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Time For Catching Up

Writers: Avery, Devin
Date Posted: 13th October 2017

Characters: A'kades, A'dryn
Description: A'kades catches up with A'dryn at the Dolphin Cove party.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 13, day 27 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: Vatirel, K'reyel, B'jon, Lanniya, F'lin, K'ran, Lenala

A’kades hadn’t intended to take a lot of time away from Dragonsfall
the very first month he was there. After all, he wanted to earn a
chance at the open Wingleader or Weyrsecond spots that Dragonsfall had
available, and the best way to do that was to be present at all times
and show dedication. Extra drilling, extra studying, all the very
meticulous work he had always excelled at putting in.

But he’d heard about the Dolphin Cove party via the gossip line all
Weyrs had, and he found himself planning how to carve out the time to
go. After all, he hadn’t seen Vatirel since the beginning of the
month. Some of his favorite people had transferred there. And since
Dolphin Cove was candle marks ahead, perhaps he could go over lunch
and be back in time for afternoon studying…

So it was that he put on some warm weather clothes and headed
/between/ to Dolphin Cove. It was dusk when he arrived. He dismounted
and let his bronze head off to spend time with the dragons there,
while he walked down to the beach to see who he knew.

}:Volaith is here,:{ Nalarith said excitedly.

**Really?!** A'dryn hadn't seen him since they'd gone to their
separate Weyrs and he had no idea A'kades was coming today. He excused
himself and went looking for the bronzerider. When he spotted him
coming down the beach, his heart gave a lurch of happiness and relief.

"A'kades!" It wasn't proper or dignified, but A'dryn gave in to the
impulse to pull the man into a hug.

A’kades was surprised to run into A’dryn first. He hugged the young
greenrider and patted him on the back. “A’dryn, how’s Nalarith?
Volaith says he misses her.”

"She's well. I think she's trying to cuddle up to him right now."
A'dryn laughed. The one good thing about A'kades being in a different
Weyr was that Volaith wasn't going to win any more of Nalarith's

"He might stay here and take me away from afternoon reading about
drills," A'kades said, amused by his bronze's habit of attaching
himself to specific greens.

"Were you heading down to the party?"

"I was just there. Would you like to go back with me? There's still
some food left, and quite a lot of refreshments."

“Absolutely, if I’m not dragging you away from anything important,”
the bronzerider said.

A'dryn couldn't think of anything short of 'Fall that would be more
important than spending time with A'kades. "Not at all. I would love
your company." He steered A'kades toward the largest of the food
tables. "How are you settling in at Dragonsfall?"

A’kades joined the line, thinking he was excited for the beach-cooked
meal. “It’s not bad so far. Their Weyrlingmaster staff was full up, so
I’m flying Fall again. It’s been an adjustment re-learning it - it’s
not the same as training the weyrlings. I’ve heard K’reyel is giving
the new River Bluff riders time to get acclimated before he starts
filling some empty wing positions. So I’m putting extra time in to
earn a chance.”

"Do you want to lead a Wing then?"

There were bronze riders who would have given a flippant answer about
every bronzerider wanting the job, but A’kades was usually a serious
man and honest questions demanded honest replies. “I’ve been a
Wingsecond before and I loved it. Being Weyrsecond, or a Wingleader,
would be a culmination of dreams.”

"Then I wish you well. I believe you would do an excellent job."
Though A'dryn would have liked A'kades to stay in the werylingstaff
where it was relatively safe and not flying Fall.

"We'll see what K'reyel thinks. And if he doesn't think I'm worthy,
I'll seek other opportunities." It was common for bronzeriders to move
around to share their bloodlines and seek greater experience.

"Would you come here? I mean, if something opened up?"

A'kades stopped to give A'dryn's request the consideration it
deserved. His first choice had been Dragonsfall because of the
familiarity with the overflight area and historical family
connections. And also because he'd rather hoped that with their number
of open Wing position - their _two_ open Wingleader spots and the
Weyrsecond one - combined with K'reyel knowing him, that it would
give him advantage. But if Dolphin Cove had an opening...

That would be tempting, and seeing Vatirel more often would be good.
He wasn't sure if Kadera and Jadirel would uproot. But for a

"I would," he said after a moment. "My children would have to figure
themselves out. They make their own choices and I'm used to family
being scattered."

"I'll be sure to let you know if I hear about a Wingleader or
Wingsecond position opening up." A'dryn tried to tamp down on his
hope. It was only a small possibility. Surely K'reyel would see
A'kades's skill and promote him.

“I appreciate that. I’m sure my son will as well.”

"Jadirel?" he said, hoping he'd remembered the name right.

"He's with Jadirah and I at Dragonsfall," A'kades said. He realized
A'dryn had probably met his River Bluff children around the Weyr, but
there was no reason for him to have known that A'kades visited another
child elsewhere. "I have a son here, his mother transferred," he
added. "His name's Vatirel."

"Vatirel..." That sounded awfully familiar. Then it clicked. "_He's_
your son? But he didn't mention you."

"You've met him then?" A'kades had hoped they'd get along.

But the second part made him wonder if it had been a good meeting. "He
seemed disappointed I didn't come here. I was worried he's angry at
me. It's part of why I wanted to stop in today."

"He did say was disappointed his father--you--didn't transfer to
Dolphin Cove. He said the two of you weren't close." A'dryn couldn't
imagine A'kades being emotionally distant to his own child, but there
might be other factors involved here.

"I didn't know he felt that way. I had invited him to come stay with
me twice... " The idea of disappointing any of his children upset him.
He hadn't realized that Vatirel felt that way. He certainly hadn't
expected to find it out from one of his former pupils who he felt
fatherly towards. But he was glad that he was learning it at all.

He realized he was getting lost in thought and offered A'dryn a smile.
"I'm sorry if you got caught up in family drama."

"Oh, no. Vatirel was kind and we had a nice conversation. He was quite
keen on me attending this party." A'dryn flushed, thinking of
Vatirel's flirting and teasing.

Well, that was something at least. "And you had some fun?"

"I've had a pleasant time so far, yes. Though your visit may be the
highlight." A'dryn had missed him quite a lot.

A'kades felt touched by the sentiment. He busied himself for a moment
when he filled a plate and they started heading for seating areas. "I
do intend to visit at least once a month," he said.

"I would love to see you when you come. That is . . . if it won't take
away from your time with your son." A'dryn scanned for a pair of open

"I will always make time for you," A'kades assured A'dryn.

A'dryn trusted that A'kades cared for him, but it was still good to
hear it. "Thank you." He pointed. "I think I see a spot over there."

A'kades accompanied the greenrider over and they took their seats.
"Dragonsfall's temperature isn't so bad right now with summer coming
up, but this winter should be interesting," he said. "Is it easy for
you that Dolphin Cove is closer in temperature?"

"It does help." A'dryn sipped at the wine he'd picked up from the
refreshments table. "It also helps that B'jon and Lanniya are here
with me."

"They're both good people. You've got F'lin and K'ran as well, and I
know they're both going to look after River Bluff folk." As he would
at Dragonsfall.

"Oh, I got moved from the Wing. I'm in the Weyrleader's Wing now. The
Dolphin Cove one, I mean."

"Congratulations! You deserve it."

"Thank you. Nalarith and I are quite proud." A'dryn took another
drink. "How have you been?"

A'kades thought about being more honest. he could tell A'dryn the
truth - he missed the boy, he missed River Bluff, he missed Lenala so
much it hurt to breathe, and only flying Thread was giving him a
purpose. But it was a party, and he didn't want to bring it down with

"I have Volaith and we're flying Thread. We'll get by for now."

"Yes, getting by. I suppose that's the best we can do for now," A'dryn said.

"Do you know what you're doing for Turnover yet?" he asked.

"I haven't decided yet. I might stay here." A'dryn didn't feel much
like celebrating. He hadn't been eager for this party, either, but he
was very glad he'd come.

"I should probably make an appearance at Dragonfall's, especially if I
want a Wingleader spot. But I'm going to Opal Cove and the Tannercraft
for whatever they're doing."

"I hope you have a good time."

A'kades noticed that A'dryn didn't sound very enthused. Maybe he could
make some time to stop at Dolphin Cove's, as well. With the timezone
difference, he could even visit here first. “I hope you and B'jon have
a good time.”

"Thank you." A'dryn smiled. "It is very good to see you." Even though
it would be better if A'kades lived at the same Weyr, running into him
had certainly made his day.

“It was good to see you too. I promise I won't be a stranger,” the
bronzerider assured.

Last updated on the November 2nd 2017

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