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Lie back, and think of Pern

Writers: Suzee, Emma
Date Posted: 1st October 2017

Characters: K'deren, Kalishay
Description: K'deren gets more than he bargained for out of a flight.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 13, day 17 of Turn 8

Kalishay had positioned herself strategically for the gold flight. She
knew there would be many riders disappointed in when the time came,
and she'd had her eyes on one particular rider for some time. But
she'd never been able to engage his attention in the regular manner no
matter how hard she tried. Today though... she smiled as the others
eagerly positioned themselves near bronze riders but she stood
directly behind the goldrider's weyrmate waiting for his need to take
him where she wanted him to go.

As the flight drew to the conclusion Panitath had so clearly desired,
the chasing pack of dragons began to work their weary way back towards
the Weyr, their riders seeking solace in the warm arms of willing
partners. K'deren was no different to any of the other men who had
gathered for the contest, Donneth's feelings having blended with his.
Which meant that as he turned his back on Cyradis and her Weyrleader,
there was someone he could wrap his arms around, plant an urgent,
demanding kiss on her mouth and lead her to a flight room. At that
moment it didn't matter, he needed release and there was someone who
could grant it to him.

Triumph filled her when he turned so she took his hand and led him
into the nearest unoccupied cot. "Here," she said lifting her shift
off over her head leaving her clothed in only her deep auburn hair.
Then she started on his trousers.

That was all the incentive he needed to lose his clothing, it would
only get in the way. At that moment, words were not needed, she was
there, she would help.

Her arms went around him as they fell onto the bed and she gave him
all he needed and more than he knew. She wrapped herself around him
all mixed up in the effects of the flight and her own needs.

After the rush that only came from participating in a flight came a
need to doze, and then relax. That was followed by finding your
partner, and making sure they were okay afterwards. That much had been
drilled into him over the turns by first the weyrlingmaster who had
taught him, and then his father's example. Sometimes after a flight
the need was so urgent that you didn't know who ended up next to you,
and such encounters could be awkward. But K'deren knew to try and make
them less so. He gently disengaged himself from his sleeping flight
partner, rubbing an arm that had gone to sleep from the way he had

She didn't move though she was awake. She continued to feign sleep as
he moved away, hugging herself with the knowledge that she'd finally
had what she'd wanted for so long. Then she stretched and rolled over
on her back. "Is there any water," she asked sleepily.

"I think there's a jug on the shelf," K'deren said with a glance in
that direction to confirm it. "Yes, and some glasses. Would you like
me to get you some?"

"No, that's alright," she said and swung her legs off the bed standing
in one smooth motion. She didn't try to hide her natural sway and her
long redgold curls bounced as she walked to the shelf. "Want any," she
asked as she poured herself a generous amount.

"A small one please," he said as he reached for his shirt, making a
pile of his clothing to sort out in a few moments.

She poured a glass and took it to him with a smile. "Here you go," she
said sweetly. "Are you alright? I am fine if you need more release."

He took the glass, and took a sip from it to gather his thoughts. Most
young women were not that direct, even those who openly admitted to
chasing flights for the sex afterwards. "I'll be fine, after I've had
a bath."

She smiled sweetly and lowered her eyes to disguise her
disappointment. "Well then," she turned away to find her glass and
shift "I'll make myself scarce." After tossing the garment over her
head and letting it settle to her ankles. She crossed to the bowl of
fruit and picked up a perfect peach. Too bad the Weyrwoman had seen
him first, she thought as she bit into the fruit. He really was quite
good in the furs.

"If you need anything afterwards, you know how to find me," he said.

"Of course," she smiled. Kalishay hadn't 'mothed in months, just
hoping for this opportunity and now, hopefully, she had what she'd
come for. She sucked at the luscious fruit and told herself it was
time to go lay down and hope as so many women had done before her.

K'deren's voice was probably slightly muffled as he dressed. "Thank
you for being here," he said politely. It was one of the things that
was drummed into all riders, the need to thank a partner for what had
just happened between them.

"You're welcome K'deren," she smiled and looked back at him with a
soft sigh. **Prime,** she thought and smiled again. "I'm here anytime
you need me."

"Maybe I'll see you around," he said, again politely. The Weyr was a
big place, but you did see most people now and again.

Last updated on the November 2nd 2017

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