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AAH-VH: A Quiet Night

Writers: Eimi, Paula
Date Posted: 27th April 2018

Characters: Puwul, Capwick
Description: Capwick stops by the tavern for a drink and a chat with Puwul.
Location: Vintner Hall
Date: month 4, day 6 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentions: Keayd, Sanora

"I'll take a white liquor and citrus juice, Puwul," the Hallsecond
said as he took a seat at the bar. Looking around he noted, "A quiet
night I see."

"Evening, Capwick," Puwul greeted and moved to mix the drink. "Ah,
it's the after Gather-lull," he said. "People are either out of marks
or letting their liver's recover," he grinned.

Cap waved it off with a shrug. The Hall wasn't hurting at this time
of the Turn for sure. The Hallsecond watched as Puwul worked. "Let
me tell you, there are days when I truly miss just being a distiller.
There was something so satisfying about knowing you just made
something really good."

"Too much hidework, huh?" Puwul asked and handed him the drink.
"Probably why I never made it past senior journeyman." That and
resorting to piracy, smugling and other unsavory actions that Lord
Holders tended to frown at.

"Too much dealing with journeymen's petty drama. I swear they are
worse than the apprentices." And Capwick had little tolerance for
those who should be old enough to know better. "These kids today."

Puwul chuckled. "The apprentices are still learning the drama."

"At least they can blame hormones. Journeymen have nothing to blame
but pure stupidity." Capwick took a sip of the drink. Oh, that was
good. It had been a while since he had indulged.

"So true," Puwul agreed. "I have two adult children I still need get
married off." Well, one was step daughter.

Cap shrugged. "All of my kids with Alaris are married. But none of
my kids with Sanora. Course, I'm in no rush to see any boys sniffing
around Casana and Winora."

"I know how that feels. Helisse may be just a step-daughter, but I
treat her like she was my own," Puwul agreed.

"I forget, how old is she now?" Capwick asked curiously.

"Twenty one, still unmarried and getting desperate," Puwul replied.

"If my step-son wasn't all the way in Emerald Falls I'd introduce
her." Though Sanora seemed to think he already had an eye on someone.
Cap would suggest his son Capran, but he was concentrating on his
craft and seemed pretty single minded about it. **Just like I was at
that age.** Norwick was her age, but the boy had a lot of growing up
left to do before he could start thinking of a family as far as his
father was concerned.

"Yeah, well, I worry she'll pick up the wrong one in her desperation of
getting married," Puwul shrugged. He tended to leave the match making
to his wife anyways. He was the wrong man to ask for marital advice.

"Well, I would pity the man who mistreated your kid," Cap said with a wry smile.

Puwul just wiggled his eyebrow at it.

"Has she met Journeyman Keayd?" That lad certainly needed someone to
take care of him.

"I'm not sure," Puwul replied. He knew Keayd of course.

"He's not a bad guy. And he's pretty ambitious. I'm sure he would
have been snatched up already if it weren't for that sharding foot."
Capwick had never actually seen what the foot looked like outside the
shoe. Maybe it didn't look so bad...

"He's a good lad, I might suggest him to my wife. She's the one who
make decisions like that."

Cap merely nodded, figuring that vein of the conversation had run it's
course. Two middle aged men didn't have much business trying to
meddle much further than that into the lives of young people.

"So, hall planning anything interesting?" Puwul asked.

"We'll be starting the harvest any day now. When it's all done we'll
plan a celebration, but we need all minds on the task at hand for
now." And once the harvest came in, then it was time to start
producing. They were coming into a busy time at the Hall for sure.

Puwul nodded. "Lemme know if you need extra hands picking the grapes.
If it stays this quiet, I'll have idle helpers here. They need
something to do or get they get into trouble."

"If it comes to that, I will. But I would much rather find a way to
make you busy." He pushed his empty glass back towards the tavern
keeper. "One more and then I have to get home."

"One more comming up," Puwul replied jovially.

Last updated on the July 4th 2018

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