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Early Risers (PG-17)

Writers: Devin, Avery
Date Posted: 9th October 2017

Characters: L'pin, T'lin, V'rel
Description: Tyselin and Vatirel enjoy the effects of Panitath's flight.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 13, day 9 of Turn 8
Rating: PG-17

Vatirel happened to fall into the category of "morning people". He
woke up before the sun rose and went for a dawn run every day, and he
had for Turns. He loved Dolphin Cove best at dusk and dawn, the
liminal moments where the light cast across the weyr was soft, the
shadows rising, and the sky painted in vivid colors. It was a peaceful
time with few others awake and it was blessedly cool, unlike the heat
of midday. Why wouldn't he get up to enjoy it?

No one else was stirring in the candidate barracks as he partially
uncovered the glow by his bed. In the dim light, he pulled on old soft
slacks he only wore for jogging and his shoes, but didn't bother with
a shirt, since he'd be changing when he got back.

Vatirel had completed one lap and was halfway through his second when
it happened. A dragon flew over his head towards the beast paddock and
landed, tearing into a beast and blooding it. He slowed down his jog
to take a look. Then a loud roar echoed and shattered the quiet of the
weyrbowl, and powerful wings beat overhead as golden Panitath swooped
down to take down a beast and blood it.

More dragons now descended to blood and stare at the queen, whose hide
was glowing like the brightest thing on Pern. Riders were starting to
head in this direction to tend to their dragons. He sped up his jog to
get away from the pens so he wasn't crowding the riders. He passed by
N'vanik - in just sandals? He cheekily waved at the bronzerider.

By the time Vatirel made it back to the barracks, the dragons had just
taken off, and he was feeling the effects of the gold flight hard. He
slowed to a halt and wiped the sweat off his forehead with his hand.
There was a trough of water outside the barracks and he staggered over
to plunge his hands into it and splash it over his face.

The noise of Panitath and her suitors had woken everyone in the
barracks and Tyselin had gone out to watch them. He stared off into
the sky as the dragons became tiny specks and an echo of the Queen's
lust heated his blood. The sound of water splashing caught his
attention and he turned to see a sweaty, shirtless Vatirel with water
dripping off his face and rolling down the hard muscles of his chest.
All Tyselin could do was stare.

The water was tepid in actuality, but it felt cold compared to
Vatirel's flushed and sweaty skin. The sound of the door opening
distracted Vatirel from his contemplation of how warm it suddenly felt
outside. He turned to see who was coming out.

"Ty!" he greeted in a voice hoarser than usual. "Did Panitath's
yelling wake you up?"

Tyselin managed some kind of affirmative sound. He'd experienced
plenty of gold Flights in his Turns at the Weyr and knew how to
control himself but seeing Tir like that right when the emotions were
being broadcast at their strongest undid him. It was taking all of
what little restraint he had not to lunge at his friend and kiss him.
Tyselin licked his lips.

"I saw the dragons take off when I was running. Then I had to avoid
the crowd of riders. Did you know, the Weyrleader was running naked?
It was _quite_ the view. I envy Cyradis for getting that," Vatirel
said, wrapped up in telling the story and oblivious to his friend's
distraction. "It's too bad the bronzeriders don't have time for any
male flight moths..."

On any other day, it would be easy to make a joke. "Tir," Tyselin
finally managed. "Would you help me burn this off?" Well at least that
sounded casual and not like he was desperately lusting for his best

Vatirel stopped with his patter to really look over at his friend. If
he hadn't been really paying attention to Tyselin's state before, he
was now. His friend looked slightly disheveled, like he'd just rolled
out of bed - and while that was true because it was early in the
morning, it was incredibly easy to conjure up another reason for his
friend's hair to be mussed up. He had a flash of Tyselin with his head
thrown back, hair in disarray and eyes half-shut as he bucked his hips
up and -

Suddenly he was uncomfortably aware of two things. One, that his soft
and comfortable pants were less comfortable than they had been, and
were definitely showing something. Two, that he wanted to grab Tyselin
and _put_ that look of pleasure on his face.

"No one's going to be in the classrooms right now," he said, suddenly
finding breath hard to come by. "Come on."

Tyselin took his hand as a little voice whispered that this might be a
mistake. But Tyselin pushed it back. He had sex with friends all the
time and it was fine. It was just that Tir had never shown interest
... although he was very, _very_ obviously interested now. Tyselin
forced himself to look away and they all but ran inside, heading for
the classroom.

It was indeed empty and Tyselin slammed the door behind them. A second
later he had Vatirel in his arms, kissing him with all the fierce
passion of second-hand flightlust and months of pent up desire.

It seemed to take forever before they made it inside the classroom,
and walking in a hurry was suffering. As soon as the door was shut
Tyselin's strong arms were around him, and his lips were soft and
pressed against his own. Vatirel remembered the kisses from when they
were younger, which had been fumbling attempts on his own part that
had been more missing the mark and accidentally using teeth or
smashing noses together.

This was nothing like that. Both of them were skilled at kissing now.
Vatirel thought he could stay here forever luxuriating in it. But
there was more he wanted. He shuffled forward until his body was
pressed against Tyselin's and kept moving forward, using his chest to
push, until he got the other man's back against the wall. Their lower
halves were pressed together now. It was clear how aroused they both
were. Vatirel moved one hand between them to slide down Tyselin's

Tyselin moaned against his mouth. "Tir, you feel so good." And they
hadn't even gotten their clothes off yet. Tyselin was still wearing
the loose shorts he'd pulled on when he got out of bed. He gripped
Vatirel's rear, pressing their bodies even closer together. "How do
you want me?" he panted.

~*~Sexy bits are on the adult list~*~

It was several long moments before Vatirel had his breath back to speak,
long enough to begin to feel chilled as the sweat prickled and cooled.
"Uh," he said finally, looking up at Tyselin, who looked as wrung out
as he felt. "I might've...left a mark."

Tyselin put a hand to where Vatirel's lips and teeth had left a spot
that ached and tingled. "I'll wear it happily." He shifted to take his
weight off Vatirel but stayed pressed against him. Now that it was
over a hint of worry coiled in his belly. "That was good, right?" For
the love of little flits, he sounded like a hold boy after his first

Half the Weyr was probably all distracted by the flight as well,
surely they didn't have to move immediately, right?

Vatirel brought his hand up to absently stroke Tyselin's back. He
didn't really want to move from this spot. They could just lie here
like this awhile. "Shards, that was amazing," he agreed. "Your hands
are good."

His nervousness swung wildly to happiness. Tyselin grinned. "So are my
other parts." He trailed soft, lazy kisses along Vatirel's neck and

"I don't have any complaints," Vatirel murmered. "There's nothing
better than a goldflight in the morning." Unless they both Impressed,
and then...

"We should do this again. _A lot_. Tonight. Tomorrow." Tyselin ran a
hand up and down Vatirel's slick chest. "All the time." He was so
pleased and sated he didn't even mind that they were on the hard

He had no reason to expect anything else to happen between them.
Tyselin had his own partners, and Vatirel had had his. That was the
way it had been for Turns. Shells, weren't they only here in the
classroom because Panitath had Risen? They'd been affected, they'd
seen someone else of a compatible orientation, they'd grabbed each
other. That was all Vatirel ever would have expected this to be.

And yet... and yet Ty sounded really enthusiastic about the idea of
doing this again. If this quick, dragonlust-fueled fumble had been so
good, how much better would it be if they'd taken their time?

"Yeah?" he asked after a moment.

"Yeah." Tyselin's hand moved down to Vatirel's stomach and trailed
lower. "Mmm...How about we start now?" he breathed against his
friend's ear.

Vatirel wasn't going to complain. His body was just stirring to interest again -

And the door of the classroom opened.

Despite the distraction of a gold flight and the reactions it could
cause, there were still candidate and weyrling classes that needed to
happen. L'pin walked into the classroom and paused, looking at the two
young men on the floor. From their disheveled and unclad state, it was
obvious what had been going on. He cleared his throat and pointedly
looked away.

"I'll want to set up in five minutes, and there's a class in half a
candlemark," the bluerider said, amused. "I'll leave to get some hides
so you can get decent and escape."

"Thank you sir," Tyselin said, his voice full of laughter. His
shoulders shook and he buried his face against Vatirel's neck, trying
to muffle the sounds.

The intrusion of the Weyrlingmaster's Third was _definitely_ a
moodkiller. Vatirel stayed very silent and very still until he heard
the door click shut again. "Well...I guess we have to get up and put
pants on now..."

"Yeah." Tyselin sighed. Then he noticed his friend's expression and
gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. "What, you've never been caught

"No," Vatirel admitted. Then he reconsidered. "Once, by a caverns
worker, in a storeroom. but not by a _teacher_."

Tyselin spotted Vatirel's pants nearby and sat up to retrieve them.
"He works with the weyrlings. He sees this kind of stuff all the
time." L'pin had in fact asked Tyselin to help out senior weyrlings
with their lack of sexual experience before.

"Thanks," Vatirel said when his pants were handed over. "That's true.
It's just... It's embarrassing." he tried to be a model student and
getting caught naked in a classmate didn't fly.

"Too bad the door didn't lock and we didn't have more time," he said,
after a moment.

The words made a warm flush of desire spread through Tyselin. "We can
make up for it later," he said in a husky voice.

Vatirel struggled into his clothes. If he thought about it too long
he'd not be able to focus on work. "I'll see you tonight?" he said.

Tyselin fastened his shorts and pulled Vatirel into a kiss. "Tonight."
His eyes sparkled with promise.

Last updated on the November 2nd 2017

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