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Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Date Posted: 11th September 2015

Characters: Harki, Ma'din
Description: Bad jokes abound.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 1, day 26 of Turn 8

"Ok, have you heard this one?" Harki and Ma'din were sitting at the
edge of the Weyrlake, watching as the other riders bathed their
dragons or swam. The day was sunny and warm - for Dragonsfall - and
Harki, at least, wasn't wearing very much. "What does one saggy boob
say to the other saggy boob?"

Chewing on a piece of wherry jerky, Ma'din grinned before swallowing.
"How's it hanging? What do you call a virgin floating in on the
lake?" He gestured to a few of the younger Candidates with a grin.

"That was _not_ the answer." She elbowed him in the side but let him
ruin her joke anyway. "So what do you call a virgin on the lake?"

"A cherry float." His grin widened. "So what _was_ the answer?"

She chuckled and rolled onto her back. Cherry float, indeed. "Too late. You
ruined it!"

'Pff." He snorted. "Just came up with a better punchline, I bet."

"As if. The punchline is, "they think we're nuts!"

That brought a chuckle and he gave a nod. "Okay, I admit, that one was
better. Can you tell who's the blind man in the weyr baths?"

"Oh, ugh." Harki rolled her eyes. "Do I _want_ to?"

With an absolutely straight face, Ma'din answered, "It's not hard."

The greenrider groaned and hid her eyes with her hands. "Where do you come
up with this stuff?"

"I used to listen in to a few rough older riders when I was a kid. " He
smirked. "Young ears didn't really concern them too much."

"Clearly." She peeked out from between her fingers. "And I much prefer
that scenario to you sitting around alone in your weyr, thinking up
terrible jokes."

He smirked. "Alone in my weyr. Hm. I'll have to try that."

"What happens if your pyjamas light on fire?" Harki paused for a beat, then
laughed. "Slow down!"

He tried to give an innocent smile. "What pajamas? I don't wear them."

"That explains a lot," she said with a significant glance _down_. "It
gets cold at night when you're alone in your weyr."

"Alone?" That brought an arched brow. "When exactly does that happen, legs?"

"Whenever I'm not around?" Harki plastered on a vapid, coquettish
smile and batted her eyelashes at him.

Ma'din just looked at her before snorting. "The brainless thing
doesn't work on me, Legs."

"Neither does the smart thing, or you wouldn't be sitting next to me
in the first place. So there's only one thing left to do." Harki
grinned. "Knock knock!"

"Good point there." He looked at her and rolled his eyes. "Do I have
to answer this one?" A pause. "Fine. Who's there?"


His sidelong glance was wary. "Value who?"

She grinned cheekily. "Me, silly! So val-ue take me inside and give me a
tour of your weyr already? It's hot out."

Ma'din rolled his eyes and rose, pulling her up beside him. She'd seen his
weyr plenty of times, but wouldn't mind keeping her in the cooler small
cavern for the rest of the evening. Without further comment, he pressed her
against him and led her towards the stairs to his weyr.

Last updated on the September 16th 2015

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