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No douple-weyring

Writers: Len, Paula
Date Posted: 24th April 2018

Characters: Yanley, G'wen
Description: Yanley caughts G'wen having two weyrs.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 4, day 2 of Turn 9
Notes: Saibra (not by name), D'ale, Cardella

After her talk with the Weyrwoman, Yanley went thru the list of weyrs
and their residents once again to see if she could free more weyrs for
the upcoming senior weyrlings.
That's why she came across the young greenrider, who was apparently
keeping his weyr despite practically living with another one. And with
E'naer too, who had, as a weyrlingmaster's third, one of the larger
weyrs. That just couldn't be done in the current situation, no

So, she sent Bram to take a message to G'wen and asked to him to meet her.

G'wen trotted behind Bram's flight, his mind half wondering why the
Headwoman was asking for him, the other half on the tricky new
manuvere wingthird Jaylene had been teaching him. She had thought it
would be useful for a bigger green like Neath instead of her trying
the tighter wingtip turns other, smaller, greens were so good at. His
own Dusk squaked and alternated between hovering over his head and
flying with Bram. They were at the Headwoman's office before he knew
it. He stopped before her desk, blinking to clear his mind. "Ma'am?"

Bram made a proud-of-himself chirp when he led the dragonrider inside
and landed on Yanley's shoulder, receiving a treat.

"Hello, You're G'wen, right? Neath's rider?" Yanley checked and
gestured him to take a seat.

G'wen nodded as Dusk made a loud swack, as if he was answering the
question on behalf of G'wen.

"I need to talk to you about your..ah, living arrangements," Yanley said.

"Oh?" G'wen's eyes widened and Dusk cheerped worrily. Had he don't
something wrong?

"You're permanently living with another rider, while you still retain
your old weyr, I'm I correct?" Yanley asked.

"Yes? Have I done something wrong?"

"Well, you can't occupy two weyrs at once. I have 34 weyrlings and not
enough vacant weyrs for them. So you need to either move last of your
belongins out of your old weyr or move out of E'naer's weyr," Yanley's
tone was quite stern. "No douple-weyring. We received a full wing of
riders from River Bluff and we have our own weyrlings growing up and
graduating to seniors."

G'wen's mouth gapped open at her tone and her words. "I-I'm sorry, I
didn't..." Think, he added in his head. Of course the Weyr was now
crowded with the new River's Buff's riders and with the new weyrlings.
Why didn't he ever think?? "I-I'm really really sorry," he repeated to
her, his face going a deep red.

"I know," Yanley said with kinder tone.

"My old weyr is empty now, someone can move right in." He hadn't much
and what he had, he had taken to E'naer's weyr.

"Good to know," Yanley flashed him a grateful smile. "If you forgot
something, we can send it to you to E'naer's weyr. I'll send in a
cleaning crew."

"Okay..." G'wen's voice trailed off as he remembered all the happy
times in that weyr, right between his two best friend's. True it had
been ages since he had giggled into the night with D'ale and Cardella.
He hadn't used that weyr since being E'naer's lifemate and it was
needed now. But it still hurt.

Yanley was pretty good at reading body language. "Normally, I wouldn't
care if you kept your old one vacant, but this is not normal
situation. I don't think the Weyr ever been this full," she said with

"I understand." G'wen gave her a rueful smile. "I guess it's just a
part of growing up. It's just hard making a more formal break with my
old hatchmates, particularly when they're both in different wings and
I never see them anymore."

"Yes, sometimes growing up is giving up on things. Usually, you gain
something new," Yanley replied.

"True." He smiled at Yanley. "At least we're all still alive and in
good health. And the Weyr being overflowing means that there will be
even less accidents than normal, right?"

"That's right," Yanley replied.

"Okay, I should be going now." G'wen glanced out of her door and
wondered if drills had started yet.

"Go ahead, I wouldn't want to keep you from anything," Yanley replied.

"It's okay, it's just my green is gold-crazy and always wants to be
there ready to go at the beginning of drills." He rolled his large
brown eyes at Neah's most likely notorious obsession with the Weyr's

"She sounds like a personality," Yanley smiled. Now that the matter
had been solved, she was satisfied and quite willing for a friendly
small talk.

"That's putting it mildly," he said as he stood up. "Thank you for your help."

"Thank you for being understanding," Yanley replied.

"It's okay." And it was. Life was moving on and G'wen was no longer a
young boy but a man. Straightening his shoulders he walked out to his

Last updated on the April 26th 2018

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