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Nobody's Fault

Writers: Eimi, Suzee
Date Posted: 11th July 2017

Characters: Naton, Jylanya
Description: Naton and Jylanya have to deal with Veerona's sudden departure...
Location: Dolphin Hall
Date: month 12, day 25 of Turn 8

Naton could have had lunch in the dinning hall, but a ship had coming
in with supplies for their recovery efforts, and one of the sailors
had brought with him some fresh grapes he had picked up at the Weyr
and had been kind enough to share. The Master Dolphineer hoped it
would be a pleasant surprise for his beautiful wife.

"Jyls," he called, not too loudly in case Tonja was sleeping, as he
walked through the door. "I have a surprise, come look!"

But the soft sound that greeted him told him that grapes would not be
enough. His wife was crying. Again. "Jyls?" he said even more
softly as he peeked around the corner, following the sound.

Jylanya hadn't thought she'd grow so attached to the girl who'd turned
her life upside down. But Veerona had wormed her way into her heart in
a backhanded sort of way. Now that her father had come to take her
with him to the north there was a void she couldn't really fill and at
times it overwhelmed her. This was one of those times so she just held
on to the stuffed toy as the tears flowed.

"I'm in here," she said, dashing the tears from her eyes. "Sorry," she
said when she saw him. "I thought you were down at the docks."

"I was, but there were grapes," he said, holding up the small
container. Not that those really mattered right now. Naton knelt
down next to his wife, unsure exactly of what had set this round of
tears off. "You ok?"

"Yeah," she said and squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. "It's
just... I miss her."

"Yeah, I know," he said softly, reaching out to hold her. There
really was nothing else he could do. Veerona was gone, and she would
just have to get used to that idea.

"I didn't think it would be this bad," she snorted at herself.
"Sorry," she said leaning against him for a moment. "But thank for
the grapes."

"I know it's hard Jyls," he murmured encouragingly, stroking her hair.
"But you know, it's for the best."

"Are you sure," she asked like she didn't believe him. "Veerona was
very unhappy with him, and you know how difficult she can be when
she's unhappy."

"She wasn't happy here, either, love," Naton pointed out gently. Try
as he might, the girl never did seem to warm to the idea of him and
Jylanya being married. And frankly, he was getting a little tired of
trying. Oh, he would have tried for his wife's sake. But deep down,
after the initial shock wore off, Naton knew he would honestly have to
admit he was a little relieved when she left. Admit it to himself, at

Jylanya sat up and looked at him. "She was.... before."

Ouch. "I tried, Jyls. I seriously tried." She had to give him at least that.

"Yes," she said but not completely agreeing with him. The destruction
of the Weyr wasn't his fault and still, thought she wanted to blame
someone or something she knew she couldn't blame him.

"But she's gone, and I have the right to mourn, no matter how relieved you are."

That truly stung Naton. She was right, he was a little glad that the
girl was gone. He had tried to hide that fact from her, but
apparently he wasn't as good at it as he had thought. But he had been
nothing but supportive of his wife while she grieved. Her words
almost sounded like an accusation to him! "That's not fair, Jyls.
You know I would never have sent her away."

"I know," she said, it wasn't something she could really put her
finger on, but somehow she'd realized that Vee and Naton had never
really bonded. Neither of them had been truly happy with the other
around. She'd hoped Veerona had realized how much 'Lany' had really
loved her. Another tear fell as she looked at him. "It's not your
fault she's gone, I know you didn't do it but I'm going to feel this
way... until I don't feel this way anymore."

"Look, you can be sad and mourn as long a you need to, and I'll be
here for you. I know sharding well how much you loved that girl. But
you knew she didn't like me when you married me, so don't blame me for
her leaving, Jylanya. It's just not right." There was not one
flaming thing more he could have done, and despite the fact that his
wife's pain hurt him deeply, fair was fair. If blame was going to be
laid anywhere...

Her head pulled back a if she'd been struck. Which she had been on
more than one occasion in her life. It hadn't always been a bed of
flowers for her. "Right," she said and lowered her eyes so he
wouldn't see the deeper hurt. "Thank you for the grapes." She grabbed
them out of his hands and fled into the kitchen her heart pounding.
He'd never hit her or even threatened to, but that didn't mean he
wouldn't or couldn't. She'd just become accustomed to his gentle way
with her and that had lulled her into a sense of security. Avoidance
had been her only means of escape in the past, so she pulled in her
grief and hurt and resolved to present a mild exterior to him in the

Naton sat quietly in shock for a moment, the room and his hands
suddenly empty. What in Faranth's name just happened? He scratched
his head, unsure of what to do. Should he follow her? She seemed to
not want to see him in that moment, though he sure didn't know why.
Shaking his head, he decided to give her space and take his lunch with
the others after all. Walking to the door, his mind was full of
confusion, but the one thing he did know - **It wasn't my fault...**

Last updated on the September 1st 2017

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