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The Welcoming Committee (2/2)

Writers: Eimi, Avery
Date Posted: 31st December 2017

Characters: U'kaiah, Kapera
Description: Kapera extends some Dolphin Cove hospitality to a visiting Weyrleader...
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 2, day 1 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentions: Cyradis

Notes: Part 2 of 2

And then she let the keys tumble from her hands as she stepped
forward, threw her arms around the bronzerider, and pressed her lips
to his.

The bronzerider was right there with her, deepening the kiss hungrily
as his long arms reached down pull up her skirt to allow her to wrap
her legs around his waist for more easy access as he was quite a bit
taller than she. As he pulled back to allow her to settle herself, he
replied, "It certainly was not a choice I would have made myself. It
has been hard on my family and I."

Kapera shifted her weight to help as U'kaiah moved her and then made
sure to brace herself against his chest. She kissed at his neck and
nipped his earlobe.

"Does it feel a bit like exile out there? There must be some perks to
make it worthwhile..."

After all, he was a handsome bronzerider, and one with rank knots,
which was an attribute that enhanced one's sexual appeal. Surely he
wasn't all alone up there...

"I wouldn't call it exile," he breathed, his fingers sliding up inside the
backside of her undergarments to feel skin. "But nothing makes up for
the time lost with my boys." U'kaiah lifted her slightly so he could
reach the point where throat met jaw with his lips.

The goldrider shivered as his lips met her skin and rocked against his
body. "Not even hearing people call you Weyrleader?" she purred.

"I'd give up all my titles just to hear my youngest call me 'Da'." He
moved down her windpipe to her collar bones. "And you? Any family

"I'm still living the free life. No children, no weyrmates..." She
moved one of her hands behind his neck and lightly applied her nails.

"As long as you're happy." He took a quick look around the room.
"Desk or sofa? Lady's choice."

"Sofa's softer," she said.

The bronzerider nodded and walked them both over. Gently, he lowed
himself to the cushion with her straddling his lap. Leaning back, he
started to work at her top ties. "Are you happy here at Dolphin

She caught his lips again with hers and distracted herself for a
moment with the taste of his mouth before answering.

"Riyanth and I are both healthy, I respect both of the leaders. There
are a few people here I like warming my bed with. It's as good as it
can get, I suppose," Kapera said.

The conversation was put on hold as her dress was pulled down around
her waist and suddenly they both found their mouths and minds were
required elsewhere. As the bronzerider finally fell back into the
soft cushions of the sofa with a contented sigh, he panted, "Well...
they are lucky... to have such an experienced... goldrider to be their

Kapera felt wrung out in the best possible way. She rested her head
against his chest and listened to the pounding heartbeat there. "I've
missed seeing you around," she murmured. "Will you be back to Dolphin
Cove any time soon?"

"Shards, I hope so." Especially if this was the welcome he would
receive! He had not forgotten just how much fun Kapera could be. "If
I do, I will make sure to plan time in the schedule for another chat.
It was nice catching up."

"I'm sure I'll be able to find a place to fit you into my schedule,"
she said with a wink. Depending on the context of his visit, of
course, but if they'd fit one quick romp in her office in this time,
it could surely happen again.

"I suppose you have official business to get to," she said, knowing
she should get up and let him go to that. Hopefully she hadn't left
marks anywhere too obviously on him...

"Ah. Yes. Cyradis is expecting me," U'kaiah nodded. He did the
gentlemanly thing and assisted her in getting her dress back in place
and apologized for any wrinkles he might have caused before standing
to get himself in order. "My duty to Riyanth, of course."

"And mine to Kalamath, tell him hello from me." she said. Looking over
his outfit, she added, "You don't look mussed at all, it should be
fine. Thank you for catching up."

Last updated on the January 16th 2018

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