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Remembering First Blood

Writers: Avery, Heather, Paula
Date Posted: 22nd February 2017

Characters: F'dal, K'ran, A'kades, Im're, Drumilla, C'rin
Description: C'rin and F'dal fly in their first Threadfall.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 10, day 4 of Turn 8

}:There are storms today. Thread should be interesting.:{ Dasveth passed along to C'rin with some other cautionary advice from their Wingleader.

C'rin nodded calmly as he cinched up Dasveth's riding straps and gave them one last tug to make certain that everything was secure.

**I kind of look forward to seeing lightning and Thread together.** It would be an awe-inspiring sight.

Some part of C'rin marveled at how calm he was, and his minded automatically went back to the first time he had flown Thread, when he had still been a Weyrling....


Blooding wasn't so bad, F'dal thought, not compared to something like
being tied to the mast in a middle of hurricane while holding a
lightning rod. He had already done his first delivery of firestone
sacks. Almost tossed it to a wrong rider, how was he supposed to tell
them apart? There were too many dragons to recongnize them all by
looks. Velaith had smugly pointed his err before he threw the sack so
he had been able to correct it.

Velaith was enjoying himself, he was born to do this. Only thing
bothering him was that he wasn't allowed to flame the Thread, not yet.
He was also dividing his attention between what they were doing and
what the other weyrlings were doing. Especially those who had been in
their groups.

As a bronzepair, they had been groupleaders from the day one. Velaith
considered those who had been in his groups to be his: his dragons,
his to protect. He seemed to have well developed protective instinct.

}: Kelyanth's dropped a sack, :{ he reported.

**Och,** F'dal winced with sympathy. **I hope no one gets hit by it.**

Dasveth swerved out of the way of the falling bag of firestone,
slinging C'rin hard into his straps. C'rin hissed and glanced upward.

}:It was Kelyanth's.:{ Dasveth told him, earning an eyeroll from C'rin
as they lined themselves up and tossed a sack of stone to Wingleader

**Of course it was.** C'rin replied once the toss was made
successfully. Threadfall was more chaotic that C'rin had anticipated,
even after all of the stories he'd heard from his father and others.
There was no predicting the erratic falling of the clumps, and C'rin
found his mind going a hundred places at once as he thought about
Dasveth dodging the flaming of other dragons, dodging falling
firestone sacks, dodging clumps that were missed by the higher
altitude wings, and just dodging other dragons in general.

}:We will flame it ourselves, soon.:{ Dasveth rumbled with envy of the
fighting Wings.

Rogueth had seared a large clump and gone for a second only to find
his flame sputtering. K'ran tossed in the last few pieces from the
bag, but it was close to empty. **Have a weyrling get us more,** he

}:I need stone,:{ Rogueth told Volaith.

}:Rogueth needs stone. High wing,:{ Volaith told Dasveth.

Dasveth relayed the message even as he started his ascent to the
higher altitude where the Weyrleader's Wing met Thread. C'rin reached
up one gloved hand and wiped soot and grime off of his goggles to
clear his vision as they approached K'ran. This was the one toss that
C'rin didn't want to screw up for sure.

Unlatching the sack from Dasveth's straps, C'rin hoisted it in his
arms and then tossed it over to the waiting bronze and his rider.

K'ran waved when he saw the weyrling. The sack arced clean and true
and landed in his waiting hand. With his other hand he signaled a
clear to the weyrling.

}:Good job,:{ Rogueth told Dasveth encouragingly.

}:Dasveth, do you have enough stone to supply a green or do you need
more?:{ Volaith asked. He didn't want the weyrlings to be up there too

Im're's hand hit the sack's bottom. **We need more firestone**, he
told Gormth, **It's empty** The blue sent the message out and soon
Velaith received it.

}: Gormth needs sack, weyrleader's wing,:{ the young bronze told his
rider. }: Duck!:{ F'dal bended forward against his neck when Velaith
did some fancy manouver to avoid Thread clump. After that danger had
passed, Velaith gained altitude and located Gormth.

"Incoming!" F'dal yelled to Im're, adjusted his angle to compensate
for the wing. Gauging the wind and surrounding weather conditions was
instinctual for the former seacrafter apprentice. The toss was nearly
perfect and Im're received it without problems.
The bluerider waved a thank you.

}:Good job, Velaith,:{ Volaith told the young bronze. }:Savith needs
stone in the queen's wing.:{

}: Going, :{ Velaith replied and dropped suddenly, like a rock.
F'dal's stomach was left to the upper level, or so it felt.

**You're not some nimble green or blue, stop pulling these stupid
aearial stunts!** F'dal complained when Velaith stopped his descend
with bone jarring jolt.

}; But it's fun! :{ Velaith replied with youthful euthiasm.
Then someone screamed.

}: It's Kelyanth, she's hit," Velaith sobered up fast.

Dasveth and C'rin made a brief exit to refill their supply of
firestone sacks and when they returned it was during the first and
second wave transition. Greens and blues from different Wings
/betweened/ back to the Weyr while fresh dragons that had been
standing at ready joined the fight.

}:We are needed by Sabiruth.:{ Dasveth told C'rin and immediately flew
in the direction of the green in the mid-altitude Wing.

On the way up a stray clump caught the brown pair by surprise, and
C'rin felt the shock of one of the writhing spores as it ate into the
shoulder of his riding jacket and down into the soft flesh underneath.

**Das-** before he could finish the thought Dasveth pulled them
/between/ and the silver spore turned to dust underneath his gloved
hands as he swatted at his shoulder.

}:Are you okay?:{ Dasveth asked as they re-entered the warmth of the real world.

**Yes, the jacket protected most of it. Keep going, Sabiruth needs a
sack.** C'rin instructed.

Rogueth heard the weyrling dragon's scream and reacted. }:Go /between/
back to the weyr!:{ the bronze ordered her. The noise cut off as the
green disappeared.

Kelyanth came in high, falling as soon as she emerged. Her wing was
tattered and leaking ichor and her rider was slumped over her back.
The bronze swept underneath and caught the green on his back.
}:Kelyanth, they are coming to fix you and your rider, stay here.:{

As the bronze spoke reassuringly, he was signaling the dragonhealers
for assistance. He brought her down and they rushed to treat.

}:Anyone who gets scored, come back to be checked before you keep
going,:{ Volaith said to the weyrlings. }:Better to be safe.:{

C'rin frowned as Dasveth relayed the command from the Weyrlingmaster's
Second. He didn't want to leave the fight, not when there were dragons
that needed firestone.

}:We cannot disobey. Maybe we can come back.:{ Dasveth said, although
he didn't like the idea of leaving any better than his rider, he could
not disobey an order.

**Back to the Weyr then.** C'rin conceded, visualizing the Star Stones
at River Bluff before Dasveth took them /between/.

}: Romanath, calm down. You´re not hurt Is your rider is hurt?
There´s no reason to panic! You're not cohorent :{ Velaith´s tone was
firm when he
adressed a green who was panicing without apparent reason.

Jadirah looked up when a brown dragon popped out of /between/ and
spiraled down to land near her triage station. She gestured to the
rider to dismount so she could see him. "How bad is it?"

"I think it's just a flesh wound." C'rin said, jumping down from
Dasveth's neckridge. The jarring impact of his boots hitting the stone
made the score on his shoulder pull and he winced.

Drumilla handed Jadirah the supplies needed to clean the wound.

Jadirah accepted them with a thanks. She looked over C'rin's shoulder
and warned him, "Disinfecting it will sting."

Once he was warned and the wound exposed, she washed it out with
redwort to kill any Thread bits that /between/ hadn't chilled. Then it
was time for a quick bandage that would hold for the next few
candlemarks. "You're right, it wasn't bad. But I want you in the
Infirmary after this is over and your dragon's cared for for a
poultice." She didn't want to risk infection.

"Other then that, you can go back to the skies."

Velaith and F'dal made another delivery and whole the time Velaith was
talking to Romanath.

}:Don't do anything stupid, like go /between/ without visuals. :{

**We're out of sacks, let Volaith know we are going down for refil,**
F'dal told him and the bronze obeyed, delivering the message.

}: Romanath, come with us, you better get down until you calm down.
Take my visual, :{ Velaith spoke to the paniced green with firm
command tone.

}: Volaith, we're bringing Romanath with us. She panicing but I don't
sense any injury, :{ Velaith also warned the Weyrlingstaff. Some might
still have to check the green and her rider incase there was some
injury after all.

}: We'll fetch and escort Romanath first, :{ Velaith wasn't excatly
asking his riders permission.

**What's wrong with her?**

}: I have no idea. :{

They flew to Romanath and Velaith crooned comfortingly to her. };
Let's get down to the ground together, You're very brave, {

**Something is wrong with her rider!** F'dal said with alarm when he
saw the green's rider's slumped over figure.

}: Possibly injured rider coming in! :{ Velaith sent a warning to the
ground. His presence calmed Romanath enough for the green to make

}. There was no Thread, she just fainted like that, :{ Romanath told
them. She obediently followed Velaith back to the Weyr.

}:Romanath, set down by the Healers. They will look at your rider,:{
Volaith said, adding his reassurance to that of the younger bronze.

}:You did well,:{ he told Velaith privately.

A'kades ran to meet that pair as they landed, another Healer in tow.
"How is she?"

Drumilla climbed up to check. "Unconsious," she reported. She went quickly over the weyrling's body and opened the straps at the same time. "No outward injuries," she continued. "Someone give me a hand to get her down." She was mentally trying to list reasons for fainting. Stress and the nervous tension was one possibility, as well as sudden change in altitude and air pressure may cause some people lose consiousness. "You didn't go up too fast, did you? she asked from the green, knowing she wouldn't reply to her. She started to checked the dragonriders neck for whiplash injury.

Velaith and F'dal got new patch of sacks and returned to the air.

~**End Flashback**~

}:Our Wingleader says it is time to mount.:{ Dasveth passed along to C'rin, snapping him out of his rememberings.

Rubbing a hand over his shoulder where the scar of his first score now rested, C'rin shook off any remaining feelings of nervousness, and mounted Dasveth's brown neckridge. It was time to fly.

Last updated on the March 2nd 2017

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