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Playful Banter

Writers: Devin, Suzee
Date Posted: 4th March 2018

Characters: N'vanik, Cyradis
Description: N'vanik and Cyradis dance at the hatching feast
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 2, day 17 of Turn 9

"Should we open the dancing?" N'vanik asked Cyradis as he offered his
arm. Hatchings were always wonderful events, and this one was extra
special. A gold hatchling seemed like a good omen for the South after
the disaster of River Bluff.

"I would love to," Cyradis smiled. This entire flight clutch and
hatching had been one of the best in her life. She placed her hand on
his arm and followed him out onto the dance floor.

"Panitath did wonderfully. Santhiath is beautiful." N'vanik put an arm
around her waist, glowing with pride at her, their dragons, the
Weyr... everything.

How very different it was from their first hatching. She couldn't help
remembering how their relationship had started. To have come so far
and see that glow of pride in his eyes. Hers sparkled like obsidian
fire back at him. "And so did Loseth... once again." She wouldn't have
as much confidence in any other Weyrleader.

"Sometimes I remember I used to be the center of attention for _bad_
reasons." He smiled.

She couldn't help the grin that spread across her face. "Somehow I
don't find that very difficult to believe."

"And you didn't even know me at my worst." N'vanik dipped her.

Her grin widened. "Would I want to know that side of you?"

"Only if you enjoy insufferable assholes," he said with a laugh. "Oh,
wait. You _were_ involved with D'hol."

She gave a bark of laughter and eyes turned in their direction with
indulgent delight to see their leaders grinning at each other. "He
wasn't always that bad," she said quietly. "He had his moments."

"I think our dear Weyrwoman might have a thing for bad boys." His eyes
sparkled with delight.

"You have no idea," she twinkled back at him.

"See now I have the urge to do something naughty. Just for your entertainment."

"And yet, you have learned to resist such impulses." She tilted her
head as they swung into another set of steps. "At least in public,"
she added. "We wouldn't want to completely scandalize the holders at
the hatching feast."

They moved farther apart, then back together. "What about slightly
scandalizing them?" he asked.

"Sometimes you're like a little boy," she chuckled. "Don't ever lose
that quality."

"Maturity is overrated." N'vanik stuck out his tongue. It felt good to
be playful with her, to be at ease at such a formal event when many
others would've felt pressured to perform. It was good for the Weyr
and their guests to see honest joy and maybe it would encourage others
to find a little bit of that for themselves, if they didn't already
have it.

"Indeed it is," her eyes softened a bit but she matched him by
sticking out her own tongue and quickly pulling it back in. "You're a
bad influence."

"I consider it my solemn duty to ensure you don't get _too_ serious."

"But not too solemn. That would be bad for your image." She flicked an eyebrow.

He tilted his head. "Yes, I'm very serious about not being too
serious." He sent Cyradis for a spin and then pulled her back into his

She grinned as his strong arms brought her back. "And that is one of
your best qualities," she could relax and just enjoy her dance and
flirt with him because there was absolutely no threat to her primary
relationship with K'deren. She wasn't about to tell him he was far
better than he thought he was but that could stay her secret for now.

N'vanik laughed, partly from her comment and partly from the warm
happiness flowing through him. "It's such a wonderful night."

"It is," she agreed. "One of the best so far." As the music ended she
impulsively stood on tiptoe and pulled his face toward hers for a very
large kiss.

N'vanik smiled against her mouth before returning the kiss. "Well,
that should get the holders talking."

"I hope so," She smiled at him and then curtsied as any Lady of the
blood would and turned to go to where she'd last seen her Weyrmate.

Last updated on the April 10th 2018

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