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Worn Out

Writers: Suzee, Devin
Date Posted: 5th October 2017

Characters: Cyradis, N'vanik
Description: Weyrleaders relax after the flight.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 12, day 24 of Turn 8

Waking up next to Cyradis after a Flight was almost familiar by now.
Her small body was tucked up against N'vanik and he wrapped a
possessive arm around her without opening his eyes.

The afterglow of this flight was very intense for Cyradis. It had been
far and very high. She was almost exhausted even though she hadn't
actually done the flying. Added to that was the almost ache if a well
culminated flight. She looked down at the arm around her then turned
and cuddled more closely with a contented "mmm."

"She wore Loseth out," he murmured. The bronze was deeply asleep,
though N'vanik could still feel his satisfaction.

Panitath drowsed wrapped up with her mate completely satiated though
the glow hadn't yet left her hide. Cyradis reached up to caress the
side of N'vanik's face. "I think she wore us all out."

He smiled at both the touch and her words. "She hasn't flown that high before."

"No she hasn't," Cyradis murmured. "It was like she was trying to fly
as high as she possibly could."

"Was she testing the River Bluff bronzes?" Having several new bronzes
at once might have changed her behavior.

"I think she was in a way. She did take a very strong look at Rogueth
and Kopth. Even Nikornath and Mnoranth showed well. But," she looked
up at his face. "It was more than just that, it was something I hadn't
felt from her in the past. She pushed them and herself as far as they
could go. Loseth was magnificent," she added almost as it if were her
own opinion.

N'vanik smirked on behalf of his dragon. "Of course he was." Loseth
had proven himself over and over, with three different senior Queens.

Cyradis could hear the bronzer pride but instead of making her laugh
she found it just a little endearing. She pushed at his chest. "You
are so bad."

"Am I?" His voice dropped and his eyes darkened. "Or am I very, very
good?" His hand slid lower to the curve of her hip.

"Both," she chuckled. "Definitely both." She smiled up and him and
slid her arm around his back.

"Want to find out how much energy our dragons left us?" He bent to
kiss along her neck.

"Oh yes," she breathed. She had come to appreciate N'vanik as a lover
and knew exactly why so many women found him irresistible. He didn't
have her heart, but he did have a very deep appreciation and
friendship. She smiled and leaned into the kiss pressing herself
against his hard body.

N'vanik found that he had quite a lot of energy. The remnants of
dragonlust flowed through his human body and he proceeded to show
Cyradis how happy he was to still be her Weyrleader.

She met his energy with everything she had left. Soaring together as
their lifemates had done she finally fell spent against him once more.
"I'm glad it was you," she said softly.

"Me too," he said with a little chuckle. He ran a hand up and down her
back, enjoying their closeness. While he didn't want anything romantic
with Cyradis, he still enjoyed their time together. With all the
rescue work and settling in the people from River Bluff, they hadn't
shared a bed before the Flight, but thankfully their dragons were
still on the same page.

She was weary though her fingers trailed idly across his chest. "I
don't know what possessed her to go up so early," she sighed.

"A cruel streak?"

She poked him in the ribs. "Bad man," she laughed and began to tickle
him. Faranth knew what the people in the other rooms might hear but
she didn't care. She felt great!

He laughed and tried to wiggle away from her. "Now _you're_ being cruel."

"Cruel," she laughed but stopped tickling and patted his side. She
knew he could have turned over and pinned her with ease so she just
smiled and enjoyed their play. "Hungry," she asked and swung her legs
over the side of the bed.

"Yeah," he realized. "Need to make up for missing breakfast."

One thing she'd appreciated about their Headwoman was she'd always
made sure there was actual food in the flight rooms, not just drinks
and snacks. "Ohh muffins," she smiled and tossed a couple toward the
bed. Then she poured a couple of glasses of juice and brought them
back with her. "There's klah too if you'd like."

"Thank Faranth for good staff," N'vanik said before taking a bite. It
was nice to be able to stay here and eat instead of having to dress go
find food. "We can hide in here a little longer."

She hitched up a leg and settled onto the bed next to him. "I'm very
glad it's you N'vanik," she smiled handing him the cool glass of
juice. "With everything we've been through recently I don't think I
could bear a new Weyrleader."

"Me either." He smiled and took a sip. "Some other bronzerider bossing
me around? I don't want to go back to that." It might not be terrible,
depending on who it was, but N'vanik definitely didn't want to lose
his position.

She gave a low pitched chuckle. "Oh I know the feeling," she nodded.
"Never again."

Last updated on the November 2nd 2017

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