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Girl, Boy, Flirt, Fail

Writers: Erin Y., Mirren
Date Posted: 15th September 2015

Characters: Abrigan, Elona
Description: Abrigan tries to win a bet.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 1, day 10 of Turn 8

"Uhhh... hi?" Abrigan shuffled his big feet and kept both eyes on the
ground. "Do you know where I'm supposed to find 'elbowing grease'
and..." he paused and looked at the palm of his own hand where some words
were scratched upon it with charcoal, "and 'dragon-tail cleaner'?"

Elona giggled. "Really? You must be new here?"

"No, but it made you smile. Besides," he jerked his chin towards a
group of older boys, "those guys are watching and I don't want to lose
the bet." Or the tentative friendship Abrigan had made with them.

"Bet?" she asked, her smile fading. She looked toward the boys and
flushed. She could just imagine the things they'd have bet on.

The big boy scratched the back of his neck and shuffled his feet.
"Yeah! They bet me a quarter-mark I wouldn't ask you about this stuff.
Well, eight thirty-seconds, but you get the idea."

"Why me?" Had she become an object of ridicule? Maybe they were holdbred
boys who didn't approve of her having a child.

"Uhhh... because you're way prettier than the other girls?" What little
confidence the big boy had was already beginning to leech into the ground.

Elona blushed. "I'm not pretty," she mumbled. He must have been
walking around with his eyes shut.

Abrigan frowned in confusion. "Y-yeah, you are. I mean, you're a girl,

"Am I?" Shells, he was more awkward than she was.

His eyes narrowed suspiciously. "I... I think so? Am I wrong? Not that
there's anything wrong with that. I mean, you being a boy. Not that
you look like a boy! You're very pretty for a boy! I mean, a girl! I
mean... errr uhhh... you _are_ a girl... aren't you?"

She just stood and watched him while he stammered. "Yes, I'm a girl. I
have a son I gave birth to. I couldn't have done that if I was a boy."

Thank Faranth for that! "Oh. That's... that's nice. How was that?" The
moment words came out of the boy's mouth, he immediately regretted

"It hurt," she replied, "but he's worth it." Was this guy a little simple?

"Hurt. Right." Awkward silence fell over the distance between them. It
took a long while for him to come up with something else to say. "You
probably want me to go away, don't you?"

"Um." She didn't want to be rude. "You've probably done enough to win
your bet. That was all that mattered, surely?

"I just had to talk to you. I'm not good at talking to girls. Or boys
who might be girls..." He stopped and cleared his throat, "but you
understand what I mean, right?"

"Right," she replied. "Well I'm sure you have somewhere to be?"

Finally, a social cue Abrigan could read! He took a long step back and
smiled awkwardly. "Yes. Yes, I think I've taken enough of your time
and attention."

"Mmm." Elona couldn't politely argue with that. "Bye then," she said.

The conversation, or what had passed for one on the boy's part, ended
as abruptly and awkwardly as it had begun. "Ummm... bye." He turned on
his heels and headed back towards the group of boys who were
sniggering behind their hands now. But the quarter-mark was his, and
Abrigan had actually talked to a pretty girl. Hopefully. The harper
was still out on that verdict...

Last updated on the September 16th 2015

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