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Families From Before

Writers: Avery, Emma
Date Posted: 9th February 2017

Characters: Teseada, Z'then
Description: Teseada and Z'then have a conversation.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 10, day 3 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: J'nev

“And that brings this meeting to a close,” Teseada said with a smile.
“We just need to keep on at those last few formations, but I know
we’ll get there.”

Z'then had been quiet throughout the meeting. He knew he'd made a
mistake on the last formation. They didn't make sense to him on paper,
but usually he could figure it out when they were up there. During the
swap, he'd mis-visualized and had been out of place - when he'd looked
down to see where they were, he'd felt unexpected vertigo and startled
Juvath into nearly backwinging into another dragon. Thinking about it
made him flush red. It took him a moment to realize the meeting was
wrapping up and other people were leaving.

"Z'then?" queried Teseada. "Are you okay?"

He started in the chair and looked up, catching her brown eyes and
then immediately looking back down. "Sorry ma'am I was just..." He
trailed off.

"It's Teseada," she said. "We're not on duty now."

Shards, he couldn't call a _goldrider_ by her name! "Sorry," he said
again. "I was just thinking over how Juvath got out of area."
"He'll learn, give him time."

If Z'then closed his eyes and pictured it, he realized that it hadn't
just been his fault. Juvath had gotten distracted in the first place
by watching the golds, not the dragons nearest in the wing. But his
fear of heights hadn't helped. "I hope you're right. We both feel so

"That will pass," the goldrider slipped into the seat next to Z'then. "Trust
me, Onnyth and I went through it once we graduated, and think how many
people were watching us."

"Way too many, I'm sure." He blurted out.

"Yes," she said simply. "Onnyth's hide saw to that."

}:There is nothing wrong with my hide,:{ Onnyth informed her rider.
And she echoed those words to Juvath as well, aware that he would
inform his rider.

}:Your hide is the most beautiful,:{ Juvath assured the queen dragon.

"Well, she's beautiful," Z'then said, echoing his dragon's words.
"She'd be striking even if she was a green. But of course she's far
prettier," he hastily added.

"Flatterer," Teseada said with a grin. Onnyth had told her what Juvath
had said. "Both of you."

"I'm not trying to exaggerate, ma- er. Teseada," Z'then said, flushing
again. "I just can't imagine people not looking at you."

"You didn't see me as a child," Teseada laughed.

"Were you overshadowed by a sibling? Everyone looked at my brother,"
Z'then said.

"No, I thought I was an only child for a long time. Until J'nev appeared."

Here was something Z'then didn't know. He tilted his head, confused.

"My father had another family outside of the weyr," she explained. "I didn't
know I had a brother, and sisters too. Not until Dad brought him here and he
impressed a bronze dragon clutched by Onnyth."

"That sounds awkward. I can't even imagine," Z'then said.

"That's one way to describe it."

"Do you two get along now?" It felt easier to ask her questions about
her family.

"Most of the time," she said. "It's hard knowing that he grew up with
a family I never knew."

"I'm glad I always knew mine," Z'then said softly. "Even if my brother
seems like a jerk to other people. I know my family loves each other."

"Oh I know my brother can be a jerk now, but I wish I'd been there to
see him when he was a cute little brother."

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize families could be different until I came
here." He winced. "That sounds holdbred."

"You'll get your head around things, I'm sure you will."

"I try. But the way people's families works just seems very different.
But...crafting is nice. For women," he added.

"It is," her hand reached up automatically to the knots she wore as a
technician as well as a rider. "I don't know I'd have these anywhere

"It would be silly to prevent that," he said, frowning.

"Some holders don't think so."

"My father would have agreed. But he didn't really think anyone needed
to craft. We all had to go to the fields and work. I never thought
about it until I got here," he admitted.

"I never thought about how it was different elsewhere until I had to
go and see for myself, although Onnyth did help. With her around,
people don't tend to be rude, I think she scares some people who don't
realise she's a pushover really."

"A gold? A pushover?" Z'then asked, astounded.

Juvath couldn't imagine it, either.

"Only for me, but not when she's egg heavy. Then she's every bit as
demanding as they say."

}:Be careful. or I will demand extra attention later, I'll want
several candidates to bathe me!:{ warned the gold, making sure Juvath
could hear. But there was a note of affection and pride in the
dragon's mindvoice, even if that was for Teseada alone.

Z'then remembered the Hatching he'd been to, and how he and his
brother had gotten to touch the eggs just before. "I can't blame her
for guarding her eggs like that. It's a marvelous ability she has."

"Maybe one day your Juvath will sire a clutch?"

}:I will,:{ Juvath said emphatically.

Z'then breathed in too fast in shock, inhaled spit, coughed,
spluttered. He turned bright red. Immediately his mind was filled with
the last time that Juvath had caught - the time with the green with
the male rider.

"Are you okay?" Teseada asked a second time as the rider next to her
coughed. "Can i get you some water?"

"I, uh, please," he squeaked out. Shards, could he get any redder?
More embarrassed?

}:My rider thinks talk of mating is weird,:{ Juvath told Onnyth. }:I
don't understand.:{

}:He will understand soon,:{ Onnyth told the younger dragon.Mating
flights were glorious events from her point of view. }:Once he is
chosen as the winner a few times, then it will make sense.:{

Teseada found an empty glass and pitcher and hastily poured a drink.
"Try that, slowly," she said.

Z'then took a sip of water and it slowed the coughing, but it wasn't
doing much about his expression. "Sorry," he choked out.

"Don't be, sometimes Onnyth can overstep her mark, or maybe I do
sometimes, speaking without thinking."

"You? Never," he said in surprise. "I'm just not used to the way Weyrs
talk about things, you know?"

**Still holdbred, and stupid,** he thought to himself.

"It takes time to get used to us all."

"Well, you've been really patient with us so far. We appreciate it,"
he said, giving her a smile and hoping the blush was going down.

}:It is nice to fly beside you Onnyth,:{ Juvath said. He had wanted a
high wing assignment, but being so close to the golds was a treat.

}:You too Juvath,:{ the gold rarely returned compliments, but this one
seemed like it was truly meant.

"Anyway, I need to be going now, if I don't collect a certain someone
soon, he'll try and yell the whole Weyr down."

Z'then laughed at that. "Have a good day then. Thank you for the chat,
ma - Teseada." It was easier to say, this time.

Last updated on the March 2nd 2017

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