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Proud of You

Writers: Emma, Suzee
Date Posted: 20th February 2017

Characters: Jielta, Jayzine
Description: The headwoman's daughter has news.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 10, day 17 of Turn 8

"Mama," Jielta smiled as she saw her mother approaching in the
kitchens. She brushed the flour off her hands, and pulled a cloth over
the dough she'd been kneading to let it rise.

Jayzine's habitual stern look softened at her daughters greeting and
not for the first time she privately marveled at how pretty her
daughter actually was. She'd never thought of herself anything more
than plain. So she was always pleased that Jielta had turned out so
well. At least her former husband had contributed something to their
union. "Hello sweetheart," she nodded. "How's that dough coming?"

"Ready for it's final rise. This bread will be freshly baked for
dinner." There was a real note of pride in Jielta's voice, in the time
she'd been back at River Bluff, she'd settled back in to the kitchens
as was truly enjoying it. "Mama, there's something I wanted to ask

"Good," she nodded, still almost smiling. "Of course," she answered
Jielta's statement..

"I spoke to the Master Baker yesterday. He, he's offered me an
apprenticeship. He thinks I could pass the tests and be a senior
apprentice within three months, and get journey rank knots inside 18
months," she began. "But I'd like your permission, I've got the
experience from helping at the hall, and now here as well."

"Did you now?" Jayzine's voice was filled with amazed pleasure. "He's
not an easy man to impress." She shook her head for a moment in almost
disbelief but she had not intention of discouraging her daughter.
"Well who am I to argue if the Master Baker has said you're that
promising. Of course you may." She reached out a hand to touch her
daughter's arm.

"Papa, he'd have never permitted it." She said softly. "Do I have to tell him?"

"Well knowing your Papa, I think it would be best if you tell him. But
perhaps not right away?" Her eyebrows lifted with slight emphasis.
"Get that rolling and then let him know how well you're doing."

"You might be right there Mama." Jielta had to admit that. "Maybe once
I've got those fancy knots."

Jayzine's smile broadened at that. "Yes, I believe that is a great
plan." She then took a breath, "What do you think Miyon would like for
his dinner tonight?"

"I don't think he'll care if there's that fruity sorbet for dessert.
That disappeared faster than a trip on dragonback." Her brother
wasn't a particularly picky eater. "He did like the cold, sliced roast
herdbeast we had the other sevenday though."

"Good to know," Jayzine nodded. Perhaps she could find a way through
her own issues to actually be a mother to her young son. "I have some
redfruit that is just about right. I'll even make it myself." She
turned to look at Jielta again and said something neither of her
parents had ever said. "I'm proud of you Jielta."

A smile spread across the girls face. For so long it had all been
about her older sister, but now, now she was in there too. "Thank you

Last updated on the March 2nd 2017

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