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Just Ask

Writers: Avery, Mirren
Date Posted: 1st September 2015

Characters: F'nix, Z'then
Description: Felnix offers Z'then some help.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 1, day 11 of Turn 8

"Hey." Felnix greeted the weyrling with a wave. Of course he was
jealous as shells that he'd impressed, but it had only been a brown.
Some day Felnix and his bronze would outrank them. It didn't hurt to
be nice to someone you might want in your wing some day.

"How's things?"

"Firestone lessons are _terrible_," Z'then muttered. "If you think
it's bad sorting it into bags wait till you see what it's like using

Felnix grinned. He'd wait, as long as it happened soon! "Yeah, how so?"

"It _stinks_," Z'then complained. "It stinks when you bag it, but when
your dragon's chewing it and flaming it. Now I know why riders want a bath
all the time."

Felnix had to bite down the bubble of jealousy. "It's better than having
no dragon,"
he pointed out.

"That's true. It took me awhile to get here," Z'then reminded. He'd nearly
aged out.
"It's just pretty exhausting. And dangerous. D'you remember L'teni? He
nearly got
burned by another weyrling today."

Felnix snorted. "That might teach him to pay attention." Or he'd die.
riders were a liability anyway.

"It was also pretty terrible," Z'then said sharply, shocked by the seeming
lack of compassion of the other boy. "And it was T'ras' fault anyway."

"Sounds rough." A near accident wasn't even close to the worst that could
happened, but Felnix wasn't oblivious to the look on Z'then's face. "No
one was hurt
though, right?"

"No, but we all got scared pretty good. The worst hurt in our class so far
was S'jaan being clawed when his dragonet fell over."

Felnix winced. "I heard about that. He'll have a few scars to remember
that by.
How's he going?"

"He's in my nine and I really like him. He's steady and not afreaid of
anything." Unlike Z'then himself. He admired the bluerider for that.

"Sounds like a good guy." Like Felnix himself. Except the part about
having a blue.
"Maybe he needs to learn to duck claws more quickly though." He grinned to
show he
was joking. Accidents happened.

The grin helped Z'then out a little. "Guess so. Anything interesting
happening to anyone in your Candidate classes?"

Felnix shrugged. "Same old thing. One guy went home. Couldn't cope
with Weyr life. The new girl seemed to be enjoying it thoroughly." He
grinned. He wasn't complaining.

"Friend of yours?" Z'then asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, but I won't go into details, since you're not supposed to hear 'em
anyway." That would be the hardest part of weyrlinghood.

Z'then waved his hand, trying to be dismissive and nonchalant like a man
who'd heard it all. His crimson blush put a lie to that. "We've
/betweened/ and we're supposed to...y'know."

"Supposed to what?" Felnix prompted, trying to hold back a grin.

Z’then dropped his voice a little so not everyone had to hear. “Get
before our dragons start chasing."

Felnix let his grin fully form. "Lucky you're in a Weyr then. There's
plenty of
girls who would be more than happy to help."

"I c-c-c-can't just walk up and a-ask!" Z'then blurted out, his
embarrassment making him stutter and blush more.

"Of course you can," Felnix laughed. "You probably won't have to
though. Girls will know. They're probably on the lookout for you as we
speak." Some of them could be downright predatory. Not that he'd

" I'm not sure you're right," the weyrling said dolefully. He was
always the overlooked, quiet one. The idea of women going for him over
the more boisterous twin was hard to believe.

"Do I need to help you find someone to prove it?" Felnix asked.

Z'then groaned and put his face in his hands. "No," he said, words muffled.

}:You should catch women now so you're fine when I catch greens,:{
Juvath said in his mind.

"I can catch my own," he muttered.

"Well don't say I didn't offer," Felnix said, suppressing a laugh.
"Let me know if you change your mind."

"Sure, I'll do that." Z'then was feeling profoundly uncomfortable now.
"Well, uh...good luck at Lissath's hatching and all. I'm sure you'll
do well and we'll congratulate you."

Felnix grinned. "I hope so. I've been waiting so long…" So very long.

"I know all about that," Z'then said with a wry smile. "But you'll get through."

"I hope so. The best bronze on Pern will be worth the wait!"

Last updated on the September 16th 2015

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