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Picking Up Passengers

Writers: Suzee, Paula
Date Posted: 12th February 2018

Characters: L'cor, Elliwa, Desliw, Desskar
Description: L'cor gets Dessa's parents for the hatching
Location: Emerald Falls Hold, Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 2, day 17 of Turn 9

When the humming began L'cor hugged Oria, donned his Hatching tunic,
and went straight to Tonuth. He had some trips to make and so did she.
They'd already talked about who was picking up whom so he'd had his
say about the unhappy Holder and his wife.

Soon the bronze was in the air and /between./ He didn't waste any time
on display on his way down and landed close to the Cothold.

"The Hatching is starting," he called and slid to the ground.

The dragon's arrival had caused the usual scrabling and gawing among
the Hold's folk. At leas this time they knew why he was there.

"I'm sorry, son, but you have to stay here and look after the Hold
while your mother and I are away," Desskar was telling his son.

"But father, I want to see Dessa Impress," Desliw replied. "Besides,
the place is not falling apart if we're away for day or two."

"I know you two were always close. but only two of us are going."

Elliwa entered. "Don't argue with your father now," she asked her son.
She wanted her husband in good mood. "Darling, where's Dessa's dowry
jewelry? We might as give them to her if she Impress," she asked.

"In my safetybox," Desskar replied.

"Well, get it out and hurry up. I'll make sure drudges packed all
those dresses Dessa left behind. On purpose, no doubt," Elliwa told
him and swept out of the room again. "Don't forget to wear your finest
tunic!" she shouted from the door.

L'cor had several sets of straps and could take as many as four adult
passengers in addition to his rider. He'd already brought in a couple
of sets of family for various candidates and had one more stop after
this trip. Tonuth crouched ready for the people to climb aboard.
"Anything you're bringing should be stowed in these nets," he said.

"My duty to you, dragonrider. I'm sorry to keep you waiting," Elliwa
greeted, a drudge following her brought over their bags. "My husband
is still changing his clothes," she apologized. "Usually it's me we
have to wait, today it's the other way around."

"Well," L'cor smiled "Let's get you mounted and your husband can hop
up behind you when he arrives.

"Thank you, cousin," Elliwa smiled and offered her hand to be helped up.

L'cor got her mounted and stowed the bag before Desskar came out to
join them. "I've heard my father will be at the hatching," he smiled.

"I look forward to meeting him again," Elliwa replied and then her
husband hurried out.

"Sorry I kept you waiting, had to give some instructions," Desskar said.

"Don't worry, we have time," L'cor smiled and sent Desskar up Tonuth's
side to mount behind his wife. Then L'cor followed him up to make sure
he was buckled in correctly. "Alright," he said scrambling into his
own seat. "Hang on."

Elliwa closed her eyes. She didn't want to admit it but this was her
first trip on dragon back and she was quite afraid of it.

Through /between/ and they were spiraling into the bowl with dozens of
other dragons dropping off passengers. Tonuth landed and as he handed
the passengers down. "I'll be out here in the bowl to take you back if
you wish after the hatching. If you decide to stay for the feast just
let me know and we can make arrangements to meet later." He smiled.
"You'd better run," he said when the humming escalated and Tonuth
abandoned them to get to the right vantage point to watch the hatching
of his new queen and possible future mate.

Elliwa was grateful to feel solid ground beneath her feet again when
L'cor helped her dow. "Thank you for the ride," she said with a voice
that was little bit shaky.

"If she Impress, we'll be staying here as long as we can," Desskar
said before taking his wife's arm and starting towards the Hatching

Last updated on the March 29th 2018

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