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An Illusive One

Writers: Eimi, Paula
Date Posted: 26th April 2018

Characters: E'naer, Zh'no
Description: Zh'no checks in on his old friend E'naer to see how his last Flight went...
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 4, day 3 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentions: G'wen

"Peohth chased," Zh'no said as he fell into step with the
Weyrlingmaster Third. "I'm sorry Eillispeth had her eye on someone
else this time."

"Hello, Zh'no. Yes, she had. She usually has her eye on diffent
someone every time. She's rarely caught twice in a row by same male,"
E'naer replied with a smile.

"She is an illusive one, but it never stops Peohth from chasing." Or
flirting with the green every chance he had. "And were you pleased
with the results of the Flight?"

E'naer snorted. "She went for a young brown this time. The poor lad
never caught a green with a male rider before. I spent way too much
time comforting the rider afterwards. Why she has to pick those barely
out of weyrlinghood?"

"Perhaps she's always around the young ones," the bluerider pointed
out. "But I'm sure it's fairly traumatic for them to have caught
their former Weyrlingmaster Third. I don't know how I would have

"It is," E*naer could remember way too many of those incidents.

"Did any of your Weyrlingmasters catch Eillispeth?" Zh'no leaned down
and ask a bit more quietly. "Can you even remember that far back?"

"Yes, that has happened," E*naer replied. "And as juicy details go,
you know the rule: what happens in mating cot, stays in mating cot."

"I didn't ask for any details. I'm not the gossiping type," Zh'no shrugged.
It always baffled him why people always were so eager to share
personal details with the world.

"You are not," E'naer agreed.

"Wish your green had better taste though. She could do no better than
my Peohth. You remind her of that," the bluerider said with sideways
glance at his old friend. He certainly wouldn't mind waking up next
to the greenrider a bit more often.

"I'll try, I'm not sure she always listen to me," E'naer said wryly.
"She does like the big and strong type. Which usually means brown or

"Are you telling me you don't like the big strong type?" Zh'no asked
with an innocent lift of his eyebrows.

"I do," E'naer replied. "I like them all," he said with all
encompassing hand gesture. "Big, small, strong, slender, silent,

"Your so lucky. You can have your pick." Though his friend knew
E'naer was devoted to one man at present.

"Right now, I'm happy with G'wen," E'naer said with a smile.

"Aye." It was good to see his old friend content and settled. There
had been a time after his scoring that Zh'no had worried for the
greenrider's future happiness. "How is G'wen these days?"

"He's doing well," E'naer replied. "There's been talk about him
transferring to higher altitude wing," he continued. He would be
worried if that happened.

"That's a compliment." G'wen and his rider would have to be a good
pair to fly higher in the formation.

"It is," E'naer said.

"I have craft duties," Zh'no said, reaching over to give his old
friend's shoulder a squeeze. "Just tell Eillispeth to look Peohth's
way next time, will you?"

"I will. I have bunch of weyrlings to tend to, see you around," E'naer grinned.

Last updated on the July 4th 2018

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