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Busy and Moving

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 2nd April 2018

Characters: K'ale, Lanniya
Description: The start of something good
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 3, day 4 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: F'lin, Y'gel

The last crate of her belongings was finally delivered and Lanniya
plopped down on her new chair with an exhalation that blew her hair
from her face. Her belongings didn't look like too much in a much
larger weyr, but unpacking would still be a pain. She leaned back in
the chair and rubbed her nose, leaving a streak of dust over the tip.

K'ale came through the door with a huge duffle thrown over his
shoulder and bags in either hand. "Hey," he said as he struggled
through the door. He grinned and dropped the bags. "Here I am."

She looked up with a warm smile and rose, moving to drag one of the
bags inside. ""OOF...what's in here? Rocks?"

He laughed and took the bag from her, "No, it's my tools." He handed
her the one with his clothing. "Here this one is more you're speed."

She dragged the lighter one in with a snort. "I could have pulled that
one." She smiled and nudged the bag over to near her belongings. "So
you're going to need a table or something for all of your Smithy-ing
stuff right?"

"Oh no," he smiled. "I do that at the main forge. These are just the
tools I made that are mine and what I need to show for my next

"Oh." She mused. "Well, I might have some plants or something in here
eventually. I like gardening." She chewed her lower lip as her voice
trailed off. She didn't want to spoil the smile on his face or the joy
he seemed to have when he pulled his bags in. "Uhm..K'ale? Can I tell
you something?"

"Of course," he tilted his head as her face change. "Are you alright?"

She shifted on her feet and twiddled her fingers together. "Yeah. know how we talked about F'lin before?"

"Oh yes," he nodded. "He's the friend who won your last flight right?"

"Well, he's a friend, but he didn't win Anaeryth's flight. Y'gel did.
Well, uhm..." She gestured with her hands, spinning her fingers around
each other. "When I said goodbye to F'lin, we kinda..." She flushed
and hurried on in an almost squeak. "You said you would understand and
I care about how he feels and I know it was outside of a flight, but I
was curious and..." Her face turned even redder. "Uh...that didn't
sound good, did it?"

"Oh right, the dragonhealer. "Hey," he said when she got all
embarrassed. "Don't worry! I understand. I was born and raised in the
Weyr sweetheart. We decide how we make our relationship work." He
folded his arms around her. "In the future it would be nice if you
told me before, instead of after. But that's just a guideline."

She relaxed in his arms and laid her cheek on his shoulder. "It wasn't
planned." She wrapped his arms around him, holding him close. "I just
didn't want to hide it from you. I don't want to lie to you or hide
anything from you. I love you."

"I love you too," he said and kissed her hair.

Lanniya exhaled and cuddled close, enjoying the warmth of his embrace.
"So...a weyr of our own. Do you think we'll start annoying each

That made him chuckle. "I imagine it will happen eventually but I
doubt any time soon." He kissed the side of her head. "Let's promise
to talk to each other if anything bothers us, alright?"

She nodded. "I can promise that." She then giggled mischievously. "I
think we're going to be too..." there was a snicker "busy to argue."

"Busy," he growled in her ear and wrapped her even closer. "Let's get
busy," he added more softly as his hands began to roam.

Giggling, she wiggled away and took prancing steps back. "Unpack
first, rider." Her eyes sparkled merrily. "Then fun."

No stranger to work K'ale leapt off the bed and began to unpack
quickly. He moved fast but his clothing ended up neatly packed into
their intended places. He grinned frequently in Lanniya's direction as
he worked frantically to get back to the bed. His tools he left in
their case as he'd need to take them down to the forge later anyway.
Fairly soon he was done and he turned to leer at her. "Now?"

Now sweaty and a bit dusty, Lanniya rubbed her nose and grinned widely
at him. She pointed to the bathing chamber. "Bath." She turned,
swaying her rear at him as she tugged off her top and tossed it behind
her to walk toward the heated pool. Looking over her shoulder, she
winked, then blew him a kiss.

He chased as he'd been challenged lunging after her while stripping
his own clothing. Much splashing and laughing ensued.

Last updated on the April 26th 2018

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