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You are Wanted (1/2)

Writers: Eimi, Len, Paula
Date Posted: 9th May 2018

Characters: Uetia, Jaylene, Nerylyn, Kiomo
Description: Uetia gets a message that the HAD has been found and runs to tell Jaylene
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr, Sunstone Seahold
Date: month 5, day 9 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: D'ale, Lafael, Bryvin

Note: part one of two

Jaylene groaned and opened her eyes. A pounding sound had woken her up from
her much-needed night's sleep. She blinked and looked out towards
Reanth's weyr. The green too was stretching and trying to wake up. A
weak morning light trickled through the thick curtain that separated
dragon from rider. Jaylene sighed and was about to let herself flop
back onto her pillow when the pounding began again. At least she was
awake enough now to know it was coming from her door. Someone was
knocking and they sounded eager to see her.

"Door's open!" she shouted.

"Good morning, Jaylene," Uetia walked in, brisk and perky. "Time to
get up, sleepyhead, I have some news for you!"

"Is that news that you have a nice hot cup of klah and a bubbly for
me?" Jaylene yawned widely and shook her curly hair out of her eyes.

"Nope, no klah, no bubblies," Uetia unceremoniously seated herself on
Jaylene's bed. "Remember that boy we were looking for? That my brother
suspected being able to hear dragons? At the seacraft Hall?"

"What?" Instantly all thoughts of sleep or food went out of Jaylene's
head. She lept out of bed and ran for the clothes she had tossed onto
a chair by her bed. "I'm assuming they found him? You ready to go get
him?" She threw her riding clothes on and turned to face Uetia,
eagerness written all over her face.

"Nerylyn ran into him. Apparently, he's a drudge at the Sunstone
seahold," Uetia told her. "Took her awhile to get word to me, but she
promised to keep an eye on him so we don't lose him again." Her
brother's family really needed a firelizard. "And yes, Sirjath is
strapped and ready," she replied to Jaylene's question. She herself
was wearing her flight leathers.

Jaylene nodded. "Reanth, tell Torerath to let D'ale know I'll be out
of the Weyr for a bit, just in case he needs me." We waved to Uetia to
follow her out to the waiting greens. "Let's hope we have some great
news to bring back, eh?" She added to Uetia, before leaping onto
Reanth. "Here's hoping their klah is nice and hot as well!"

"Should be," Uetia replied before leaping into Sirjath's back (who had
landed on Reanth's ledge).

Reanth lept into the sky, her rider barely on. Jaylene looked for
Sirjath before Reanth got the coordinates from the larger green and
all went black.


Reanth popped out of /between/, flying over the tree tops of the much
lusher land than Drangonsfall was. Jaylene felt a pang at the loss of
River's Buff and the comfortable life they had there, but then
reminded herself that she had much more important things to do than
mop about things in the past. As her green circled over the courtyard,
she looked for someone to come out to them.

Sirjath backwinded to land and Uetia spotted Nerylyn's now very
pregnant figure. She gave her sister-in-law a wave and waited Jaylene
to properly land.

Kiomo stood next to Nerylyn as the greens settled themselves.
"Welcome, riders," he called as they were both safely on the ground.

"That's my sister-in-law," Nerylyn murmured to Kiomo when Uetia strode
towards them.

"Nerylyn! Always nice to see you, how's the children?"

"They're good, on their harper classes now," Nerylyn grinned back.

Kiomo tried his best not to stare at the rather imposing greenrider.
**She's like her brother in female form!** he thought, but kept it to
himself. "Well met, both of you. I am Kiomo, Lord Bryvin's

"Well met, Kiomo, my duty to you," Uetia replied politely. "I'm Uetia,
green Sirjath's rider and this is Wingthird Jaylene, green Reanth's
rider," she continued.

Jaylene grinned, well aware that she might not be making the best
impression with the still unruly auburn hair that kept falling into
her eyes with the warm wind. She stretched out her hand. "My duty to
you, Kiomo and to your Lord, Bryvin. And nice to meet you once again,
Nerylyn. I heard you've tracked down someone we'd like to meet." Her
bright eyes twinkled.

"Yes, the boy we suspect can hear dragons," Nerylyn replied. "He's a
strange one."

"They can be," Jaylene agreed. "Is the lad about?"

"Don't tell me you lost him again," Uetia growled with drew a chuckle
from Nerylyn.

Jaylene couldn't help but give a nervous glance about the courtyard.
There_was_no young man to be seen. She raised a questioning eyebrow to

Kiomo also smiled at Uetia's comment. "I assure you, greenrider,
Lafael was never lost. Our healer wrote the Weyr's healing staff
about him sevendays ago and they have been in contact with each other.
He does, however, still have his duties, which is where I assume he is
right now. Someone has been sent to find him and I'm sure he'll be
along any minute." The assistant looked over his shoulder, but didn't
see anyone coming down the path just yet. "So what I don't understand
is what is your connection to the boy? Are you family that you have
such sudden interest in him? Are you healers?"

"We sheltered him during a storm once, at the Seacraft Hall. I have no
idea what he was doing there," Nerylyn was explaining. "Since my
husband has dragonriders in his family, he recognized the signs."

"I'm sure as you know that persons who can hear other dragons are very
important to the Weyr. We were made aware of him some months ago,"
Jaylene said. "As the River Buff Weyrleader's third I took a role in
trying to find him and Uetia told me what her brother had said." She
nodded her head to Uetia
and Nerlyn in turn. "But the earthquake and tsunami happened and in
all the turmoil we lost sight of the lad. But thankfully you guys have
found him again." She gave Kiomo her friendliest smile, even as she
privately reached out to her dragon. **Psst! Reanth, can you and
Sirjath hear him?**

Reanth cast an eye to her larger green friend. }:We will try.:{

Last updated on the July 4th 2018

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