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The First Dance of the Evening

Writers: Avery, Yvonne
Date Posted: 31st December 2017

Characters: Kapera, F'lin
Description: Kapera and F'lin have a dance.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 2, day 17 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: J'nus, U'kaiah

Kapera was really looking forward to the dancing part of the Hatching
Feast. She had a number of people on her mental dance card - she
wanted to dance with J'nus, of course; Riyanth had spotted Kalamath
which meant U'kaiah was in attendance as a dignitary; she'd promised
F'lin a dance after the spiderclaw date. And there were a number of
other bronze and brownriders she was sure would be happy to dance with

It wasn't Riyanth's Hatching, so she didn't have to dance with the
sire first. So she decided she'd dance with whoever she ran into

"Goldrider." F'lin caught her elbow as Kapera breezed by, bowing in
greeting. He'd chosen navy pants and a cream coloured tunic for the
occasion, the simplicity of the clothing offset by the quality of the
fabrics and a pair of gleaming bronze cufflinks at his wrists. "How are
you this evening?"

The goldrider was wearing a close-fitting dress in a light blue similar
to the colors of Dolphin Cove, with a plunging neckline that exposed the
swell of her chest and slits up the side to expose leg. Gold earrings
with inset emeralds dangled from her ears.

"I'm doing well. I like those," Kapera said with a nod at his cufflinks.

"Thank you." He glanced at them, liking the way they caught the light. A
little curled flit was stamped onto each one. "They're a gift from my

"How is the Lady Tsaera?" she asked, remembering what she'd read of his
file. The former River Bluff Weyrwoman had been a formidable woman and
Kapera had felt inadequate compared to her even when they'd shared the
same rank.

"Well! She has started a massive surveying project to put out better,
updated topographical maps. She doesn't seem to understand what
'retired' means." F'lin shook his head ruefully. "She would attend
events like this, but she's often too busy. I think she's busier now
than when she was when she was Weyrwoman-- and I think the Minecraft
Hallmaster wishes she was _still_ Weyrwoman."

"Sounds like she's proof you don't have to retire gracefully to sun on a
beach when your dragon stops rising. I'm impressed," Kapera admitted.

She noted the current song was winding down. And with the greeting
pleasantries aside, it was a good opportunity to jump into dancing. She
tilted her head and smiled at him. "Ready for a dance?"

"Always." He held his his arm out to her and led her into the crowd. The
harpers started a lively two-step and F'lin took the goldrider into his
arms and swung her around.

Kapera relaxed into the rhythm of the dance. This was something she knew
how to do and liked doing, and F'lin wasn't bad at it. She'd certainly
danced with far worse, at any rate.

"So where'd you learn to dance like this? At your home or once you
arrived at the Weyr?"

"A little of both. Topaz Seahold used to hold a lot of Gathers." F'lin
turned Kapera in a spin. "Although the parties I went to usually
involved more jigs."

"It's funny to me how dances spread around regions. Weyr dances seem
pretty similar, maybe because riders transfer a lot and bring them
around. Whereas Holds in the North and South might have some very
different styles," she mused.

"You'd be a better judge than me. I haven't been invited to dances at
very many Holds." Or any, really. Not that it bothered him.

"I like going to Gathers at Holds, and sometimes get brought to boring
diplomatic things. I could always ask you as an escort," she teased.

"I'd be happy to trail after you and be entertaining." That was
truthful-- she might find those sorts of events dull, but F'lin saw
opportunity. Training in the air to lead a Wing and Weyr was one thing,
but it was much harder to gain the diplomatic experience and exposure
that a Weyrleader would need after the Pass was done. He flashed her a
smile as he spun her around. "Any time, just ask."

"I'll be sure to ask," she said. "Going to Gathers in the territory
certainly shouldn't be a hardship for two attractive riders like us.

"I certainly hope not." The song was drawing to a close. F'lin spun his
partner one last time, then, as the harpers played the final flourishing
notes, he raised Kapera's hand to his lips. "Thank you for the dance,

"It was an absolute pleasure. There's a few other people who want to
dance with me, and I should oblige them. But if we're both still around
later in the evening, I'd be happy for a second."

"As would I, goldrider." F'lin bowed again. "Enjoy the Hatching feast."

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