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Apprentice or Student?

Writers: Suzee, Paula
Date Posted: 19th September 2017

Characters: Corowal, Jayzine
Description: Jayzine delivers a meal to Corowal and asks permission for her daughter's apprenticeship.
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Date: month 13, day 16 of Turn 8

My Lord," Jayzine called through the open door as she walked into his
office with a tray. "You didn't come down to dinner."

She walked across to a small table and set the tray down then
proceeded to set his place. "Come on then," she nodded toward the
food. "You need to keep up your strength."

"Oh, thank you. I've been buried with work," Corowal replied. He was
actually burying himself in work. It was better than the options.

That was an excuse if she ever heard one. But it wasn't her place to
call him on it. Nor had he moved. They hadn't known one another long
enough for her to push boundaries as she would have normally so she
simply reminded him he should come eat with a polite. "Sir," and a
pointed look at the hot food.

"Oh!" Corowal hastily pulled the hides aside and cleared the space for
the tray. It's been while since anyone delivered him a meal without
him asking for it.

She moved the tray in front of him and flipped a snowy napkin into his
lap. In a moment she had it all set and removed the cover from the
main dish. She'd done her research to make certain what was was served
to him was one of his favorite dishes.

Her heart might never be on her sleeve but she did feel for those
around her who had suffered such a profound loss. Added to all that
she'd recently experienced when Riverbluff had been devastated she
found she had great sympathy for Lord Corowal and his family. "I also
have a bottle of wine to go with if you would like a glass."

"Thank you, a glass would be okay," Corowal replied. "So, how have you
settled in here?"

"A glass it is," she smiled and retrieved the bottle and glass. Then
she poured a little to see if he approved. "We're doing well," she
nodded. "Miyon is busy trying to explore while I try to keep him busy
with something. Luckily he'll be going to Harper school soon enough."
She took a breath and bit her lip. "My daughter however, she wants to
continue learning to be a baker." She let the sentence hang in the

"Is she an official apprentice or just learning unofficially?" Corowal
asked curiously. Many women learned things like baking without being

"She was at the Weyr, my Lord," Jayzine acknowledged. "But I know
things don't really work that way in the Hold. That is why I decided
to ask what you'd like me to tell her."

"Well, women are allowed to craft in Emerald Falls now," Corowal
replied. "However, we don't have bakercraft hall here and I don't know
what's our bakers stance towards female apprentices. I do know that
they teach young women willing to learn. She should talk with the
master baker," he continued.

A small thrill ran down her spine but she kept her face neutral. "Sir,
one of the bakers from the Weyr was included in the staff I brought
with me from River Bluff. He had already begun teaching her there. Do
you think it would help for him to continue and maybe add another
student or two?"

"Yes, by all mean. I think it would benefit the Hold. The Minor
Holder's could send their daughters to learn," Corowal replied and
speculated a bit."

"I'm sure they will be very happy to hear that," she smiled. "Is there
anything else I can do for you this evening?"

"Make sure I go to sleep at some point?" Corowal asked with self-ironic grin.

"I shall," she promised with a responding smile. She nodded toward
the tray. "I'll be back for that, and you better not be here," she
warned with mock severity belied by the smile still in her eyes.

"Thank you," Corowal said with unusually sombre tone and picked up the utensils.

"One hour," she smiled and headed toward the door.

Last updated on the November 2nd 2017

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