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Persona Profile: Endarin


Name: Endarin
Age: 45
Birthday: m9 d24
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Craft: Dolphineer
Craft Rank: Master
Face Claim: Matthew Fox

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (March 2016)

Physical Description of Persona:
Endarin has the typical trim build of someone who works in the water a lot. Broad shoulders taper down into a fit waist and long, powerful legs. His squared jawline is usually covered in a light day's worth of stubble, and his nose is just a little crooked from being broken in his childhood.

His black hair is already beginning to pepper a little at his temples with some dark grey. Endarin has dark blue eyes, and a thin mouth that is usually tugged into a grim line.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Endarin is a polarizing person, typically people either really like him or they really don't. He is a hard worker and doesn't abide by laziness or anyone of a less-than-average work ethic. Logical and a realist, Endarin sees problems and solutions everywhere he looks. Because of his black-and-white opinions on things, Endarin sometimes has a hard time understanding people of different opinions, which can lead to a lot of stubbornness on his behalf.

History of Persona:
Endarin was born at Topaz Seahold and raised there as the child of a sailor. From his early childhood he was raised to respect the sea and what was in it. Having a sailor for a father left Endarin with more than a few rough edges, including his eclectic use of vocabulary.

When he was old enough to consider apprenticing Endarin joined the dolphineers and it was there that he met his best friend, Famell. The two were inseparable best friends as they grew up together at Topaz. Endarin was even there when Famell was married to his first wife. The friendship faltered when Famell moved to the South and eventually became the Hallmaster at Dolphin Cove.

Life for Endarin continued in the North. He settled down for a little while and even married, but the marriage only lasted a couple of Turns before he walked in to find his wife in bed with a sailor. The real kicker was that the sailor was his own father. Love left a better taste in Endarin's mouth after that, and he hasn't had much use for women since, couple that with the North's view on women in crafts and you might say that Endarin doesn't have a lot of female friends.

Turns after Famell moved South Endarin would receive communication that the Hallmaster position at Dolphin Cove would need a temporary leader while his friend moved to Jade Harbor with his new wife and daughter.

In Month 1 of Turn 9, Endarin stepped down from Hallmaster and went to Jade Harbor to live with extended family.

Dolphin's Name: Keva
Dolphin's Age: 16
Description of Dolphin:
Keva is a sleek blue-gray bottle-nosed dolphin.

Approved: November 24th 2015
Last updated: December 18th 2019

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