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This Was a Weyr (part 1)

Writers: Devin, Mirren
Date Posted: 13th September 2015

Characters: F'nix, J'kri
Description: Felnix and J'kri explore.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 1, day 18 of Turn 8
Notes: Notes: part 2 is on the adults list.

"You still haven't let me sketch you and your dragon," Flenix pointed
out, plopping into the seat beside J'kri. "You don't look busy right

J'kri arched an eyebrow. "You still haven't apologized to Ewelar."

"What for?" Felnix frowned.

"You teased him about liking boys. You know he's holdbred and
sensitive about it." J'kri had known Felnix since they were Candidates
together and the young man could be such a jerk sometimes.

"He shouldn't have said I'd never impress," Felnix replied. Of course
that had been _after_ his quip about greenflights.

"Are you saying he started it?" That's not what J'kri had heard, and
was very unlike the sweet boy he knew.

"Started it?" Felnix smirked. "Are we in creche? He needs to toughen
up or he'll never survive weyrlinghood."

"That's the job of the weyrling staff. You're not going to bully him
into Impression, so don't delude yourself into thinking you're helping
him by being a jerk." J'kri was a little bit tempted to point out that
Felnix had no idea how to survive weyrlinghood while J'kri had
survived it just fine.

"When did you get so uptight?" Felnix asked, taken aback somewhat.

J'kri sighed. "I'm not uptight. I just wish you'd stop picking on boys
like Ewelar." Being comfortable with himself, J'kri hadn't been
personally bothered by Felnix's jibes. "You know, I actually feel a
bit sorry for you."

Felnix didn't think he was picking on anyone. All right, so he teased
some of them occasionally, but it was all in jest and nothing others
didn't do to him. Was it his fault they had thin skin?

"Why?" he asked, his eyes narrowing.

J'kri leaned closer with a little smile. "Because you don't know what
you're missing. Being with a man can feel so, _so_ good."

Felnix looked at J'kri's mouth. Too sharding close and yet… He
grimaced. "Yeah, right. Whatever you say."

J'kri settled back with a shrug. "If you only like women, there's
nothing wrong with that. But if you think you might like men at all,
you really should try it."

Anyone else might have found a fist in their face for saying that.
J'kri, however, didn't seem to intend any malice. "Yeah, well…" Felnix
shrugged too. "Even if I did want to, I wouldn't know where to start."

The bluerider blinked. Was that an admission? "I know lots of people
if you're interested. And there's me."

Felnix's face turned pink. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever
thought about J'kri that way. "Just like that?" he blurted out.
Shells, it was much harder work with women.

"Well, sure. You've slept with a lot of women, right? So you know sex
doesn't have to be a big deal. I'd just be helping you figure out if
it's something you like." And Felnix certainly wasn't bad looking.

Felnix glanced around to make sure no one was listening. "Yeah but
what if someone found out?" Was he even contemplating this? Really?

J'kri arched an eyebrow. "You do realize we live in a _weyr_?" he
teased. But he didn't want to scare Felnix off because the Candidate
clearly _was_ considering this. "I won't tell anyone. We can go to my

"I could always say I was sketching you." Being an artist could come
in very useful at times. Felnix swallowed, half excited, half
terrified. "So—"

Now that it was more than hypothetical, J'kri found the idea very
appealing. Taking Felnix to his bed, showing him how good things could
feel... J'kri licked his lips. "We could go right now."

Felnix glanced around again, seeing only people getting on with their
lives. "All right then…" he said tentatively.

J'kri stood, resisting the urge to take Felnix's hand. "Come on." He
led the way up to his weyr.

Felnix walked with him, trying to look as casual as possible, while
his heart pounded harder than a smith's hammer.

With the door closed behind them, J'kri turned to Felnix. Noticing the
nervous look on his face, J'kri ran a gentle hand along the young
man's arm. "Should we start with kissing?"

Well that was direct. Felnix wasn't sure how to respond to that. He
wanted to; he'd wanted to for a very long time. His upbringing told
him no, but his body told him yes. His skin tingled where J'kri had
touched him. "I guess so," he said eventually.

J'kri leaned up and gently pressed their lips together.

Not surprisingly, J'kri wasn't soft like a woman, but the kiss set
Felnix's blood on fire. His hand gripped the young rider's arm,
drawing him closer.

The bluerider made a pleased sound low in his throat and kissed
harder, tongue brushing along Felnix's lips, asking for entrance.

It was given, surprisingly readily, given the candidate's reticence in
giving in to a lifetime of urges. Right now, Felnix didn't care what
anyone else would say. Thinking wasn't high on his agenda right now
anyway. His hand slid up and around J'kri's neck.

Oh shards, J'kri loved his enthusiasm. After a long, deep kiss, J'kri
pulled back just enough to speak. "What do you want? You can have
anything." His arms were around Felnix's waist, their bodies pressed

"I want —" How to vocalise specifics you've only dreamed of, that made
you blush every time. "I want you to…" Felnix swallowed. "Can you take

J'kri's eyes darkened, the heat of his desire jumping a few degrees.
"Here?" He squeezed Felnix's rear end with one hand.

Felnix could only nod, his mouth too dry to speak. He knew what if
felt like to take, but he'd long wondered about being on the receiving
end. He wanted it so badly it hurt.

In a way it wasn't surprising at all that Felnix teased other boys yet
wanted this for himself. J'kri kissed him softly. "It will probably
hurt a little at first, but I'll be gentle." He slid a hand into that
wonderful thick hair. "And I'll make you feel good Felnix, I promise."

Felnix nodded and gave a nervous smile. "I don't care if it's wrong, I
want you." He'd never undressed another man before, this might be the
difficult part. He started tentatively on the fastenings of J'kri's
shirt, then his pants.

J'kri moved to help Felnix pull off his shirt. "It's not wrong." He
slid a hand under Felnix's shirt, feeling his chest. Softer than a
rider's body.

Felnix wasn't so sure, but he still tossed his shirt on the floor,
then pushed J'kri's off the rest of the way.

"Touch me," J'kri said softly.

"Where?" Felnix flushed.

A very naughty smile curved J'kri's lips. "Anywhere you like."

Felnix reddened more. "I don't know where to start."

J'kri's smile turned kinder. The Candidate was so shy it was sort of
endearing. "Here." He took Felnix's hand and ran it along his chest.

He certainly felt different from a girl, but only in the lack of the
obvious. Warm, bare skin was still warm, bare skin. "You feel nice."

J'kri slid his fingers along Felnix's back. "So do you." Felnix was
definitely no virgin -- he talked about bedding women often enough --
but in this situation he certainly seemed like one.

Felnix's breath hitched. "I want you," he said again. To shells with
hold and hall life and their stilted morals. This was a Weyr and he
might as well enjoy it.

Last updated on the September 16th 2015

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