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Blueriding is… (part 2)

Writers: Mirren, Paula
Date Posted: 15th September 2015

Characters: F'nix, Sh'lua
Description: Felnix and Sh'lua get to know each other.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 1, day 20 of Turn 8
Notes: Part 2 of 2.

"Mmm, see this ale is better than anything we got at home," Felnix remarked. "And I came from a vintner hall."

"We have the best stuff," Sh'lua declared. They had talked some time and then decided to move from food to liquid sustenance.

"In so many ways," Felnix agreed.

"Mmmm, indeed," Sh'lua said and this time he didn't bother to hide the interest and arousal in his eyes when his eyes roamed along the younger man's body. He was good looking. "Are you a vintner?" he asked with small talk-tone.

"No, I'm a harper. Artist specifically. I draw," Felnix added proudly. "I just like to drink sometimes."

"A harper, eh? Well, I'm a mason myself," Sh'lua said and tensed his biceps. He did have impressive biceps, many turns as dragonrider and mason had given him large muscles.

Felnix raised his eyebrows, suitably impressed. "I should sketch you some time," he suggested."

"I would happy to pose for you. Want to do a naked drawing?" Sh'lua replied and suggested.

"Sure." Felnix had done them before, they weren't a big deal, especially after ale. "When are you available?"

"I have no plan for tonight," Sh'lua said. "And I have other thing than muscles that's big. I would love to show it to you," He lowered his voice to intimate whisper.

Felnix blinked, then turned red. "Oh." His voice was suddenly higher than usual. "I…I…"

"Are you inexperienced?" Sh'lua tried to ask as discreetly as he could.

"No. Yes." Felnix shook his head. "I'm not inexperienced with women."

"But you're never been with a man? So you don't know if you like it before you're tried it," Sh'lua said. He reached to touch Felnix's arm and drew it seductively down along his arm. He was going to try his luck with this one.

"I didn't say I haven't," Felnix muttered.

"Well, you have your change right now." The bluerider inched closer.

Felnix licked his lips. He wouldn't mention J'kri, especially when he'd sworn the bluerider to secrecy, but was he ready to do that again. "Um." He glanced around to make sure no one was looking.

"This is Weyr, nobody cares," Sh'lua said encouragingly, noticing that furtive look around.

"I care," Felnix said. "But…where do you want to go?"

"Well, since you live in candidate barracks, how about my weyr? You can always tell people that you were just drawing me," Sh'lua suggested.

"Of course." Being an artist was becoming more and more useful.

"We can put your pencil in good use, or whatever you call it," Sh'lua said with double meaning.

Felnix laughed. "Something like that." He downed the rest of his ale and put his glass down on the table.

Sh'lua's empty tankard joined his. "This way," he said with flourish bow.

The candidate got to his feet and reached into a pocket for a sketch pad. "Just in case," he said.

Sh'lua nodded and fetched a wineskin to go along with them. Then he escorted the lad to his weyr. Galerith was dozing on his ledge.

"He's very handsome," Felnjx said politely. Blue was a very nice colour. One of his favourites; after bronze and brown.

"He is that," Sh'lua said with fond look at his lifemate, "He's also very good at catching greens and searching candidates," he continued with proud tone. "Something to think for you: only blues and greens can Search. If you see them on Search with a brown or a bronze, well, the bigger ones are there only for protection. Do you want a glass of wine?" he asked and held up the skin he had snatched from dining cavern.

"Sure. Have you Searched many who impressed later?" Felnix wondered about the dragon who had Searched him.

"Most of them Impressed, Galerith has very good rate of success," Sh'lua boasted a bit and poured them drinks. He kicked off his shoes and gestured Felnix to take a seat.

"Would he Search someone who has already been Searched?" The candidate sat. "It might give me a better chance."

"That would be waste," Sh'lua said with blunt honesty. "Once you're Searched, you're Searched for rest of the life. Rest is too see if your dragon Hatches and when." He sat down next to Felnix and gave him the wine glass. He reached to play with his curls.

"I had to ask." Felnix shrugged. He sipped and looked over at the bluerider. "So—" he said awkwardly.

"So...," Sh'lua said with sensual drawl. "Are you nervous?" he reached out to caress his face.

"A little bit," Felnix admitted. "It's not like I do this everyday."

"Well, I do," the bluerider grinned and his hands got bolder, moving along the younger man's body.

"Really? _Every_ day?" Felnix wouldn't mind that at all. As long as no lovers got too attached. His heart was racing by now as his body responded to the other man's touch.

"Well, maybe not _every_ day, that would be exaggeration. One got give ones body a rest too," Sh'lua smirked and leaned to kiss him properly.

Felnix would be happy not to rest too often, but the thought left his mind as soon as their lips met. Then he just melted.

Sh'lua knew what he was doing and soon pieces of clothing started to fell to the floor.

It was easier when the mind switched off and the body took over. This time was no exception. Felnix might have been inexperienced with men, but he was enthusiastic.

~*~ later ~*~

Sh'lua hung his head agains the armrest. The couch wasn't the most comfortable place for sex but things like that were easy to ignore in throes of passion. Felnix's body rested against his.

"Are you sure you don't do this every day?" The candidate asked.

"I try to, but there's just times when you don't get lucky," Sh'lua replied lazily. Sweat was starting to dry off from his skin, making him shiver.

"That's true. It's certainly easier here than at a hold though." Felnix sighed, feeling extremely relaxed.

"I'll take your word for it, my experience of holds is limited to doing Searches there and to grandma's stories," Sh'lua said. "Wanna blanket?" he asked.

"Sure," Felnix replied. "You're not missing much. Holds are, you know, holds."

"Yes, that's the impression I've got," Sh'lua replied. He gave Felnix a quick kiss before getting up and fetching them a blanket from his bed. He wrapped it around them. "Sometimes I miss Dolphin Cove's heat."

"Not hot enough for you here?" Felnix asked cheekily. "Don't tell me, you've found ways to keep warm?"

"You've got it," Sh'lua laughed.

"I'm a quick study." Felnix grinned. "So, how do you feel about being drawn?"

"I think your scetch pad in under the coach," Sh'lua grinned cheekily. "I've been drawn before."

"You know I need you to keep still then." Felnix leaned over and found the pad, and his pants. He'd certainly feel more comfortable drawing with his pants on.

"Do you want me to take some particular pose?" Sh'lua asked.

"Whatever you feel comfortable with."

"Alright," Sh'lua said and shifted around until he found position where he would be comfortable for a long time. He had modelled for artist before and knew how important it was to stay still. He didn't bother to hide the scars in his body. The most notable was the Thread scar that covered most of his thigh.

Rather that finding this at all sexual, it was work to Felnix. He not a mental note of Sh'lua's lines and any places that might be more difficult than others. He sat down in a chair and started to draw.

Last updated on the September 16th 2015

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