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A Little Too Friendly

Writers: Devin, Paula
Date Posted: 22nd May 2017

Characters: B'jon, A'dryn, S'nell
Description: B'jon flirts with a new transfer and makes A'dryn uncomfortable.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 11, day 16 of Turn 8

B'jon was laughing bit too much for the bluerider's joke. He wasn't
really that funny. But he was cute and B'jon felt attracted to him.
He spotted A'dryn entering the dining cavern. "You got to meet my
friend," he told the bluerider, his hand lingering on his arm. Then he
"Hey, A'dryn! Join us!"

He smiled when he spotted B'jon. Although he would rather have a meal
with just the two of them, A'dryn was getting more comfortable
spending time with their wingmates and other weyrfolk. "Hello." He
paused at the table, wondering what seat he should take.

"A'dryn, have you met S'nell yet? He's a new transferr. S'nell, this
is A'dryn, Nalarith's rider," B'jon handled the introductions.

"Pleased to meet you," A'dryn said automatically, offering his hand.

"I'm _pleased_ to meet _you_," S'nell's tone was obviously flirty.

Heat rose in A'dryn's cheeks. "Yes, well. Thank you."

Now B'jon was feeling tad bit jelous of the attention S'nell was
giving to A'dryn. He wanted the bluerider's attention. It was
completely irrational of course and he did his best to stomp on the

A'dryn took the seat next to B'jon and searched for something to say.
"So where did you transfer from S'nell?"

"From Ista actually," S'nell replied.

"Really? I never been there. I've heard lot about the Istan beaches
though," B'jon remarked.

"Oh, from up north. What's it like there?" A'dryn asked.

"Well, Ista is tropical island, so it's not that different than here,"
S'nell started and proceed to descripe his former Weyr.

A'dryn nodded politely as the other rider talked. He'd been trained in
how to carry on a conversation. "How do you like River Bluff so far?"

"Oh, I've liked it here, the peope are very friendly," The bluerider replied.

B'jon heard the innuendo in his tone, "Oh, we are very friendly
indeed," he grinned.

A'dryn was still a little dense when it came to men flirting with each
other but he had an inkling something was going on here. Was B'jon
flirting? Was he _just_ flirting? That was supposed to be normal here,
but then so was people having intimate relations with multiple
partners. Did B'jon want to sleep with the bluerider? Was A'dryn not

B'jon wasn't thinking what effect his flirting had on A'dryn. He was
just having a fun time without any serious plans.

A'dryn didn't know what to do so he fell back on habit. "Do you craft?
Or have any hobbies?"

A'dryn's questions made the bluerider pay attention to him. "No, I
don't have craft. I'm weyrbred and Impressed young, so I never got
around getting an apprenticeship. I do like to fish."

"I've heard that's a relaxing hobby." A'dryn's voice came out normal,
even as his stomach was still twisting.

"I don't care about fishing myself but I've heard that there are lot
of good fishing spots on River Bluff's territory," B'jon said. This
time his voice was totally neutral.

Maybe A'dryn was imagining things. Or maybe B'jon's flirting wasn't
serious. **Am I overthinking this?**

"So, which wing you were assigned to?" B'jon asked to fill the silence
that had fallen.

}:Is something wrong?:{ Nalarith asked, her mind voice sleepy.

**I'm being foolish again. Probably.** A'dryn had a sudden urge to
touch B'jon, to... make some sort of claim on him. But in front of all
these people?

"Torrent Wing," the bluerider replied.

"Aw, then we won't be wingmates," B'jon said.

**Good,** A'dryn thought. "Have you met your new wingmates yet?"

"Some, they seem to be nice," S'nell replied.

"We're all very nice here," B'jon smiled.

Last updated on the June 10th 2017

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