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An Aged Perspective (PG-17)

Writers: Chelle, Devin
Date Posted: 23rd September 2016

Characters: A'dryn, D'lorn
Description: A'dryn tells D'lorn about how the latest flight went.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 7, day 4 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: A'kades, V'kellyn, B'jon, D'arvn, K'ran
Notes: Follows This is Somewhat Embarrassing; PG-17
due to subject of conversation
Rating: PG-17

A'dryn took another handful of sweetsand and reached up to scrub
Nalarith's hide. At least the green was less demanding now that she'd
risen. A'dryn would have a few months before he had to worry about
that again.

}:I wish it did not make you so upset.:{

**It will get easier.** He patted the green, hoping that was true.

True to form, Villith had already demanded a bath and oiling before
D'lorn had eaten breakfast. The greenrider had made sure that it had
been done, then had gone to get himself taken care of before morning
meetings. Things had been changing and he was glad when midday mealtime
rolled around. Seeing A'dryn and Nalarith as he headed across the sand
made him stop.

It was hard to tell if the boy had gotten better. By his stance, he still
wasn't happy. **Such a shame really. Why do most greenriders waste
their time thinking the rest of us are wrong?** Walking closer, he came
within earshot of the younger rider. "A'dryn-how's it flying?"

The young rider turned. "We're doing well, sir." D'lorn had been kind
and patient with him, yet tough when A'dryn needed to be pushed.
A'dryn respected him and even had some affection for the Weyrlingmaster Third.

"Good to hear. Nalarith looks beautiful, as always. Enjoying your new wing?"
That was always a big adjustment, especially for the holder boys since the
wing's cohesiveness was very different from holder independence.

}:I like him too.:{ Nalarith preened at the complement.

"Yes, sir. I'm very honored to be in the Weyrleader's Wing." He'd been
surprised at the placement and strove to prove himself. Plus it came
with the added bonus of spending more time with B'jon.

"Good. I know sometimes adjustments can be harder, but you look like you're
doing well. Proud of you. I hear very good things, you know." A small smile said
he kept track of some of his weyrlings. Even though they had wingthirds to speak
to, his door was always open for concerns.

A'dryn couldn't help a smile in return. "Thank you. I always try my
best." He'd been afraid he would be a failure as a man, but at least
he'd proven to be a successful dragonrider.

Nalarith nudged him. }:We fly well.:{

"Well people are noticing, lad. Hard not to see how much you've grown
too. Before too long you'll be a grown man with half grown whiskers
wondering where the time went." It was half in jest, part a reference
to himself, but also true. A'dryn had indeed changed physically
through training and was far different than the weak holder who had
first come to the Weyr.

The young greenrider swelled with pride. "You trained me well, sir.
You and ..." He faltered, heat rushing to his cheeks. A'dryn swallowed
heavily and turned away, scrubbing at Nalarith's hide in weak attempt
to hide his reaction.

"And?" D'lorn probed, noticing the reaction. As far as he knew, D'arvn
hadn't seen the boy since so he had to wonder. Still, it wasn't his
business unless A'dryn chose to share it. It was a step in the right
direction, though, if he was pursuing relationships on his own now.

"A'kades." A'dryn forced the name out. Could he ever look at the
bronzerider again without feeling ashamed and embarrassed?

"Oh hm?" D'lorn had never figured the boy to have crushes
on men of those turns, but A'kades was fit and not bad looking,
so why not? Plus he had been one of the first men in front of A'dryn
after Impression on a constant basis and the boy was finding himself.

"Not a bad choice. Too bad he's more into gold than green though."
Laughing a few times to put A'dryn at ease, D'lorn wanted him to understand
he had no reason to be embarrassed.

It took a moment for A'dryn to realize what D'lorn must think, and
then he wanted to die. "No! No! That's not it at all! Volaith...
caught Nalarith." His face felt hot enough to flame Thread.

"Oh? OH....." D'lorn thought that over. The old Weyrlingmaster's
bronze had caught Villith. That had been awkward. It was probably a
good thing that A'kades had been one of A'dryn's first partners with
the way he was about things. "Well that's good too. Glad you had a
good experience."

"More like mortifying."

"Oh? How so?" Trying to picture it in his head. He was pretty sure it
would be strange, obviously, but he knew A'kades would have handled
it fairly well compared to some others given the situation.

"It's simply..." A'dryn made a face. "He was very kind, but I know him
and we did..._things_. It was awkward enough when it was a stranger."

}:Volaith flew me very well.:{ A'dryn couldn't wait until she forgot that.

"Oh right. I understand. That's actually a very good lesson to learn now.
Through Flights, there's a very good possibility you will be in those sorts
of situations with superiors, wingmates, and others in the future. You have
to be able to get past it to continue the working relationship." D'lorn thought
of times when that had happened in the past. "Potentially, you could end up
with your Wingleader or even the Weyrleader, to be honest. A few flights ago,
I was underneath the old Weyrlingmaster."

A'dryn was still shocked people said things like that so casually.
"And you're used to such things now?"

"Well Villith has been rising for eighteen turns now. And as you
know, greens rise rather often, every few months or so. So that's
a lot of flights. It doesn't happen all the time with your superiors,
no, but sometimes it does." D'lorn tried to give it some perspective.
"Think of it this way. Those bronzes, browns, or blues-your green sees
them as her leaders. So they are strong, trusted, and experienced and
she is comfortable with them. That could give them an advantage in a
flight and possibly make it happen more often. Of course it depends on
the dragon. Some are fickle and never choose the same."

"Of course for you since you aren't experienced yet, it can be a good thing
instead of leaving you to the handling of someone who isn't used to it and
could accidentally make things worse." D'lorn smiled in understanding. "I
bet it made it easier to talk about it, didn't it?"

"Not at first. I was so horrified to wake up next to him like that."
His stomach tightened at the memory.

Based on A'dryn's past, D'lorn was thinking he would have been uncomfortable
no matter who he had woken up with, but he didn't mention that. "Aye but after?
Cause some might have seen your discomfort and just run out to avoid
it instead of worrying about your well-being."

A'dryn stared at Nalarith's hide. "He was very kind." A'kades had done
his best to make him feel better. In that way, it was an improvement
over A'dryn's first flight where the brownrider who'd won had made him
feel worse.

"Good," D'lorn knew that A'dryn being able to be so honest about this
experience meant he had come a long way. That was satisfying to the
greenrider, reminding him that they were able to make a difference in
the lives of these young riders. "I'll leave you to this then. But my
door is always open, A'dryn."

"Thank you, sir."

Last updated on the November 10th 2016

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