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Drawing on Experience

Writers: Chelle, Mirren
Date Posted: 1st September 2015

Characters: R'gelen, F'nix
Description: Felnix and R'gelen talk about drawing.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 1, day 7 of Turn 8

"Hey kid." R'gelen might have a bronze, but he was still a kid as far as Felnix was concerned.
As a kid, that made him pretty much harmless and not a rival for anything, at least for now.

R'gelen himself was still pretty small and not intimidating in the least. However, the now-large
bronze dragonet who was usually behind him was more than enough to do the job. Besides, the
way Iroth had of projecting patient wariness usually got the point across. "Not kid. Junior weyrling."
Even as a weyrling, he outranked candidates. Even the holdbred crafter-turned-rider knew that.

Felnix preferred 'kid'. "My apologies, junior weyrling R'gelen." Impressing hadn't gone to his head
at all, had it? "Good day Iroth." The candidate never forgot the name of any bronze.

The bronze made a small sound but he seemed to be relaxed as yet. He wasn't that young anymore
and tended not to be as protective as he was. R'gelen watched Felnix, wondering what he was up to.
"What are you doing anyways?" He was sure now that there was another Hatching coming that the
candidates would have plenty to do. Then again, he might be wrong. He frequently lost track of time,
busy as he was with his own lessons and duties and dragon care problems.

"Sketching." Felnix held up his pad. "I'm doing a study of dragonets through their weyrlinghood. They
grow so quickly that it's easy to forget how small they were."

Iroth wasn't fully grown yet but he was no longer what anyone would consider small. R'gelen didn't comment
on that though. "Hmmm. And whose did you do?"

"A couple of the greens and a brown. People I knew before who didn't mind." Some people hated
being sketched and it was usually difficult to do without the subject's permission.

"Oh well that's neat I guess. I've never had a portrait. I mean...we never.." **could afford it**
He didn't finish. "Vintner apprentices didn't rate that and none of my siblings could draw. Are you
any good then?"

Felnix shrugged. "Some people think I am. I can show you if you like? Or draw you." He liked to take any
chance to show off his skills that he could.

"I'll look thanks." Looking up at the sun, he tried to judge how much time he had until he had to be at evening
meal. Iroth didn't understand this drawing idea. The bronze was trying to understand what R'gelen meant by
picture in his head but it wasn't clicking very well.

Felnix turned to the first page which featured a young dragonet. Her wings slightly unfurled as if she wasn't
quite used to them yet. "Here. This is one of my favourites." He handed the pad to R'gelen.

Glancing over, the weyrling looked at the drawing. It was well done and it beat anything he had ever seen so he
was suitably impressed. Iroth moved forward, trying to understand what it was and why there was a point to it.

}:It is a flat dragon:{ the bronze stated clearly, confusion still showing in his whirling eyes.
**Right. Felnix has shown what he thinks she looks like. He did it with his own hand.**
}:What will he do with it?:{ Iroth wondered why it would be important to have this drawing.
**Show it to others. Keep for his pleasure. It helps him practice-to get better. He could sell them too.**
}:People will buy flat dragons? They are not as good as real ones:{
**But people can't buy real ones.**

Iroth understood that and then it seemed to make sense. Stepping back, he regarded Felnix for a bit before turning
his eyes up to the sky to watch the dragons flying above them. It wouldn't be long. Reflexively, he shook his wings though
they remained furled on his back.

"It's really good Felnix." Carefully handing it back, the junior weyrling frowned at his bronze.

"Thanks." Felnix tucked the pad under his arm. "Is he wanting to be up there with them?" There was that stab of envy.
Hopefully soon he'd know what a dragon was thinking.

"There's that. And he still doesn't completely get what a drawing is, but he's satisfied with my explanation since it doesn't
really concern him much." Shaking his head, the small weyrling reached into his pocket and pulled out a bit of jerky before
tossing it into his mouth.

"I guess he won't want to sit for one then?" Felnix asked. Maybe soon he'd have a bronze of his own to draw. And wash.
And oil. And fly on. Andů

"He won't stay still for that long I don't think. Thanks for the offer, though. Maybe when he's older." Realizing they had stopped
to talk to the candidate for sometime, R'gelen began to make his way back to the barracks. He had an inspection to suffer through.
"Hope you do well on the Sands, Felnix. See you around!"

Last updated on the September 16th 2015

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