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Persona Profile: Yusanis


Name: Yusanis
Age: 38
Birthday: m2 d8
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (March 2016)

Physical Description of Persona:
Yusanis is of middling height. He has black hair that is short in the back and long enough to fall in his eyes if he doesnít keep it slicked back or to the side. He has dark brown eyes. His face looks long and has a big nose, but he usually has a smile or wink that makes him look warm and open. He has a trim build no matter what he eats.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Yusanis is an independent man and comes across as self-assured. Heís smart, reliable, and focused, traits that have led to his reputation as a sterling worker. He can easily see and describe the big picture but likes to make sure heís involved in the details so nothing gets overlooked. He tries to listen to all sides of an issue before making a decision that affects others. He has potential to be a real reformist.

Yusanis frequently struggles with balancing between his head and his heart. For someone who values facts and details so much, he can be easily swayed by his emotions. He encourages openmindedness in others, but tends to be wedded to his own opinions. He has a strong idealistic streak and tends to throw himself into things, though he can sound cynical and disillusioned in his private moments.Unfortunately, sometimes he can be perceived as combative.

History of Persona:
Yusanis was born at Ruby Ravine Hold, the second son of the Lord Holder there. He was never close to his brother Sanival, who was 10 Turns older and cast a long shadow, but loved his sister dearly. Though he did solidly in his classes, he was always being compared negatively to his brother "when he was your age". So instead of focusing on classes, he explored the forests and playing games, something that made his father despair.

As a member of the Blood, he was fostered at Sapphire Meadows Hold for several Turns so he could learn Hold management and potentially find a match. Once out from under his brother's shadow, Yusanis turned out to be smarter and more focused than he'd been at home, and found that Hold management practicalities were interesting in a way classes had never been. When his fosterage was over, he told his family he'd like to officially be an understeward. His father approved that his son was doing something practical, but suggested he learn at other holds "so there could be no appearance of favoritism" and secured him a position at nearby Copper Ridge.

His most recent job was spending 5 Turns as an understeward at Malachite Gulch Hold. He rotated between positions every Turn, and enjoyed his time in finance and in production the most. He learned a lot from the assignment, but it became clear he would never receive the assistant or main positions, as they were being reserved for the Lordís sons. When the Amber Hills position unexpectedly came open, he put in his bid for it.

Yusanis has recently returned home to care for his ailing father.

Family and Friends
Yuvalis, 87, Lord Holder of Ruby Ravine (father)
Sanira, 84, Lady Holder of Ruby Ravine (mother)
Sanival, 48, Heir of Ruby Ravine (brother)
Yunira, 45, Holder at Ruby Ravine (sister)
Valin, 81, Holder at Ruby Ravine (uncle)

Approved: January 8th 2016
Last updated: March 20th 2019

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