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Eggs-ellent Job

Writers: Jelena, Leigh M-F.
Date Posted: 8th September 2015

Characters: Genna, A'kua
Description: Small, touching moments within the Hatching Sands.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 1, day 10 of Turn 8
Notes: Leigh refuses to apologize for the mass groaning she caused with the
title and description. (grin)

**Maybe once I’ve Impressed, I can stop deliverin’ things to weyrwomen,**
Aluka thought as he entered the hatching sands slowly to adjust to the
heat. At least this goldrider wouldn’t invite him on a beach getaway, and
he wouldn’t be dumb enough to accept (this time) if she did. Truthfully, he
didn’t mind taking Genna her lunch; she was a good sort, and he’d have a
chance to speak with Lissath and congratulate her. Twenty-five eggs on a
gold’s first clutch wasn’t bad at all!

Keeping to the side as etiquette demanded, Aluka announced his presence by
singing. “I got here a shovel, and I’m digging a ditch,
And I’m gonna fight for everything I earned like
A mean old son of a bitch.
I got me a future; no longer stuck on the past.
I got some new tricks, I’m not hitting the bricks,
I’ll make sure this happiness will last."

Lissath had been dozing lightly, but she instantly perked up at the sound
of singing at the edge of the sands. }: The candidate who sings! :{ she
announced to her rider eagerly as she craned her head a little to get a
better look at him.

Genna smiled as she looked up from the papers she'd been reading. Putting
them aside quickly, she started making her way over to Aluka. **Can he come
closer, dear?**

}: Of course, he should, I can't hear him properly :{ Lissath rumbled. }:
He can sing to my eggs, maybe they'll hear it. :{

Gesturing Aluka to come closer, Genna smiled with satisfaction. So far,
Lissath proved to be very reasonable when it came to guarding her clutch.
She wasn't as overprotective yet as she had heard some golds were.

The Candidate met Genna and placed the tray he held on one of the spectator
benches. “Compliments of the Weyr cooks,” he said, lifting off the cover.
There were noodles with vegetables and lemon-butter sauce, garlic bread,
baked fowl in wine sauce, and some sliced fruit. “Everyone’s buzzin’ over
you two,” he added with a smile, making sure to turn and bow his head
respectfully to the brooding gold. “Congrats, Lady Lissath.”

"As they should be!" Genna smiled, her new-found confidence with Lissath's
beautiful clutch still shining brightly. "Thank you for bringing this over.
It sounds delicious! Do you want to share it with me? The way they overfeed
me, you'd think I was the one who just laid twenty-five eggs!"

Lissath meanwhile lowered her head to Aluka's level. }: Thank you. Maybe
when you finish entertaining my Genna, you can sing a little to my eggs. :{

That was tempting. Aluka could decline, since his own mealtime was coming
up soon, but there was a lot of food on the tray, suggesting it had been
made in a hurry without care for the portion size. So he split the
difference and said “As long as you eat first, sure,” before turning to
Lissath. “So, uh, what exactly does one sing to eggs? Lullabies?”

"Good," Genna smiled as she twirled some noodles around her fork. "Are you
excited for Lissath's hatchlings?"

}: The same songs you sing to me. I don't know if they can hear you, but if
they can I want them to learn about the world, not be coddled. :{

“Aye, strangely,” Aluka said, having a seat while Genna ate. “I don’t know
why. Maybe I’m just hopin’ for the chance to be my lover’s weyrmate
proper,” he added with a slightly self-deprecating tone. “But then, I was
never ready before. I am now.” He nodded to Lissath. “Can your li’l ones
really learn at this point? Aren’t they asleep or somethin’?” He was about
as clueless about unhatched eggs as he was about unborn humans. But this
was Lissath’s first clutch, and she had just said she didn’t know. It would
be a learning experience for both of them, then.

"You'll be ready whenever a dragon decides you are," Genna smiled. "I
really do hope one of Lissath's hatchlings chooses you, it would be so nice
to have a friend walk off with one of them." She really had begun to count
Aluka as a friend.

}: Hmm, I guess they are. Or it would be really boring in there. But maybe
the song will linger like one of my Genna's dreams sometimes does. I would
like that for them. :{

Aluka gave Genna a startled look that ransformed into a pleased expression.
He hadn’t realized the goldrider felt that way. If someone had asked him,
he would have said they were on good terms, but not friends. “I’d like to
Impress one of Lady Lissath’s hatchlin’s,” he admitted, turning back to the
sands. He cleared his throat and repeated the lyrics he had come into the
cavern with, segueing into the chorus. “I’m trying to get better, ‘cause I
haven’t been my best;
She took a charcoal pencil, started writing on my chest.
She drew a line through the middle of my broken heart,
And said ‘C’mon now, let’s fix this mess.
We can get better, because we’re not done yet!’

They threw me a whirlwind, and I hurled back the sea.
I took a battering, but I have thicker skin
And the best people I know looking out for me,
So I’m taking the high road, and everything is going fine.
May I always see the road rising to meet me
And my detractors falling in the far view behind.

I’m trying to get better, ‘cause I haven’t been my best;
She took a charcoal pencil, started writing on my chest.
She drew a line through the middle of my broken heart,
And said ‘C’mon now, let’s fix this mess.
You can get better, because you’re not done yet!’

So try to get better if you haven’t been your best:
Take a charcoal pencil and write this on your chest.
Strike a line right through your unhappiness,
And say ‘C’mon now, let’s fix this mess.
I can get better, because I’m not done yet!
I can get better, because I’m not done yet!’”

"I think Lissath would like that too," Genna nodded, having noticed how
fond the gold had become of the singing candidate. When Aluka started his
song, she sat back a little and observed Aluka and Lissath with
mild-mannered amusement.

Lissath, meanwhile, rumbled deep satisfied tones, almost in tune with
Aluka's song as she followed his lyrics closely.

}: You are wise :{ Lissath said at last when he had finished, her eyes
whirling with satisfaction. }: Would you like to touch one of my eggs? :{

That had Genna sitting up with a start, eyes wide with amazement. She
hadn't been expecting that!

“Not wise, just speakin’ from experi-“ Aluka choked on air and nearly died.
He hadn’t expected that either. Golds didn’t let anyone touch their eggs
unless it was their rider, or if there was a group of Candidates being
supervised by said rider and members of the weyrlingstaff. He almost asked
if Lissath was joking, but most dragons weren’t known for their senses of
humor, and the junior gold had always meant what she said before. And while
it wasn’t a command, Aluka found himself getting up. It was only when his
booted toes touched the sand that he remembered himself and looked to Genna
for extra permission.

Genna, who was equally surprised, got to her feet as well to accompany
Aluka onto the sands. **Are you sure, dear?** she asked gently, though she
really did know better than to second-guess Lissath's decisions.

}: Of course, I trust him and you are right here. :{ the gold replied
simply, then turning to Aluka }: Over here, I'd like you to meet this one.

Genna shook her head in disbelief, but gestured for Aluka to continue onto
the sands.

Ancients, this was unbelievable. The other Candidates would have jealous
fits if they knew. He carefully moved through the eggs to the one Lissath
was indicating. It was smooth and swirled with creamy white and buttery
yellow shades, and speckled with bits of pale brown. "What's so special
about this egg?"

}: I think it might be a bronze :{ Lissath said proudly, her head hovering
slightly over the egg as she gazed at Aluka. }: You can come up slowly,
watch your footing and come stand right beside it. When I tell you to,
gently reach out and touch the egg ever so softly. :{

Genna followed Aluka´s movements closesly, he seemed sure enough of
himself. More self-assured then Genna had been around the eggs at first.
Then again they had had some time to harden a little by now.

Against the gold’s wishes, Aluka moved back. “Lady Lissath, I’m flattered
by your faith in me -I truly am-, but you should save that egg for a
Candidate who actually could be a bronzerider.” His voice shook around the
edges. His fingers were trembling too. Why did Lissath keep saying these
things? Why didn’t she understand he wasn’t the right person for that kind
of responsibility?

}: I want you to have the honor and I want this egg to be the first to be
touched. It's going to be the leader of the clutch one day and it should be
the first to experience new things. :{ Lissath crooned softly to the egg,
every bit the proud mother.

The Candidate had a moment of extreme superstition. Even now, no one could
tell if touching an egg could influence it somehow. But if it would mean
that much to Lissath.... He stepped up, and at the word, laid his tremoring
left hand on the shell. It was a weird combination of soft and hard, and so
warm. Sure, he had done this before, but not so soon after clutching. For
some reason, this experience, along with Lissath’s trust, was profoundly
moving. The next thing he knew, he was singing very quietly as he ran his
hand over the egg, recalling a lullaby his mother had used for him until he
claimed he was too old for that sort of thing. "Sunshine on my shoulders
makes me happy,
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry.
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely,
Sunshine almost always makes me sigh.

If I had a day that I could give you,
I'd give to you a day just like today.
If I had a song that I could sing for you,
I'd sing a song to make you feel this way.”

If dragons could smile and sigh, Lissath would do so with satisfaction as
Aluka sung to her egg. He was a good kid and he really deserved to bond
with one of her hatchlings. Even if it wasn't the one in this egg, it would
be with one of the others, she was certain of it.

}: See, that wasn't so bad :{ she commented to the candidate smugly. Genna
could only chuckle.

Aluka smirked. “You realize, of course, if you tell anyone about this, I’ll
deny everythin',” he said, but that was as far as he let the sass go.
“Thank you, Lady Lissath and Genna. I mean it."

"As you should, I don't think I'm looking forward to every candidate coming
up here trying to get special treatment when they hear about this," Genna
smiled. "I'd be grateful if you'd keep it to yourself a bit."

}: You are very welcome, candidate, I hope you will savor the experience. :{

The Candidate had meant he would deny sappily singing a lullaby to an egg,
but he just nodded. “I won’t tell,” he promised. “And I’ll savor this, I

"Good, I'll keep you to both of those promises," Genna laughed. "Now get
off of my hatching sands before someone catches you here!" she winked to
tell she was joking. "Seriously, though, I'm sure you have something fun,
like chores, to go back to?”

“Aw, but I haven’t had the lunch you offered to share yet,” Aluka snarked
with a grin. “But I’ll eat fast. That’s another promise." He went back to
the stands with a surprisingly light heart and a bounce in his step.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Genna laughed. "All of this has me a bit
flabbergasted, I guess!" She gestured at Lissath and Aluka and the eggs,
then shrugged and headed for the stands with Aluka. "Don't worry, no rush."

Last updated on the September 16th 2015

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