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Undesirable location

Writers: Paula, Yvonne
Date Posted: 23rd January 2018

Characters: Z'rac, Yanley
Description: Z'rac reports to Yanley for his weyr assignment
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 2, day 9 of Turn 9

The next stop after meeing the Weyrleaders was finding the Headwoman
for his weyr assignment. Z'rac headed down the stairs, guided by a dim
memory of the Weyr's layout and hoping that the Headwoman was actually
where she was supposed to be. The brownrider only had to stop to ask
for directions once, and that was mostly because he let himself get
sidetracked than because he'd gotten lost. A few flights of stairs
later, he knocked on a door that he was fairly certain was the

"Please, come in!" Yanley called. She has just gotten back from her
daily rounds and was now feeding her flits, before tackling the
neverending hidework.

"Hello?" Z'rac stepped inside and smiled at the woman looking
expectantly at him. She was about his age, with an interesting,
expressive face and a pair of firelizards perched on her arms.
"Headwoman Yanley, I hope?"

"Yes, I am, how can I help you?" Yanley replied.

"Brownrider Z'rac, reporting in." The dragonman snapped a smart
salute, softened by a smile. "I'm sure that the Weyrleaders alerted
you that I'd be transferring in today. Where might Werth and I

"Yes, I got the note. Welcome to Dragonsfall Weyr," Yanley replied and
gestured him to sit down. "I have a weyr cleaned up and ready for you.
Unfortunately, we don't have many free weyrs after receiving all those
people from River Bluff, so it's location is..less than desirable."

"I'm sure that it will be fine so long as the couch is easy to access.
Werth has a bit of a bum wing, you see. He was 'Scored in the first
Turn of the Pass and he's not as maneuverable as he used to be." Z'rac
spread his hands wide, looking apologetic. "He can fly through a Fall
just fine but sharp corners or tricky landings aren't for him

"According to the description, the ledge and couch are big enough for
a brown but the rider's part is rather small and irregulary shaped,"
Yanley read the note written by one of the previous headwomen. "Why
it's free is mostly because it's distance to bathing facilities. It's
bit of a walk. If you want, we can check it out first, if it's not
suitable, well, we do have a family weyr free," Yanley continued.

The brownrider paused. The weyr didn't sound terribly appealing
either, but when one had only just moved, being picky wasn't an
option. As long as there was room for his scrolls and research he
could probably make do. As long as Werth could manage the ledge. "I
wouldn't mind taking a look first, Headwoman, if you don't mind."

Yanley nodded and picked up her key ring. "Let's go to see it then."

The brownrider gestured for the Headwoman to take the lead. It was his
first time in a while since he'd walked the halls in Dragonsfall, and
although the path was familiar, the faces they passed were not. So
many were so young... **The Pass is not kind to us,** he thought as
they passed a pair of giggling greenriders who looked as if they were
barely old enough to be out of Harper classes, let alone be in a
fighting Wing. He hurried to catch up with Yanley. "So, Headwoman. How
long have you been with the Weyr?"

"About two turns now," Yanley replied. She showed him some of the
places along the way. "The wingmeeting rooms are there, this is one of
the communal baths."

Z'rac nodded, filing the information away for later. "Where did you
come from before Dragonsfall?"

"Amber Hills Hold," Yanley replied and led him around a corner. "The
weyr we've talked about is at the end of this corridor. As you can
see, it's pretty much far from everything."

Z'rac stepped around her into the weyr. He suppressed a disappointed
sigh when he saw the state of it-- small and misshapen, and the
Headwoman was right that it was a bit of a hike from the other areas
of the weyr. **Oh well.** He felt a small pang of homesickness for the
beautiful weyr with a private bath he'd lived in at Thayan Peak. "Just
a moment," he said to Yanley, then headed out to see the dragon couch.
The cavern for Werth had a nice baffle in the entrance to keep the
wind out, and it faced south. The lip of the couch was well situated
and large. He sent an image of it to his dragon.

Werth considered it for a moment. }:I can land there.:{

Z'rac shoved his hands into his pockets and returned to where Yanley
was waiting for him. "This will do."

"Good. I will add you to the list, so when something better comes
free, I can swap you to it," Yanley promised. She did feel bit bad to
have only so miserable weyr to offer. But the situation was unique,
they never had some many new riders in so short of the time.

"That would be appreciated. I hope to stay here for some time." The
brownrider tipped his head to Yanley in thanks. "I will also need to
raid your storage for some furniture at some point. A desk and chair,
some shelves and a wardrobe, if possible. Is there a time convenient
for you in the next few days?"

"The best time would be mid-morning, after breakfast time is over and
before noon meal-shifts start," Yanley replied.

Saibra hadn't wanted to see him again until the day after tomorrow,
which meant that timing would work. He could find some furniture and
then take Werth back to his old Weyr for the things he'd not been able
to transport the first time around. The brownrider nodded. "I will
visit your office mid-morning tomorrow, then."

"Good, I'll see you then," Yanley replied.

Last updated on the February 1st 2018

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