem to be many passengers
waiting at the moment, so it shouldn't be his turn again for a while.
R'fal shrugged out of his wet jacket and riding helmet and shook out
his damp hair, then headed over to join his classmates.

"I think it's getting worse out there. If it goes on, they'll be
needing dolphineers on elevator duty, not dragonriders."

"I don't think I can get much wetter," T'lin said. "I might as well
strip down, grab some sweetsand, and call it a bath."

"Bathing on duty? It would save time." R'fal started every sevenday
thinking that their training couldn't possibly get more intensive, but
it always did. Waiting around for people to ferry to and fro was a
pleasant respite, despite the rain. "Knowing my luck, though, some
important person would come along wanting a lift to their weyr, right
when I was covered in suds."

"Then you could offer to scrub them up too." T'lin winked.

"A trip up to your weyr and a free bath, in any order. All part of the
elevator duty service," R'fal said, giving his best imitation of an
eager trader, hoping for a sale. He grinned. "Only trouble is, it
would become too popular. Everyone would want a ride with a weyrling,
and the grown dragons would get lazy for lack of flying."

T'lin held up a finger. "Ah, but the offer is only good during a
downpour. Special, limited time service."

"Then I hope it keeps raining," R'fal sighed. He wouldn't have minded
taking a long, bubbly bath with some of the young women who he'd had to
transport to the higher-level weyrs. Graduation to senior weyrling was
not far off...which reminded him of the promise he'd made to T'nep. He
hadn't really thought it through at the time, but surely it couldn't be
that difficult.

"T'lin," he asked, "have you ever hosted a party before? Here in the Weyr?"

"Plenty of times," the bluerider said with a grin.

"Oh, good! You see, I thought it would be fun to have one, to celebrate
when we make our first jumps /between/ and become senior weyrlings,"
R'fal explained, "but I'm not sure what the customs are here." That was
true enough, without him having to explain he'd never thrown a party in
his life, in Hold or Weyr. "Do you think it would be allowed?"

"Oh, sure. Once we're senior we can have people over without the
weyrlingmasters worrying we might break the ban. Other people have had
parties before." T'lin tilted his head. "I mean, as long as things
don't get out of hand."

"I'm sure it'd be fine. We deserve a bit of fun after these last few
sevendays of training." R'fal couldn't imagine it being too bad. They
were dragonriders, after all - well, almost - and dragonriders were
always responsible. "So, what do you do for a party here? Back home,
at Turn's End, we would have a big dinner round at one of the
cotholds. We'd stuff ourselves full of food, and then we'd have music
and stories and dancing and a barrel of ale. I don't know if I could
get a dinner like that, but the rest sounds good."

"You might be able to sweet talk the kitchen staff into giving you
food for the party. I know a few people down there if you need help."

"I know a few, too." R'fal thought of all the extra desserts he'd begged
over the past months. "But the more people we ask, the more food we get."

"And being dragonriders should work in our favor. This isn't just a
party, it's a celebration for a very important milestone." T'lin
intended to use that for all it was worth.

"Yes. I suppose it gets more serious, from now on." R'fal sobered
slightly, remembering the frozen darkness of /between/, which he had
only experienced once before, on the way to the Weyr. Then there would
be Thread to face. "Still, all the more reason to have fun while we can."

"Which is the true philosophy of dragonriders." T'lin couldn't wait
for the relationship restriction to be lifted and he intended to
indulge himself as much as possible.

The brown weyrling laughed, his sombre mood vanishing in an instant.
"Not exactly what the harpers taught us, but it works for me!"

Last updated on the October 1st 2018

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