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I Know You

Writers: Paula, Suzee
Date Posted: 4th September 2015

Characters: Corowal, Arippa, Cyradis
Description: The Lord Holder dances with some ladies.
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 13, day 29 of Turn 7
Notes: Mentioned: Vestian, Eilomar, Felyna, J'ackt, Reven

The most intriguing part of the masked ball was that you couldn't be
fully sure who you were asked to dance. Oh, he had a fairly good guess
when he approached at the white-clad lady in silver mask. He could be
certain when he heard her voice though. "May I have this dance, my
lady?" He took off his hat to make a sweeping bow with it.

Arippa smiled up at the tall man knowing there were many people here
tonight she ought to know. "Of course My Lord," she said giving him
the same honorific he'd granted her. She gave him her hand and turned
toward the dance floor. She thought she knew who he was but she wasn't
entirely certain. "Are you enjoying the party so far," she asked as
she turned into his arms.

"Oh, I'm enjoying it greatly," Corowal replied with the smile in his
voice. He then led her to the dance floor.

Arippa turned with a brilliant smile and set her frame to be guided
around the floor. She had learned a lot about dancing in this very
Hold and she felt she knew in who's arms she was now held. "I liked
the song earlier. Do you know the singer?" She was certain this man
wasn't the one. That man had been very... round.

"I believe he was master Eilomar, notoriously bad tempered singer and
choir master," Corowal replied. He was excellent dancer, as you could
expect from a man in his position.

"Is he really bad tempered," she almost giggled. "Well he has a
wonderful voice. I could listen to him for hours." She knew only
their Lord Holder could make such a comment about a Master Crafter.
but she didn't let on that she knew. She followed his excellent lead
and was enjoying the dance very much.

"The rumour says he eats apprentice's livers for breakfast," Corowal
said with tone used when people told horror stories. "Of course, if
that was true, they would have ran out of apprentices by now," he
added with more normal voice.

This time she couldn't stifle the giggle that erupted from her. "Oh My
Lord," she grinned up at Corowal. "I have missed you."

"Any you are always such a pleasant company, lady Arippa," Corowal's
voice was merry and his eyes twinkled with amusement from the holes in
his mask. "How is your baby doing?"

"Oh our little Pippa is beautiful and sweet and the image of her
father." Arippa sighed with happiness. "We are very happy," she added
with a squeeze of his hand.

"I'm happy to hear it," Corowal said and meant it. After all the
ordeal the two of them had gone thru, they deserved happiness. It
bothered him that they still didn't know who had kidnapped Reven.
The dance ended and Corowal bowed to his partner, escorting her off
the dance floor. "It was a pleasure."

She thanked him prettily and then went off to find her husband or Lady
Felyna, whichever she saw first.

A tiny woman in the emerald green of the Hold stood nearby enjoying a
glass of wine. Ringlets of golden hair cascaded from a high hairdo
that strove in vain to increase her height.

Corowal went to bow to her. "May have this dance, my lady?" This time
he had no idea who she was. He was certain she wasn't a wife of one of
his holders. He knew them by their body shape.

"Of course sir," Cyradis smiled. She knew N'vanik of course and J'ackt
but she hadn't a clue who else everyone was around her. 'Though she
thought she'd spotted R'enh dancing with Saibra a few moments ago. "It
is a lovely evening," she tilted her head and put her hand on his arm
to be led to the floor.

"It is indeed," Corowal smiled. He was certain he knew her voice, but
couldn't place it. He led her to the steps of slow waltz.

Cyradis followed him easily. He was nothing if not a fine dancer and
she had spent many hours learning the waltz when the Vintner Hall had
been at Amethyst Cliff and she'd thought she'd end up a crafter's
wife. Now her life was far bigger than her dreams had ever been. "Do
you know if there will be fireworks later," she asked. "I'd heard
there might be."

"I don't know," Corowal admitted. He knew for certain that the hold
didn't have one. He couldn't be sure what the Harper Hall had

"Ah well," she sighed. "Maybe another time. There certainly a lot of
people here tonight," she smiled.

"Yes, there are. Vestian really hit a gold vein with this idea of
his," Corowal replied.

"He did," she agreed. "The weather is perfect this time of year at
Emerald Falls. That is the best part, I think." She thought of how hot
the Weyr was most of the time compared to both her birthplace of
Amethyst Cliff and where she was now. "I'm very glad of the chance to

"I'm certainly glad you are here, gracing us with your presence,"
Corowal replied gallantly.

"That's very nice of you to say," she said with a smile. He had to
have recognized her even without the knots and she didn't mind, not
really. But the 'us' told her he was a holder and not a Weyr resident
of any kind. "We don't have a chance to get out like this often
enough," she added. "It's refreshing."

"This is certainly different from every day," Corowal replied.

"It certainly is," Cyradis chuckled fairly certain she knew now who
she was dancing with. "It was a good idea from Master Vestian."

"I wish I've gotten this idea," Corowal grinned behind his mask. The
music ended and he escorted her back.

"It is rather fun," she squeezed his fingers as she arrived next to
N'vanik. "Thank you my lord," she added with a twinkle.

"It was my pleasure, Weyrwoman," Corowal replied.

Last updated on the September 16th 2015

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