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Morning splashing

Writers: Devin, Paula
Date Posted: 13th March 2018

Characters: T'lin, Dessa
Description: The weyrling riders are tired, the dragonet's full of energy.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 3, day 4 of Turn 9

T'lin stifled a yawn as he reached for the sweetsand. "I haven't
gotten up this early since I was an apprentice."

"I don't think I got up this early even when I was an apprentice,"
Dessa replied with a sigh. She had woken up twice last night. Once for
Santhiath, second time to hold a hand of a fellow female weyrling who
was crying. Why she had to do it? Despite being a harper, she wasn't
really a people's person.

Calaroth was much more awake, happily splashing in the shallow water
at the edge of the weyrlake. "Yes, you're incredibly adorable, but
please stay still so I can finish."

Santhiath had been standing still and looking regal while Dessa
scrubbed her hide. She did watch Calaroth and then suddenly just
crouched, bounced and landed right top of the blue hatchling.
"San!" Dessa cried, worried she might hurt the smaller dragonet.

}:Oof!:{ Calaroth let out a squeak of surprise. He wiggled out from
under her and then pounced on the gold, sending up a spray of water.

Santhiath let out a gleeful sound and proceed to splash the blue.

"Oh, Faranth," Dessa didn't know if she should be amused or embarrassed.

T'lin grinned in delight. "They're getting along!"

"They are. Santhiath seems to enjoy bouncing at others," Dessa replied.

Calaroth trilled and then dashed away. }:Catch me!:{

}: You can't get away from me! :{ Santhiath cried gleefully and
happily started to chase him around and across the lake.

"Baby dragons," Dessa sighed, still holding the sud covered brush.
"This is going to take forever."

"I can't even be annoyed. They're so cute!" T'lin laughed.

"That they are," Dessa agreed, smiled and then yawned. "Sorry," she
covered her mouth with hand. "The weyrlinghood is so much more
exhausting than I expected."

"Ugh, I know. Maybe we should take a nap while they get this out of
their systems." Calaroth's playful energy helped, but T'lin was still
so tired.

"Sounds like a good idea but I'm pretty much San would come up with
something to ruin it," Dessa replied.

"Like jumping on us as soon as we closed our eyes." T'lin watched
their dragons frolicking in the water.

"Of douse us with water," Dessa said, carefully shielding her thought
so she wouldn't give Santhiath any ideas.

"I wish we had more time to just. . . watch them grow." So much of
their time was taken up with classes and exercises and chores, and
their dragons were growing so fast.

"Aye," Dessa agreed. "It's been a blur since the Hatching," she
remarked and inspected her hands. She was growing new set of blisters

"And your little Santhiath is going to grow _a lot_." All the dragons
were, but queens were the biggest.

"She's already the biggest one in the lot," Dessa agreed. **Come over
here, so we can finish your bath. I don't want to be late from the

"She's going to be able to crush poor Calaroth before long." Though
T'lin had a feeling it wouldn't bother Calaroth if she was ten times
his size. He tried to coax adult dragons into playing all the time.

"Yes," Dessa replied with amused expression. Then she beaconed San.
**Come on, you complained about itch.**
"And the amount of oil her hides takes," her sigh was exaggarated.
"She wants it to be perfect and shiny."

}: I got to go, :{ Santhiath told Calaroth regretfully and gave him a
final splash before returning to the shore.

When he saw Santhiath heading back, T'lin called to his blue, **Come
on, time to finish your bath. You can play later.**

Calaroth hung his head. }:But I want to play now.:{ He looked
hopefully at the nearest clutchmate, a chubby green.

**I can explain more about machines while I clean you,** T'lin coaxed.

Calaroth perked up. }:Oh, all right.:{ He found many weyrling classes
boring, but he liked when his rider described things to him.

Dessa picked up her tools again when Santhiath parked herself in front of her.

}: Will you sing? :{ she asked hopefully.

Dessa was frankly too tired for that. *I'll humm,*she promised.

Last updated on the April 10th 2018

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