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Happy Turns End

Writers: Paula, Eimi
Date Posted: 25th September 2017

Characters: Merlish, Eilomar, Tellis, Mytan
Description: Eilomar is a thoughtful husband... Who knew?
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 13, day 1 of Turn 8

"Are you ready yet, dear?" Eilomar called for his wife. They were planning to go and see the Gather at the main Hold before he had the performance at the evening. They were also supposed to meet some of his family. His sister had arrived from the Black Rock for the Feast. He also had a surprise for her.

"Coming, husband," Merlish called back as she smoothed down the cloth around her waist, once more turning to look at her profile in the mirror. Her stomach _did_ look a little flatter, but her cheeks still looked a little puffy to her. She sighed as she poked them with a finger disapprovingly. **To be worked on in the New Turn...** She turned and, gathering her skirts, made her way down the stairs.

"Don't you look lovely," Eilomar said with admiration when she came down.

"Thank you, husband," she smiled as she reached the bottom step. "You look quite dashing in your new suit."

"Thank you. Let's hurry up or we are late," Eilomar said, feeling bit nervous anticipation, what if she didn't like his surprise?

He escorted her out and they started to walk towards the Hold's Gather square.
"I hope it won't rain," he commented, watching the cloud covered sky.

"I hope so, too," she said, putting her arm through the crook of his. "I'm sure there is a cover over the stage just in case."

"We'll see," Eilomar replied and they chit chatted this and that for the rest of the way. Then Eilomar led them towards the Tavern. He had made arrangements for Merlish' family to come to visit and set up to meet them there.

Merlish was a little surprised when she saw where they were going. "We aren't going to the Gather, husband?"

"Yes, we are, just a litte detour. I agreed to meet some people first," Eilomar said with chuckle of anticipation.

"Oh, all right," Merlish said, holding her husband's arm a bit tighter. She truly hoped they weren't important people. They always made her nervous!

They arrived at the Tavern. Being taller, Eilomar spotted them first and waved his hand to catch their attention.

Merlish turned and saw the smiling faces of her parents and her father waved back. "Mama! Papa!" She dropped her husband's hand and hurried around the wooden floor to greet them both with a big hug! "Husband, look who's here!" she cried gleefully, looking over her shoulder at Master Eilomar.

"Yes, I know," Eilomar grinned smugly.

"Did you..." She looked at her parents with narrowing eyes, and then back at her beaming husband. "Was this your plan, husband?"

"Yes, it was. Happy Turnover, sweetheart," Eilomar replied.

She let go of her mother's arm long enough to run over and plant a grateful kiss on his cheek. He truly was so very good to her! "Thank you," she whispered and then turned to take her mother's arm again. "Are you hungry? How long have you been here?"

"We're saving room for all the good feasting food," her father said with a content smile. He was happy to see that his daughter seemed to have a warm relationship with her husband. When the proposition had been first made, Mytan hadn't been sure that would be the case. "How is the food here, Master Eilomar?"

"Excellent, they have a good cook here," Eilomar replied. "I'm pleased you were able to come, Merlish has been missing you."

"I have," Merlish agreed as she took her mother's arm again. "But oh, Master Eilomar has been so good to me. He even helped me plant a vegetable garden!"

"That is indeed very kind," her mother smiled, giving her hand a pat. Looking at her... son-in-law?.. Tellis said, "We have missed her, too. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our girl."

"It's been a pleasure," Eilomar said sincerely.

"Well, her mother and I are very fortunate to know that Merlish is in your excellent," and generous, "care." Mytan held out his hand to the Master Harper. "Happy Turns End, sir."

"Happy Turns End to you, sir," Eilomar replied.

Last updated on the November 2nd 2017

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