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Beware The Holders

Writers: Chelle, Devin
Date Posted: 10th June 2017

Characters: A'dryn, D'lorn
Description: D'lorn speaks to the young greenrider about an upcoming visit.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 12, day 14 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: Lanniya, Genna, B'jon, K'ran

There were eggs on the sands and that made A'dryn think of the last
time he'd been anticipating a Hatching.


D'lorn had remembered that A'dryn had been friends of a sort with
Lanniya while they had been going through weyrling training. At least
it had seemed that way. He didn't know if the relationship had
continued but he wondered if the greenrider had plans to go to the
hatching over at Dolphin Cove since it would be her first.

There would likely be a very large River Bluff delegation to this event,
especially since many were of the mind that it should have been their
Sands warming the eggs of their own queen. Hopefully, everything would
go well. Deciding it would do to check on the young wingrider as he so
often did, D'lorn sent a short message to his weyr.

A'dryn replied to let him know when he was available and spent a
little time cleaning up his weyr. When D'lorn arrived he answered the
door with a smile. "Hello, sir. Good to see you."

"And you too. You're looking quite well." The young rider looked
happy and that was heartening. Looking around the weyr, it appeared
that he was making it more homey which spoke volumes too for
his level of comfort with weyrlife and his transition from his holdbred
past. "I came to see if you were going to Dolphin Cove for the hatching."

A'dryn nodded. "Of course. I wouldn't miss Anaeryth's first." He
missed having Lanniya at the Weyr, but it was only temporary and he
thought it was good for her to get away for a while.

"Ah I thought so. Tell me A'dryn-have you ever been to Dolphin Cove
beyond just hovering above for between drills?" D'lorn had a thought
in his head.

"I've been there to visit Lanniya." It wasn't easy with the time
difference and A'dryn's duties but he made it a priority to see her
and make sure she wasn't lonely.

"Ah allright. Were you going to the hatching by yourself?"
Wondering what the young rider's plans were, he
found himself thinking about what he had been like at that
turn. It was hard not to draw parallels though they had had
very different upbringings.

"B'jon might come with me." A'dryn still got embarrassed talking about
his lover so casually, but it was getting easier. This was a
completely normal part of Weyr life.

"Oh good! You'll likely enjoy the party then. Since it is her first I'm sure
there will be a lot of people from our Weyr coming over in addition to all
the Dolphin Cove people already there." It was a subtle warning for A'dryn
to prepare himself. There would be alot of people there. "One thing I did want
you to be mindful of. Dolphin Cove has been having issues with their holders
recently. I doubt anyone would act out at a Hatching but...be mindful."

A'dryn's eyes went wide. "Is it really that dangerous?" He'd heard a
few things but hadn't realized the situation was that serious.

"It could be. They actually threatened Dragonsfall's goldrider while she was
at a Gather. Now this will be at the Weyr, not the Hold, so they might not be
so brave. Just watch yourself and stay near others. If you smell trouble, go to
the group or your dragon, whichever is closest." It was always good to have an
exit strategy in mind in case things went south. D'lorn had dealt with
holders as
a trader and planning was good.

"Oh..." Unease curled in his belly. "I thought that must be an
exaggeration. I'm shocked anyone would threaten a goldrider."

}:I would never let anyone hurt you,:{ Nalarith said firmly.

"I was too when it was confirmed which is why I'm urging all of the younger
riders I know going over to be watchful. I don't want any of you getting hurt
or getting involved in anything." He was sure their Weyrleader didn't want any
scandals to have to deal with.

"Would someone actually attack a rider at a Weyr? With all those
dragons around?" A'dryn held onto Nalarith's assurance and it helped
to calm him.

"One wouldn't think so, but there was a fight between a bronzerider and a Hold
guard at Dolphin Cove and the Holder was injured. So it does happen." D'lorn's
intention was not to scare the young rider, just to make sure that he
paid attention.

"Look A'dryn, it may be just fine. I'm sure Dolphin Cove has learned from those
events. I just want to know that you'll keep your eyes open aye? I know Nalarith
will be ready to get you home if need be, right?"

A'dryn nodded, a worried frown on his face. Maybe he should reconsider
going... but it was Lanniya's first clutch.

~end flashback~

Thankfully nothing had gone wrong. The Hatching had been wonderful,
Lanniya looked radiant, no Holders had attacked anyone. A'dryn only
wished that Lanniya was here now. She was supposed to come back after
the Hatching, but now her stay at Dolphin Cove was extended. They
still got to spend time together, but it wasn't the same. He missed

Last updated on the June 10th 2017

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