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Settling In

Writers: Suzee, Emma
Date Posted: 8th September 2017

Characters: Jayzine, Jielta, Miyon
Description: The new Headwoman and family settle in.
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Date: month 13, day 7 of Turn 8

"Thank you," Jayzine said as the porter brought in the last of their
bags. Miyon was running around poking his nose into everything of

"Well," she looked at her daughter. "What do you think?"

"It's all right," Jielta said after a moment. Coming here hadn't been
her choice, but the option was to go back to the Vintner Hall and her
father, or one of the other Weyrs. And here, well she'd likely not be
able to work for her apprenticeship as a baker. "Better than Amber

"Yes," Jayzine agreed. "I think your baker friend also came here
dear." She half smiled. "Maybe he'll continue your deal?"

"Would they let me here?" She perked up a little at that thought, "I
mean this is a hold, they're not always keen on women learning and
crafting." But then she remembered that the Baker Hall did take girls
as students, so perhaps it was an option. "Would they object if I wore
the knots?"

"I don't know about the knots," she said carefully "but we can ask."

"Who would we ask?" Jielta said perking up a little.

"Lord Corowal, I imagine. He knows we're from the Weyr and things are
done differently there. He might just allow your education to
continue. It's not like one of his people will be the one teaching
you. Perhaps I can ask him what he thinks." She nodded. "In the
meantime, just go to the kitchens and help him in the mornings when
he's doing all his baking."

"That sounds like something I can do." Jielta grinned. "I had better
unpack my apron."

Jayzine turned to where her son was running and jumping around.
"Miyon! Come down from there." She frowned and shook her head. Then
she looked at Jielta, "Can you unpack some of his toys while I make up
the beds?

Jielta laughed for the first time in days. "You mean while there are
still beds to make up, he'll do more damage than threadfall if left

"Very true," Jayzine chuckled. "Then we'll go down to dinner and see
what kind of food they're serving down there."

"And what sort of improvements we need to make?"

"Exactly." She shook her head. "The Lady has been bedridden so long
the staff became lazy." She pursed her lips. "But that isn't going to
last. I do not intend for her to be concerned with how the hold is run
when she cannot attend to it. One less stress."

"I'll help you Mama, you know I will."

"Thank you dear," Jayzine gave her daughter a genuine smile. "I
appreciate that." She turned back to the couch where Miyon was
jumping. "I told you to get down!"

He thought about carrying on for a moment, Jielta could see it cross
his face before her brother climbed down. "Lets find those blocks of
yours," she said to him.

Jayzine watched them go and then dug through their bags for the linens
she'd brought with her from River Bluff. She had their beds made in
short order and when she was finished she sorted their bags into the
various rooms including her new office. The sun was getting low on the
horizon when she called "Who's hungry?"

"Me!" Miyon was at an age where food was always important.

Jayzine just shook her head and leaned into her daughter's room. "Ready?"

"I will be in a second." Jielta reached for a brush and ran it through
her hair, casting a quick glance into the looking glass already on the
wall. "Now I am."

She smiled and reached for Miyon's hand. "Let's go find it then,"
Jayzine smiled.

Last updated on the November 2nd 2017

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