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Humans are Strange

Writers: Devin, Suzee
Date Posted: 7th September 2015

Characters: J'kri, N'call
Description: Dragons discuss humans and other things.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 1, day 27 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: Onnyth's, Iroth's, Luneth's

Rademerth landed next to his large bronze wingmate. }:Haloth, how does
it feel to sire hatchlings?:{ Haloth had sired Iroth and the other
recent hatchlings, and from J'kri's memory the bronze had sired other
clutches as well.

Haloth stretched and yawned. The sun today was strong and he had
availed himself of a nice perch on the heights near where Onnyth lay
in all her glory.

}:Rademerth,:{ he rumbled }:I am very proud of all my hatchlings. I
make strong dragons and large clutches.:{

}:So you are proud of them?:{ That seemed obvious, but Rademerth
wanted to know more.

}:Yes,:{ Haloth rumbled. }:I keep track of them,:{ he said proudly. He
knew them when they were young but when they got older some of that
posessiveness seemed to fade. }:Some of them have to be reminded to
obey the Weyrling teachers.:{

}:Mine says a weyrling bit me once but I don't remember.:{ It must
have been a long time ago.

The memory was dim but Haloth had had a great deal of experience with
that particular weyrling so his own memory was reinforced. }:She has
learned better,:{ he stated firmly. }:Mine likes hers very much.:{

}:Yes, weyrlings need to learn many things.:{ Rademerth shifted his
wings a bit. }: I Searched Iroth's rider. It makes me feel...
something. I did not sire him, but I feel like he is mine somehow.:{

Haloth rumbled and stretched his great wings. }:You found his lifemate
for him, he should be grateful.:{

}:He is. I spoke to him and he thanked me.:{ Rademerth would have been
quite annoyed if the bronze had been anything less than grateful.

}:They grow fast.:{ Haloth was proud of his weyrlings and how they
grew. }:The weyrling masters are good teachers. I like them but I
don't think I could do that job. I would rather flame Thread and fly

}:Hmm, yes. I like to burn Thread from the sky, too.:{ As arrogant as
he was, even Rademerth understood that he would never fly a gold. }:It
is also good to Search. I like it very much.:{ His tone had a touch of
smugness. There was something the bronze couldn't do.

}:Mine has two eggs,:{ Haloth stated proudly. From what he knew most
riders had at the most one at a time.

}:From the same female?:{ J'kri had mentioned this, but Rademerth
couldn't remember the word for two human hatchlings at the same time.

}:No,:{ Haloth practically bragged. }:Two different females. Onnyth's
and Luneth's:{ He yawned again and turned a shoulder to get it more
into the sun.

}:Good for him.:{ Rademerth looked out over the landscape below,
trying to think of something else to say. }:My rider does not have
eggs, but he has two mates.:{

}:Oh, that is nice,:{ Haloth said. }:Does he fly them both often? Mine
flies one often but the other only when I fly Onnyth.:{ It seemed to
him it would be a good thing to have two mates then one could fly them
more frequently.

}:Very often. He wishes to fly them both at the same time. Even with
the pictures in his mind I still do not understand how that works.:{
The blue understood it was something that would make his rider happy,
and that was all that really mattered.

Haloth tilted his head puzzled by the thought. }:How would one fly two?:{

}:I do not know, but my rider insists it is possible.:{ The blue laid
down, head resting on his forelegs. }:Humans are strange.:{

}:They are,:{ Haloth agreed wholeheartedly.

Last updated on the September 16th 2015

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